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sandy kick - updated

UPDATE: Two pictures.
UPDATE 2: We note a discrepancy...

A body on a stretcher. Is that Sandy Hook school? A comparison of the windows, brick and shrubbery in the background  -- it could be. It would be nice to know who the people are in these pics, including the one on the stretcher.

OK, we are unable to download and upload those pics to TB, but you go and look at the letsrollforum link. There are shadows of tree branches all over the parking lot and school. OR, these are tree branches in front of the camera lens. OR, possibly there is some photo-shopping involved. 

Here is an arial pic of Sandy Hook Elementary School.

There is no tree in that parking lot. There is no tree around the spot where the red car is parked. There is no tree anywhere near the front of that school, and certainly not anywhere close enough to cast all those shadows clearly seen in the photos linked at top.

In this photo here, from a Time article, shows a tree close to the school entrance. It would have to be about where the red car is in the photo above.

So, there seems to be TWO locations. A real Sandy Hook Elementary School, and a mock up.

Even if the shadows are not shadows, but tree branches in front of the camera lens, how does this tree in the above pic figure? From what vantage point could that photo have been taken to account for that tree?

Also, where is the STOP sign that shows in the night photos?

ALSO SEE: James Fetzer and Nick Kollerstrom: Sandy Hook: Analogies with the 7/7 London Bombings (h/t Aangirfan & freethinker)


We keep looking at this Sandy Hook thing, and in the end, we think it's about humiliation. The social engineers are telling us, very clearly, that they can do whatever the hell they want, and the American people will be either too hypnotized to notice, OR, too powerless to do anything about it. It's very, very blatant.

It's as if they put all those mistakes there on purpose, so we can study it.

"....And while you're studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do." ~ Karl Rove

To quote nobody, Can you dig it?

And this is probably why they are on a Sandy kick. Because Sandy is a nickname for Cassandra. And Cassandra suffered a humiliating condition where she could see the future, but no one ever believed her.

See Carol Valentine's blog.
Sandy is short for Cassandra. Cassandra Cain featured in Episode 119 of Batman.
Cassandra is a figure from Greek Mythology. In the Greek Pantheon of Gods she was a Goddess of almost unparalleled beauty who foresaw the destruction of Troy and is remembered in myth for striving in vain to warn the inhabitants of their forthcoming demise. Tragically none of the Trojans believed her warnings.

Depicted with red hair.

Did he "wig" out?

Mystique, an X-men character (

One for the children.

Aside from the overt gun control agenda, the covert agenda is the gatekeeping of perceptions of the event itself. Teevee and print, neck deep in the narrative. No surprise there. Online discussion about assassination teams, kidnappings, Satanism, predictive programming -- all happening. No surprise there either. Although we note some online gatekeeping around the question of whether anyone died there at all.

For example, over in the Ron Paul community (not linking to it), someone said this of my last post:

"That's pretty sick. Your first link [to the post "missing"] is faulting the media for not inundating us with graphic images of the deceased? If my child were murdered, I would not want the world looking at his mangled, bloody body."

Hmm. Did we ask to be "inundated with graphic images of the deceased?" Don't think so. Just looking for ANY crime scene photos, showing any evidence that things went down as we were told. Damage to the school, blood stains, covered bodies on stretchers...? It's not really that difficult a concept.

Is the person at RP a) too lazy to read the post, or b) too obtuse to understand it, or c) a gatekeeper, claiming the moral high ground by misrepresenting what we wrote? We think it is probably c. We think people like this are very likely on the payroll, paid to employ the Delphi Technique and the Alinsky Method at every opportunity.

Meaning: to subtly gain influence in forums, encourage division, use loaded language to manipulate and exploit people, fan tensions, draw penalties, polarize issues, target the middle class, moralize... collect a paycheck.... continue....

And why would such a person be at RP's forum? Well, funny thing. RP is the garbage man for the banksters. We called that out a year ago with James. The post pony business was about RP and his failure to explain important details of his financial plan. See James' post linked within, and the comments where James had to deal extensively with a shill from the RP community, unpacking all the nuts and bolts of a viable monetary system, and why RP failed at that. Also, a lot of patriotic people gathered around RP, but we think they were hoodwinked. We think there are a lot of fake patriots gathered in such places also, who use the Delphi Technique and the Alinsky Method, things they learn in spook school, and who wave the moral flag of patriotism higher than anyone. Perhaps like this guy, aka our recent troll, who looks to be this guy. Notice the connection to, American Patriot Friends Network, which if you go over there you will find lots of support for... you guessed it... Ron Paul.

To be clear, RP is closely allied to the patriot movement, which has long been infiltrated by spooks. There is a good reason for that. It is because the patriot movement has from the beginning been well armed, and actually dangerous to the banksters.

The patriot movement, or the citizen militia movement, began after the S&L scandal of the 80s. Farmers, who had been screwed by banksters, started to organize. Way before the internet, before the waters got all muddy, they understood the problem. Here is some history.

The movement was immediately infiltrated and monitored by the FBI and the SPLC. Radicalized, factionalized, fitted up with religious whack jobs and patsies like Tim McVeigh, and run/destroyed from within by people like Andreas Strassmeir and Robert Millar.

Discredited. Linked to very bad people. Terrorists.

"Plus, most everyone included in this sordid Elohim City saga were either operatives, spooks, or informants, including Andreas Strassmeir, Kirk Lyons, Vincent Petruskie, Robert Millar, James Ellison, Peter Langan, Gary Hunt, Timothy McVeigh, and Carol Howe." (source)
The bankers knew they had a problem, and they dealt with it using spooks. Sorry to say, but patriotically minded armed people, like the farmers who felt disenfranchised back in the 80s, military types, etc., by definition provide prime stomping grounds for spooks. And how easy is it for spooks to infiltrate forums on the web, where people organize? It couldn't be easier. They just go around making their own websites to peddle disinfo, with their own people patrolling the comments, and they can also troll other people's websites to disrupt progress wherever it may be happening.

But since we were talking about photos, and the spectacular way that not one useful evidence photo came out of that Sandy Hook event, despite people having cell phones and the school's security system, reporters and police everywhere, etc., hey we were wondering how did that photo of Ronald Poppo's ripped-off face get leaked a few months back? Remember that? Someone had access to him at hospital, like perfect access right over his stretcher and took that photo and leaked it. Quickly. We bet no one ever got in trouble for leaking that gruesome photo since it was so helpful to the narrative about the bath salts and the general fear mongering about zombies. In the same way, strange how that Robbie Parker video got leaked and  remains on youtube where countless people can see him laughing and preparing to read his cue card. So damaging we would think that it would have "violated" one of youtube's policies by now. But no. Odd.

Maybe that was leaked on purpose too, complete with the smirking approach. Leaked along with all the other "mistakes," that no one on teevee will ever discuss, so that we can study them online, judiciously, while they go off to create the next reality.

We don't know what the next reality might be, but, uh, heads up to the patriot movement, which has been woven completely into the dialectic.


Anonymous said…

Saw the post, then noticed the link to "Anthony Clifton's" comment at my place.

Then, the next link goes to Vet Today, but I am not sure what the connection is.

Can you explain this to this old dumb redneck?

"Anthony" has been posting comments at my place and many others I have seen around. He is definitely pro-white and anti-Jew (not that I have any problem with that).

He quotes alot of Willie Martin articles (which I find somewhat interesting).

Are you suggesting I should be concerned?
A. Peasant said…
hi Bman. anthony is listed as an author at VT, though there is no access to anything he has written that i can see.

in the comment thread to missing, Davy, who writes just like Anthony, said:

I am a Semite, Hebrew, Israelite

whereas the alleged "Jewish" {israeli[e]} "semites" are neither Hebrew nor semitic....

... among other things. it's such a long thread and i can't give you the link to his comments because he posted anonymously, so they are not individually linkable, but it's all in there starting 12/20/12 in the AM.

should you be concerned? i don't know. i think this sort of thing is rampant on the web, especially in the patriot movement. that's all i'm saying. the techniques used are as stated in the post, as developed by the DOD for cointelpro.

Anonymous said…
I've shared a couple of emails with him and I do know that that is not his real name (at least it doesn't match his email address).

The Christian Identity movement (of which this "Anthony Clifton" writes almost always is interesting, but I can't grasp it.

How it might be some cointelpro, I can't seem to understand. I will try to find the post.

A. Peasant said…
ok bman. i hope it makes more sense when you read the comments.
questioning said…
been jonesin' for a new post, thanks A.P. ma'am.

Something to watch, Isfahan, Jimstone is talking about it, but right now, no serious evidence yet. Something really bad happened there.
kenny said…
As coincidence would have it, we got some free preview channels starting today on basic satellite and the first movie tonight was 'The Hunger Games.'

The author of the book the movie was taken from is Suzanne Collins. She lives in Newtown, CT. I had read about this connection or I might not have watched it.

It was sort of a sick movie especially since it and the books are targeted at teens.

VC has a good review of it if you haven't seen it. A warning or predictive programing?
questioning said…
your comment previous article on the unlikely possibility of Tribe children sold sold into sex slavery/snuff is spinning gears in my head. I remember this.

I don't know what to think, every avenue *adopted goyim*, *halfbreeds* or bona-fides or various gives me "stomach drop".

HOWEVER; this is getting legs 'round the alt blogosphere. so yeah....(narrows eyes) very...timely of the sabbateans.
questioning said…
Kenny, YES. plus this!
A. Peasant said…
From the vc link:

"The entire nation of Panem is forced to watch the sacrificial ritual that takes place in the Capitol, stirring up fear, anger and blood lust within them, amplifying the power of the ritual. We’ve seen in previous articles that the deaths of specific people (Whitney Houston, Heath Ledger, Amy Winehouse) become such a media event that they are, in fact, mega-rituals that entire nations participate in. The Hunger Games reflect this concept of highly publicized mega-rituals."

This is how i see the sandy hook thing, except i see it as a staged event. Not real, but the public emotions were collected anyway. Are they just after the emotional manipulation? That is how it looks to me.
A. Peasant said…
Q, interesting that i read somewhere in the past week that almost all the children (allegedly) killed were jewish. I think it is very strange that a detail like that has flown under the radar.
freethinker said…
Jewish kids?
I recall seeing a comment to that effect but I can only find reference to one Jewish kid (there had to be one, right?) in the Jewish press. If there had been more Jewish victims we would have heard about it!

Noah - Noahide??
Peter said…
This Cassandra angle is most fascinating AP.
***warning the inhabitants of their forthcoming demise***
I left a comment over at Michael Hoffman's blog(Decemeber 14, The "Massacre of Children") alluding to something like this. Killing school children, IMHO, has been an ongoing thing for decades via their(Social Engineers) carefully planned dumbing down strategies. Essentially you kill a child by sabotaging their educational development.
Me thinks we are on the same page AP.
Good to see you still fighting the good fight.
A. Peasant said…
hi Peter, yeah the whole thing is such a mindfuck. i just cannot fathom any way they could be *this* sloppy except for it to be on purpose, to make a point that they own the teevee and print media and there's a chasm there. and they can keep whatever they want off of there, so we can go on and on in the web and it just doesn't matter.

as for the killing of children, yes it is certainly the case that they have sabotaged several generations, and they have additionally outright killed many people including children. but in this case, i personally don't think anyone died. i think it was a spook operation / actors / drills etc. from beginning to end. so they just showed us they can run a fake terror psyop, and leave evidence of it being fake all over the place, and they will *still* get away with their agenda. we can talk about it all day long on the web, but the "inhabitants" will not twig onto it, and in fact, they will be completely offended at the very suggestion.

" we will know our work is complete when everything the American people believe is false..." paraphrase ....
Anonymous said…
I read this article last night and couldn't think of anything of value to add. Really great thinking and reporting here.

Now today this small bit of news delivered by Cassidee......

Another earthquake near BC today (very close to the Haida Gwaii one a few months ago) with a cancelled Tsunami warning. It would appear that the whole HAARP/earthquake thing is still a bit of a work in process.

F Giant.
Anonymous said…
Following this latest Aurora shooting and Cassidee.

The 3 minute news video of the hostage situation has several small, but eerily repetitive themes.
News anchor in very purple garb.
News reporter on the scene in her finest black and red. just knew she just had to be a ginger, same as the reporter on the scene.

I know nothing about star alignments, but the lighting early in the segment behind the reporter could represent something? ?

F Giant.

A. Peasant said…
hi FG, thanks. hmmm, interesting development in Aurora. i wonder who the fifth person is. they should elaborate.

i also read about a quake off Alaska today, a 7.5. that's a big one. i guess the haarp quakes would be mixed in with the natural quakes in any case, which is how they can blame everything on mother nature in the first place.

this post was so hard to put together, so i am glad it is making some sense to some of you. i did not want to overstate the case, because this is difficult territory, so there is some work for the reader to put the pieces together to see the pattern. once you see it though, it kind of jumps out at you ever after.

A. Peasant said…
FG, indeed! Very interesting about the redheads and the name Cassidee. What are the odds?. I dont see a video at the huffpo link but watched another video and the studio newswoman is a redhead there too.

We learn the woman who escaped may be gunmans wife, and the people killed are related to him. Adults.

Gunman "irrational and agitated"

Well, we shall see how this one unpacks...
A. Peasant said…
"A fifth person escaped unharmed and called police to report that she saw three people inside the home who “appeared lifeless,” said Carlson, who declined to elaborate about the woman’s escape."

Not sure why "appeared lifeless" would be in quotes here. If they are saying the woman who escaped described her husband and family members like that, i would say who talks like that? Harley tshirt guy stuff on 911...
Anonymous said…
Good pick up on the 'appeared lifeless' phrase. Does not fit.
F'n Harley guy!

Here is the video link to the local Denver breaking news clip. Not so earth shattering, but the extreme purple anchor early in the segment made a big first impression.

Nice shot of the half moon in the video, why? Always with the moon and Aurora........

F Giant.

A. Peasant said…
Yes, it is strange how the scenes are put in there during the interview, minute 1:00 to 2:00. Sort of artsy, made me laugh. Shiny lights, wet pavement, moon...i feel very sleepy. ;)
Our reactions change what it originally was. Really. You'd have to go back in time to really know now. We'll never know. Never know.
Anonymous said…
Hi again. After this comment, I am going outside!! But this imagery and symbolism just keeps on coming.

First, the purple color theme is one I became aware of from aangirfan site, not sure if you saw it.


She is mother of the morning star, Lucifer.
She has a purple mantel trailing behind her.
From wiki, her sister is the moon.
Her strongest association is with daybreak, perfectly shown in that new sclip.
One of her lovers was the prince of Troy, Tithonus...........which sorta brings us back to Cassandra.

After the fall of Troy, Odysseus set sail for Ithaca.
The street of today's latest mindfcuk in Colorado is Ithaca.

F Giant.
A13 said…
HI, just a quick thought about the sloppiness...and undeniably at that..
to sort the wheat from the chaff if you get what i mean??
Those that doubt the official version of events will be looked at closer..places like VT (duff is suss) and other infiltrated places like GLP and many many others will be logging details of comments made IP address etc..gun and ammo purchases...survivalist tendencies.wetc's an event to expose those who do not buy the official story...
well that's one train of gets us to expose ourselves to them by way of expressing our incredulity to this horse shit..
gitta run..bbl with some more ideas

A. Peasant said…
Hi Mark, welcome. I think there is a lot more we could know if there were not people hiding the truth so assidiously. But, given that is the situation, i go with instincts. There are things i just know in my bones. Whether i can prove them... I usually cannot. But they resonate with my truth sensor. And when that happens, and the facts available cooperate, and then you add in what should have happened but did not, that is the way i suss out what i think is the closest thing to the truth we can get under the circumstances. It is just an opinion, but it is based on various inputs. Tis is why i am a blogger not a journalist...
A. Peasant said…
FG, i think you are onto something. I am not the symbolism expert, but aurora being the mother of the morning star, lucifer, does get my attention. In combo with the purple.

There was one pic from the hockley funeral where this guys head was in amongst the balloons. Maybe he was on stairs in the background, but it was totally freaky because it looked like his head was floating in the balloons. Dont know if anyone else noticed it.
A. Peasant said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
A. Peasant said…
."it's an event to expose those who do not buy the official story...
well that's one train of gets us to expose ourselves to ..."

YES. Exactly. This is what they are after. Who can see through it and who cannot. Those who can see, cassandras, are isolated on the web and worked over by their trolls pushing every theory under the sun, plus being thrown under the bus.

Been there done that. Xo sweetie.
A. Peasant said…
Thank you for articulating that. I tried to articulate that for a week and i could not get it.
Anonymous said…
Thanks again AP. You give me a lot to think about.
The football guy, jovan belcher killed his girlfriend and her name was kassandra, I know that really resonated with me at the time. Or if you believe Ed chiarini at wellaware it was will smith who didn't kill his girlfriend! Whatever, Cassandra keeps coming up.
I think a big part of this is to marginalized the "mentally ill". They're not schizophrenic because they are abused, ignored and then drugged to death, they just have a "brain disease" and they need to be rounded up and put away. And it may all be fake, but that's the meme that's being created. So if "they" can be put away, anyone can for a thought crime.
That whole idea also allows society to shut abuse victims up. And we know a big part of what the controllers, elite or whatever one wants to call them, is abuse of children. So they kill a lot of birds with that stone, so to speak.
Anonymous said…
Excellent post AP. I've come to favor the idea that this is a psyop. A Susstein-related event. (Why can't we get daily briefings on his tax funded activities?) And the last few comments resonated as well.

It's as though Sandy Hook is a honeytrap meant to snare people who distrust the propaganda army of the us fedguv. Make it ridiculously unbelieveable, so you get the hardliners screaming, yet draw in the on-the-fencers as well.
Update dossier to "truther".

Anonymous said…
Then again, I've probably been on that list for years. The question facing us is...what could the future consequences of being on that list be?

Regardless, in the end, the good guys win. If you saw my fb profile pic, you'd understand why, for me, there's no other way.

questioning said…

This interview doesn't look polished or practised. She really does seem to act like someone who is confused and nervous. Be the first one if legit.
Anonymous said…
Excellent analysis.

- Aangirfan
A. Peasant said…
kitty, that's for sure another angle to this. identifying the crazy people so they can be dealt with. those who commit the crimes (allegedly) and those who question what happened. as for ed and wellaware, something went wrong with him. a year ago he had some very good analysis but now he has all sorts of stupid mixed in there.

swits, i try not to think about the lists.... we've made the choice to try to do something about things,, and that's better than doing nothing.

q, i agree that is the first thing i've seen where the person seems genuine. hmm.

thank you Aan.
A. Peasant said…
yeah, i wish i could remember where i saw that. it was a remark about all the funerals and the yarmulks, and that newtown is a big jewish community. i thought it was in a post not a comment but i don't know, would have to troll my own history on the ipad to see if i can find it again. let's say if it was true, then it would be very strange that we all did not know about that detail. i will try to find it...
freethinker said…
" i wish i could remember where i saw that. it was a remark about all the funerals and the yarmulks, and that newtown is a big jewish community"

Yup, that's the same comment/article I saw, as I commented earlier (now unblocked). I haven't been able to find it again. My recollection was that it was just an unsubstantiated comment. The first funeral was of the Jewish boy Noah, and I'm sure there was a significant Jewish supporting presence at the other funerals. I don't see anything sinister in that.

I did come across this:
Are there Jews in Newtown? (New Haven, Hartford: home, school district, live)

So, there is a synagogue and a Jewish community but apparently not an unusually large one. Of course we have also seen that there is branch of the Church of Satan in Newtown.
Anonymous said…
The Denver Post has 25 photos, shell casings, broken windows etc. of yesterdays crime scene.
Made me think of the 'Missing' post on Sandy Hook.

Not much new about the shooting in Denver media today, more creepy purple tho.

The swits list concern is one we all share on some level. But after years of this, they have us all categorized as individuals IMO. Tracking the responses to false flags and the deliberate 'mistakes' could be a way of monitoring society as a whole re tipping points and critical mass. A stupidity meter if you will.
News events presented with slick media manipulation, emf and chemtrail use can all be combined to control us in ways we can only speculate about. In a good mood today, or a bad mood? What is a mood and why do we 'have' them?

Monitoring the chatter about current events is how they take the temperature of their ant colony, us.
Sadly I have more or less given up on 'converting' people to wake up, I would make a lousy evangelical.
So I speak freely online questioning the status quo mainly to share with others, and usually learn much from exchanges like the ones that go on here. I also enjoy knowing there are other people out there doing the same thing....even if some of them are spooks trolling around.
In for a penny, in for a pound.

F Giant.
A. Peasant said…
hmm, ok. i am glad we are thinking of the same comment. as i recall, the person said that almost every child allegedly killed was jewish, except for one or two. but there is no substantiation of it that i can see.

i don't know why your comments tend to go into moderation. i don't get any notification either, so i have started to check in at the dashboard more regularly because that's the only way i know there is something waiting. must be a booger enhancement...
A. Peasant said…
very much agreed, FG, about in for a penny, in for a pound. the people monitoring are going to do what they want. i think we should do the same, just being mindful of when someone is trying to manipulate, redirect, etc.

we have been unable to convert people either. in fact it is generally counterproductive to try, in my experience. the only thing that sometimes works is if someone gets curious on their own about something, they might ask some questions and a conversation can happen.

ii will check out the denver photos, thanks. the purple park reminds me of some public art that i wrote about a long time ago.

A. Peasant said…
also related,

this matthew delooze info i came across way back when about energy extraction, and how monuments are used to collect worship from people. it is definitely going to be out there for some people but i think it is part of the occult meaning of these rituals, monuments, etc. they do get something out of us called emotional energy, and they do seem to be after that specifically.

more info

A. Peasant said…
The swits list concern is one we all share on some level. But after years of this, they have us all categorized as individuals IMO. Tracking the responses to false flags and the deliberate 'mistakes' could be a way of monitoring society as a whole re tipping points and critical mass. A stupidity meter if you will.
News events presented with slick media manipulation, emf and chemtrail use can all be combined to control us in ways we can only speculate about. In a good mood today, or a bad mood? What is a mood and why do we 'have' them?

so well stated FG. i have many times wondered how much they are affecting mood on a broad scale. they have the technology (SSSS). that would be in addition to people being specifically targeted.
Anonymous said…
Nemo writes ...

It is maddening that these so-called "authorities" can get away with being so opaque when it comes to any coherent account of what actually happened at Sandy Hook.

Too many Amerikans evidently have no objection to being treated as retarded children by "their" government.

Have you ever seen a cell phone tower up close. The power supply cable is quite large in diameter, implying that the power supplied to the transmitter(s) must be huge.

Keep the masses traumatized with real, enhanced, or totally dramatized atrocities, hit them with brain-entraining frequencies, psychoactive drugs, fluoridated water, adulterated food, chemtrails, SSSS over the MSM and the WWW, then just catalog anyone who might offer any meaningful resistance for disppearance"/liquidation as "terrorists."

Thank you for your provocative blog, AP.
A. Peasant said…
Many thanks for reading and commenting, Nemo. It is maddening indeed. Funny you mention the cell towers. I have been reading about the remote neural monitoring and various technologies after seeing Carol Valentines latest post.

Many good search terms. I was reading this also

The scope of the problem is enormous.
INCOMING!!!!!!! said…
Just off a long haul where I caught up on some adult movies, no longer need to watch Spirits of the Carraheathen or NOAHDIce Age 12 with "girl" friends, and saw with my own peepers Liotta and Gyllenhaal getting shot through the hand in separate movies, with graphic slow mo detail, like Inception, and wondered why I cannot see the bodies. I can see the fake stripey pajamad'd clowns in the work camps, note the clean, well pressed and starched nature of their attire(esp. on the weans), but are never allowed to see, to witness, to deny the works of the mad men. Colombine, Dunblane etc.

We are living in a Soviet psychiatric hospital AP. A Nazi work camp.

freethinker said…
" i wish i could remember where i saw that. it was a remark about all the funerals and the yarmulks, and that newtown is a big jewish community"

Found it-
Sandy Hook: US State-Fabricated Terror
(The kids shot were either all or nearly all Jewish: ‘This part of CT is fundamentally a jewish enclave with very very few goyim families due to the real estate values in the area.’ The funeral footage showed ‘yarmulke’s every one of the mourners. even a jewish funeral home’ - D.C.). There were (D.C. recalled) not more than two goyim children amongst the alleged victims.

Kollerstrom cites some sources for the article and apparently the relevant one here is:
Sandy Hook: Huge Hoax and Anti-Gun “Psy Op” By Jim Fetzer and Dennis Cimino (DC).
However neither the article nor the comments contain the quotes from D.C. that Kollerstrom used. But a later article
Sandy Hook: Analogies with the London 7/7 Bombings by Nick Kollerstrom (with Jim Fetzer) does now say:
"The Sandy Hook Elementary School was in an up-market area of Connecticut, shown by the large majority of its children being from Jewish families."
Aangirfan today also includes this quote an in addition:
"Alleged victims Noah Pozner and Ben Wheeler are Jewish."
I can't find any confirmation that Ben Wheeler was Jewish (apart from the Jewish sounding name). This is a typical bio of the Wheelers: Benjamin Wheeler, 6. Neither can I find evidence for any of the kids being Jewish other than Noah (shot 11 times, often stated).
A. Peasant said…
hey Incoming, good to see you man. what movies did liotta and gyllenhaal get shot through the hands in slo mo? is that a crucifixion motif?

roger on the psych ward.

freethinker, THANK YOU for finding that. i updated the post again with a link to the fetzer/kollerstrom piece that aan linked to. it looks like there are two schools, just like the osama bin laden compound.

am checking out the other links now. thanks again for the google fu!
freethinker said…
I should have read Aang's piece more carefully.
"Another victim, Ben Wheeler, was also identified as being Jewish by some Israeli news outlets." says Haaretz.

But according to News8 I linked earlier the Wheelers belonged to the Trinity Episcopal Church. FWIW
freethinker said…
More on Ben Wheeler-
After massacre claims young Jewish victim, Newtown rabbi castigates ‘culture of violence’
"Pravr also spoke about a second victim, six-year-old Benjamin Wheeler, who he called “a very spirited boy.” He and his parents, David and Francine Wheeler, were not members of the synagogue, but they attended its Hanukkah celebration."
A. Peasant said…
no problem. we work with the information we get, and there are inconsistencies everywhere so ...

i see fetzer and cimino are affiliated with VT. so this obviously poses a big problem as it puts us back in spook territory and i can't go on things that DC says.

but at the least i am pretty sure that the photo comparison shows that there are two locations. everyone can look at the pics and see that. it is pretty straightforward.
freethinker said…
AP, I hate to disagree with you but I'm not sold on your 2 locations theory. -

The tree shadows are not shadows but are the branches and twigs blocking the view. The photographer is using a very long lens shooting from outside the line of trees that borders the car park. The long lens squashes (fore-shortens to be technical) the perspective.

Colour balance is very uncertain with low-light and arc lights being used. The photographer may have tweaked the colours to make it look more natural to him, but so doing altered the brick colour.

Window shape - don't know I haven't found a suitable comparison pic. The photo is shot at an angle to the windows and that will make them seem narrower side-side than they really are.

Fetzer and VT are red-flags for me, I think he is used to muddy the waters, but I'm aware that some say he's done good work on JFK etc. I know nothing about Dennis Cimino.
A. Peasant said…
that's fine. i thought of that too that the trees are in front of his lens, but what about the tree in the parking lot in one pic but not the other?

as for the window shapes and brick color, it is hard to say. i did look for comparison pics and from what i saw it was all inconclusive. it seems off to me, but it could be lighting and angles.

i would like people to weigh in on this.
Anonymous said…
There were at least two 'Osama' compounds; one in Pakistan and one on a US military base.

- Aangirfan
Anonymous said…
I remember reading an analysis where someone mentioned that most of the last names of the purported victims were Hebrew/semitic in origin, if not literally.

It was in response to an RT piece where some analyst from Arizona was making a case that this was a Mossad involved operation.

rubyblue said…
Now once more back to EMILY PARKER.
I compared the ears and come to the conclusion, that the little girl with Obama not only wears the clothes of Emily but MUST be Emily. This because her 4 years old little sister has absolutely different ears: .

Also the Parker girl with Obama looks like a 6 years old and not like a 4 years old girl.
Hattie said…
Here's a pretty good picture of the school windows. They don't appear to be a match to me. As far as the stop sign goes, either it's there because it's a different place, or they can say they put up a temporary sign.
A. Peasant said…
hi rubyblue,
these ear pics are tough to call unless the pic is very clear. i agree the girl in the pic with obama looks more like 6 than 4. the most telling thing to me is how these people do not seem to be suffering.

hi hattie,
good point about the sign. thanks for the window pic. the windows look rectangular in the link you post. in the night pics with stopsign, the windows look square.

there are some other anomolies in the night pics. the OCME guy's legs seem to be on one side of the stretcher while his torso is on the other. also, the guy with beard is wheeling the body *toward* the school, rather than away from it. seems a little odd. thirdly, there is either a woman with long hair or a guy in a hoodie talking to the FBI guy. it looks like a guy with hoodie.

the ny daily news has been in deep with some narratives in the past that we have covered. when you take that fact, plus the duplicate OBL compounds, and also there was an elaborate set for one of the Libya narratives... those are just ones we know about....

questioning said…
Anonymous said…
Professor James Tracy at goes through the whole sandy hook narrative put out by the media and finds many inconsistencies, many of which you've noted.
There was a write up on him and his post in thedailymail uk. He's upset some people at the university he works at.
His blog entry is very interesting, as are his commenters.
Hattie said…
I looked again at the photos, and you're right, it appears that the OCME guy is cut in half, legs in front of the gurney and body on the other side. Weird. Did you notice the "head" next to the FBI agent looks photo-shopped? I'm glad to hear you say that you thought it looked like the guy in white was pushing towards the school, because that is how it looked to me too. Lastly, in the photo which shows the windows and the curb, it looks like the curb is a very short curb in front of the windows and shrubs, but in the link I shared with a photo of the school, the shrubs seem to be in a much higher "raised bed" rather than a short curb. It could be shadows though, I suppose. Can we find a more straight on photo of the school?
Anonymous said…
I don't know why, maybe just a general sense of foreboding has come over me lately...but I get the feeling that because the Sandy Hook narrative seems to be falling apart at the seams, they're going to need something bigger and bloodier to send the cattle stampeding in a new direction. Push one down the memory hole with another.
A. Peasant said…
Hi hattie, yes the head looks odd next to fbi guy. To me, it looks like a guy with hoodie. That is expanding it on screen.

As for school and shrubs, i have looked around. I think the night pics look more shaggy and unkempt than the school. But there are no pics to really compare that i could find. Have not looked in a few days. My impression was that it is a different location in the night pics, but it is a very difficult thing to say with any confidence. At first when i saw the branches, i was confident. Now i feel it is a matter of right church wrong pew, if you know what i mean.

Thank you for looking at it so closely.
A. Peasant said…
Swits, they always seem to be prepared for xyz scenarios. We were prolly in for another event no matter how things went with this one. Their time is fast running out. We need to have faith.
A. Peasant said…
hi kitty,
sorry your comment went to moderation for some reason.

i did see that yesterday following a link over at aan's. it is a great post and also the comments were excellent. in fact there is one commenter who mentioned several issues i have covered here including the pineal gland / amygdala and its manipulation as part of herd control.

no doubt he upset people but for pete's sake, anyone who is *not* questioning this event needs a frying pan aside the head.
Hattie said…

Another odd photo (outside the SHFD that day). Deliberate? Actor? So sick of these games someone is playing.
Hu Bris said…
AP: You really have this all wrong - (I'm only referring to the pictures btw)

The people photographed are NOT where the red car is in your overhead photo - they are where the 3 vehicles with their doors open (2 black one grey) are parked in a small group, south-west of the red car in the overhead photo.

I really don't know what you mean by "tree in the parking lot" - I see no tree, what I see are a LOT of shadows being cast onto the ground due to the arc-lights and the stands they are on, as well as shadows from the supports for the tents and the under-carraige of the gurneys on which the bodies lie.

If you look at the overhead photo, you will see a telephone/powerline pole near the trees on the right hand side - The photographer is shooting from a distance somewhere behind that pole. He's using a telephoto lens and the combination of the darkness causing the need for a wide aperture, coupled with the lens causes all the problems you are having with angles, distance etc. In effect it distorts the apparent distances, making angles look "wrong" and background objects look nearer to the fore-ground than they actually are

That is why the guy near the gurney looks weird, as if his lower half is in front of the gurney and top half behind. The top looks weird because we have the gurney to fix it's position, the gurney gives the eye a "reference-point" for the top-half of the man's body, but the legs look disembodied because of this "shortening of distances" caused by lens/aperture setup.

As to the woman's "head" looking photoshopped - again it's a problem of shadows and distances looking "shortened" because of the combo of lens and wide aperture.

The same woman is actually also in the 2nd photo, she's just visible down near the bottom left hand corner, but most of her head is hidden by a branch nearer the camera.

She has what looks like "lank" dark hair that goes below her shoulders.

This is what casts such weird shadows around her head in the other photo, making her head-angle look weird and unnatural.

These photos look like the genuine article in terms of location - I can't vouch for the authenticity of what's in the bags though

All the problems you are having understanding these photos is due partly to the fore-ground branches and Middle/background shadows, but mainly it's due to the lens and camera setup, causing an apparent-to-the-eye, but "false"/spurious "shortening" of distances, as perceived by you the viewer,
A. Peasant said…
hi hu bris, thanks for weighing in on the pictures.

i agree the people are closer to the front of the school, by the only crosswalk (broad white stripes painted) which is by the school entrance. in the second pic i posted you can see the top of a tree in the lower right hand corner. that is the tree that i thought could be casting shadows. however, there is a hill with trees by the lot, and it could be the angle of the helicopter (?) shot that puts that tree in the frame. i don't know. it seems that the tree would be too far away to be in the frame but i can't tell what might be in the frame with telephoto lenses etc. this tree is by the lightpole you mention, where the photographer would have been, apparently hiding. ??

what do you make of the stop sign and the stretcher being wheeled toward the building?

as for the woman with dark hair, when i expand the image on my trusty ipad, she looks like a he to me, with a hood. it might be the same person on the lower left but i don't see enough of the clothing to say for sure.

but anyway, who *are* these people???? why was the photographer hiding in the woods? what the hell was going on? who was on the stretcher? there are so many questions. i know you don't have the answers but it is just crazy that these are the only photos to work with that show any sort of evidence at all.

the guy pushing the stretcher -- is that a real beard? who trims his beard like that? it looks like he glued a fake beard on. AND what is with his ears? earphones? are these people wearing disguises? you know, wtf?

it looks like a bunch of people up to no good if you ask me.....

rubyblue said…
There is more wrong with the car park. Also the way all the cars are parked on the school's parking place is absolutely staged:

And here is a snapshot of the parked cars (taken from the video at 3:11): .

Isn't is strange? Look at all the cars of those two parking rows in the middle of the snapshot . in the first row all(!) the cars had been parked in with their back first. And in the second row all(!)) the cars had been parked in with their front first.
That's not normal - but ARRANGED!
rubyblue said…
Addition …

Usually the way you park your car is by random.
E. g.: I park with the front first if there is someone behind me, who is also looking for a parking place. If no one is behind me - and if I am not in a haste - a pass the parking place and then set back - with the rear end first - into the square. This because it is then easier for me to park out when I come back and want to drive away.

Cars get parked the way you see on the parking place of the Sandy Hook school, if you hire some guys and tell them to park 42 (If I have counted right) cars on a parking place somewhere else. And you order them to park the cars in the middle of that parking place in two rows.
Then these guys will drive the cars to that parking place and they will run - front ahead - over the second row onto the first row and stop the motor. And after the first row is occupied they'd start to fill the second row by driving head on into those parking spots - just as they did with the first row.
But now all cars in the first row have there FRONT showing to the exit of their little parking squares - while all the cars in the second row have their REARS showing to the exit of their little parking squares.
rubyblue said…
@ A. Peasant and all

There is even more wrong with "Emily":
If you raise the "gamma" to 3.2 (take the 'black' out of the photo, if you want so) we see a rectangle pattern on Emily's breast that is not possible in a real digital photo. See the photo (with gamma raised to 3.2) here: .

A photo of a real(!) camera - even a digital one - does not produce fat rectangle areas over a little girl's body (breast) and even reaching over to the left arm without bending in the least bit, while the body rounds back - and ends - and the left arm rounds forward.
So: There has been a 'painting over'. And this 'painting over' is of a lesser quality than the rest of the picture.

You can wilfully produce a loss of quality by loading up a picture and then save it with - lets say - 5% quality. And than load that up again and again save it with 5 % quality (and so on and on). My old "faststone" (freeware) is only a photo showing program and not a Photoshop program. But it has a few devices of real Photoshop programs and allows me to do this.
If you do so you will see that sooner or later a formally high quality photo will show several square or rectangle chunks of the same colour or the same black. This is so because the digital photo runs out of enough information for a lot of individual pixels.

And now watch of what excellent quality the background is - the green bush and the red leaves behind Emily. Even if you enlarge my gamma-manipulated photo you need some time before you see squares and rectangles in the bush or the red leaves.
Also all persons are of excellent quality. Only the mother 's skirt and the smallest sister's left arm shows some little squares/rectangles. But this is nothing compared with this 'brutal' rectangle on Emily's breast.
So this definitely shows that this rectangle on Emily's breast (and left arm!) is of a lower quality than the rest of the photo. And this is only possible because there has been done some painting over - with a lower (information-)quality than the rest of the picture has.

What may have been the reason for this 'painting over'?
I think there was possibly never something important on Emily's breast that was painted over. Maybe there was only a little imperfection - and this was 'repaired'. The point is: No father or mother would have bothered that much with a family photo. If they hadn't liked it they could have just taken another snapshot of their family.

A. Peasant said…
hi rubyblue, excellent observations all around... very true about the cars being arranged exactly as you would expect if someone had driven them all in and parked them one at a time, rather than the random arrangement that would happen at a school with people arriving and leaving at different times. good job woman.

i was wondering also about the cars a few days ago, and it seemed like the red car makes sort of a visual anchor, being parked at the end of the row. it makes a reference point.
A. Peasant said…
more great sleuthing about the Parker pics rubyblue. the photo technology is definitely not something i know about. what you write here makes sense though. and in this photo, Emily does not look photoshopped in, although they touched up the photo for some reason.

so the question becomes, how could Emily be available for one family photo, but not the other. Emily must have gone someplace in between the time the two pics were taken. the earlier one looks to be around Christmas, and then the summer pic (or vacation pic), where the baby looks older. so where did Emily go?
rubyblue said…
@ A. Peasant at January 11, 2013 6:29 PM

"and it seemed like the red car makes sort of a visual anchor, being parked at the end of the row. it makes a reference point."

Yes, absolutely. Here is that "red car": .

It wasn't me who detected this parking oddity. It was a Canadian guy on
He commented:
"Does that school have valet parking?
Every single car in the first row backed in. Every single car in the second row pulled front first?"

@ A. Peasant at January 11, 2013 6:36 PM
"Emily does not look photoshopped in" - yes, I also think that the rest of the photo - except the part on Emily's breast - is real. All persons seem to be real and not assembled. Other than that photo in the video "The straw .." .

I don't think that Emily was away or not available. I think that those who organized things just grabbed existing photos and just photoshopped what they needed.
This can be counterproductive, of course. Best example for that is the photo anlysis of Jack White to 911-Pentagon - .
(Jack White sadly died a few months ago, aged 84)
questioning said…
Thank you for linking Jack White. I wish I could say I'm shocked, but it seems photo-trickery goes at least as far back as WWII. *sighs* wag the dog indeed!
Hu Bris said…
" There has been a 'painting over'. And this 'painting over' is of a lesser quality than the rest of the picture."

here's a link regarding image forensics.

Could you post a copy of the original version you used, of that photo you linked to, instead of your gamma-ed version?
Hu Bris said…
@ RubyBlue

Here's the result of loading your image into that online-forensic software -

I originally though that the black areas you were talking about were merely the result of over-indulgence with compression algorithms by someone along the way, but having had a quick read of the forensics page I'm inclined to agree that the black pixelated area looks dodgy in the extreme - that is of course if I have not misunderstood what I read at the forensics page I linked to above.

I may have misinterpreted what I read there.

So if you could post a link to the original image you used before upping the gamma that might help.

Hu Bris said…
Found 2 other versions - both already heavily compressed, and with some photshop-type corrections



looks like the same pic (i.e. same source) but slightly enlarged and cropped in example 2) above

On both analysis only a particular part of her dress stands out quite strongly - but I'm not sure if that's because of compression or not.

(It's still possibly a result of over-compression, but to me the edges look to regular for that)

In fact I'm beginning to doubt I've correctly understood the forensic analysis tutorial I linked to earlier.

If anyone here can set me straight on this, I'd appreciate it
A. Peasant said…
great links. i will be digging into the foto forensics to see what i can learn.

i will just add at this juncture that i find it strange the way emily is off to the side in both pics. even in the christmas dress photo, why wouldn't she be sitting with her mother, with her mother's arm around her? given how the father embraces the two younger girls, emily looks like an extra. a loving family, plus emily.
Hu B said…
@ AP

I posted 2 more forensic-links to 2 other versions of that image, which I found on the web.

Might have ended up in you spam folder?
freethinker said…
" i find it strange the way emily is off to the side in both pics. even in the christmas dress photo, why wouldn't she be sitting with her mother, with her mother's arm around her? given how the father embraces the two younger girls, emily looks like an extra. a loving family, plus emily"

I was thinking exactly the same. Emily looks a natural sweet kid but her mom's demeanour looks forced and tense.

Interesting stuff from Ruby & Hu.

rubyblue said…
@ Hu Bris
Thanks für the link to "online-forensic software". That’s probably also from Neal Krawetz. Of him I have two links:
and .

But I am myself not experienced. This is the first time I used "gamma" for analysis. I tryed more practical analysis. E. g. to the murder of Chris Stevens - see here: . So more or less proving if the shadows are logical and so on.
rubyblue said…
... I also leaned a lot from (sSee there also for "The vicsims Report")
From Simon Shack I learned e. g. to look for CUTS in videos. Very often these cuts arer there to hide/manipulate something.
Anonymous said…
Lol. Andersons on to us.

"There's always conspiracy theorists LURKING online..."

Yes! We're "LURKERS"! Hows that for subliminal manipulation?

Funny though, I bet he wouldn't sit down and answer some questions one on one, on camera. Too busy "keeping em honest" and all.

Anonymous said… more...
They're really into demonizing skeptics!

"sickening conspiracy theory"...
man they're desperate.
rubyblue said…
Oh, oh, oh - suddenly those media-whores try to tell us conspiracies wouldn't exist. But the laws (of many countries) tell us just the opposite:
Look at the law: See for example:

Do this media-whores really try to tell me, that I could be prosecuted if I robbed a bank all alone. But if I robbed a bank with some friends ("an agreement of two or more people to commit a crime") I couldn't?? Because "conspiracies" wouldn't 'exist', were 'fakes', were an 'illusion', were a 'myth' of primitive superstitious people??

I mean it's even DETERMINED IN US LAWS that conspiracies belong to our every day life see the link above)! Also in English laws the existence of conspiracies is a LEGAL FACT - see: CONSPIRACY AGAINST RIGHTS: .

I don't like Cesar very much. But did he just have 'bad luck' to be perforated by not less than 23 knifes? Just an "accident"? Really ("This is the police: Clear the area right now! There is nothing to be seen here!")??
Is an attorney, who thinks is client was framed a "conspiracy-theorist"?
If the mother of Al Capone testified, that her son was peacefully sleeping at her home while the massacre happened and the state attorney does not believe her - is this state attorney now a "mad conspiracy theorist" ??

Of course not!
Here is a fine cartoon about 'mad conspiracy theorists'

Those media-whores, who deny that the world is swamped with conspiracies are themselves part of a giant(!) conspiracy against us usual people. This is why the try to manipulate us.

Those who deny the massive existence of conspiracies must than still believe there was a Santa Claus and, yes, also a Easter Bunny.

I myself have once been the victim of such an incredibly audacious conspiracy!
I was younger, yes, not even of legal age. And because my parents told me (and all the farmers in our village!) in a few days - exactly on 25th of December - , there would appear a certain gentleman in our living . With a big sack on his back in his left and a rod in his right hand. And in the time I was not allowed to enter our living room, he was just about to put gifts on the table. If I had done something wrong that year, I would not find anything (!!!) on my gift table. Yes, -I could even if it's lucky if this "Santa Claus" (as my parents called him) would not hit me fiercely with his rid.

But that was all a massive fraud! Committed by an Incredible number(!) of Persons in our village. Committed also by my parents and the local farmers but also by my older siblings and my aunts and uncles! A massive(!) conspiracy - with a lot(!) of - mostly - grownups involved!
But then I decides to become a "conspiracy theorists" ... and then I took their '911-hoax' or 'moon landing hoax' apart like nothing!
These media-whores will never make me believe again in some "Santa Claus" or "Easter Bunny"!

I just call them these media-whores what they really are themselves: CRIMINAL CONSPIRATORS!!!!!
Why don't these media-whores disclose this stupid 911-mainstream-conspiray-theory of some Arabs destroying parts of New York and parts of the Pentagon on 911 as a 'crazy conspiracy theory'?
Only THAT would be logical- wouldn't it?
But there they even CLING to a 911 conspiracy theory - and they bustle up anyone who refutes their absolutely absurd illusions!
rubyblue said…
Easter Bunny!
Here what these MEDIA-CONSPIRATERS want us to believe:

… or two(!!!) planes hitting the south tower at the same time (a. the horizontal flying plane, b. the dive bomber):

A. Peasant said…
Ruby, your santa story reminds me of alice miller. A similar story is in the beginning of her book banished knowledge.

Apologies i have been working a lot and have not had much time to dig around in all these matters. I appreciate all the great links and hooe to catch up with all of you... ;)
rubyblue said…
Thanks fo Your compliment, A Peasant!
I hope You can at least relax now and enjoy the rest of Your sunday!
A. Peasant said…
Ruby, this video has a new twist about the family photo

rubyblue said…
If you go to the site of the Parker Family themselves ) you find there a little video with photos of Emily.

And what I say now is of course not an argument pro or contra if Emily died or if she didn't and later appear with Obama.

But this video seems so 'polished'! Every picture could have been STILED by a photographer of "Vogue" or any other beauty or fashion or starlet magazine.

Also the sceneries Emily is put into are always very polished and very sterile. And these photos are so perfect (by proportions, arrangement, cut and and and). Even the smiles are perfect!

No pictures of Emily on CHRISTMAS morning or Easter morning (or Bar Mitzvah or other feasts of other religions). No photo of her birthday!
No photo of her FIRST SCHOOL DAY!
No photos of her with her CLASSMATES. Emily looks definitely vary sweet. Only few classmates could have coped with her. Parents so much in love with Emily - but also very p r o u d of her - would have liked to show guests or relatives a photo of Emily's class. They then could have pointed on the picture and could have said: "Look, look! T h i s is Emily!".

By the way: relatives": Emily obviously has NO RELATIVES. No grandma (some children even two of those). No grandpa (some children even two of those). No aunt (you can have a lot of them) no uncle (you can have a lot of them). Not one godmother, not one godfather. Yes Barry Obama's lap - but sitting on the lap of one's dearest aunt is much nicer.

There is n o t o n e photo of Emily with her best GIRLFRIEND! Emily seems to have no friends at all. Or: Where is the photo with this little fresh BOY from some houses away, who once seduced Emily into ringing the doorbells of the neighbours - and then to run away as fast as one could (I made this doorbell ringing up - just to bring some life into this sterility!) .

If I didn't overlook something, Emily doesn't have a WATCH. She never plays with PUPPETS or a Barbie Doll. She seems to NEVER PLAY AT ALL!
Patents love(!) to shoot photos of their kids being lost in play. Wouldn't it have fitted perfectly well in this sweet-honey-dripping video if Emily hugged a Barbie Doll - or gave Ken a huge kiss?

Also Emily never made holidays. Newtown is not all to far from the coast. People in the US had a very hot summer, I heard. So off to the beach, family Parker! Emily would love to swim - or sit at the beach with a little shovel and dig for China. Or wear one of those colourful big beach hats for little ladies!
But all this doesn't exist (except one photo with Emily in a pool).

rubyblue said…
Also this photo shooting session with Obama in the High school of Newtown is w e i r d !

If Obama wanted to give consolation to the parents and siblings of murdered children then that was certainly a good idea: Although full of grief the extraordinary situation to met Mr. President himself would have relieved the distress of those parents, brothers and sisters of the victims. The warm light of fame that shines from the office of the president would have done well to those in grief - also to find their photos and family names in all the press of the country.

But Obama doesn't care at all about those families in grief. Instead he makes his photo shooting nearly exclusively with the Parkers. Look at these photos: (wait a little until the advertisement disappears)

On the first photo we still see 3 kids that are not Parker kids. But no one cares what their name is and if they lost a brother or sister. We hear nothing about them.
On the second photo we see Obama with Robbie Parker And we see a lady. But no one tells us who she is.
In the third photo Obama is to be seen exclusively with the Parker family (the lady far right is supposed to be an aunt of Emily).
In the last photo we see Obama with Robbie Parker again. And three people in the background. Who no one cares about who they are.

But not only is the Parker family put forward - on cost of up to 20 other families - for reasons we don't know. ALSO THE PUBLICITY WORK WAS DONE BY NO ONE OTHER THAN ROBBIE PARKER !!
On the site linked above we read: "So far, the White House has not released any photos of Obama's meetings with the families. But the family of Emilie Parker, a six-year-old victim of the shooting, posted these photos to their memorial fund Facebook page"

Now, now: This President took the greatest(!) interest(!) in using the Sandy Hook massacre (real or not real) for his personal publicity! Obama wasn't even ashamed to spread this ridiculous stupid human touch propaganda 'how did Obama react, when he heard of the massacre?'. Three quarter of the press spread nonsense like this: "Obama Sandy Hook news went viral on Saturday morning after the White House released a photo of the president reacting when he first heard about the horrific Newtown shooting that took the lives of 20 children and seven adults on Dec. 14."
See e. g. .. and tons of other outlets (just google) .

Do they really want us to believe that an employee rushed into Obama' Oval Office and told him: 'Mr. President I have horrible news. But our publicity manager wants a photo of Your reaction to be take when I tell You the news. So we will just have to wait some 10 minutes before our photographer will be here! Please be patient!'
And now the White House has the Chance to show the human touch of the President to the public - at least at a meeting with the Parkers. And then the White House doesn’t give these photos directly and very fast to the press?????!!!!
And it' s exactly Robbie Parker who has the exclusive(!) privilege to give to the press what the President desperately wants the press to spread massively all over the whole world???!!!

The Sandy Hook incident circles in an astonishing way around the Parker family.
A. Peasant said…
rubyblue, i cannot disagree with a single observation you have made about this. it is absurd. and furthermore, these people do not look sad, once again. no puffy eyes, no dark circles, just smiling away.

as seen by the links switters left, the media has come in to make the obligatory disparaging remarks abut the conspiracy theories. it's not just thought policing, but emotional policing, as people are expected to SELF censor their thoughts by giving primacy to the appropriate (ie: approved) emotions. so, we are supposed to feel sad and be extremely respectful, and THEREFORE, it would be inappropriate to ask questions like hey, who are these people in the pictures with the parker family, and where are the other families, and why do the parkers get to post these pics when the white house has not even released them, etc etc. it is very clear that the emotional context is supposed to override thinking, and in fact i am sure it does for a great many people. because after all, a lot of people would rather believe that adam lanza killed those children, and this is all real, than believe that our government up to and including the president would pull a scam like this. and they would be the first people to tell you and me that we are horrible, horrible people for believing that those children are probably alive and this was all staged. to many people, that is worse than the massacre, because it is then a massacre of their belief system.
A. Peasant said…
what it has really come down to in this country is that people who believe that they care the most will not look at any discrepancies. they wiill do no research. they will not challenge or question anything told to them. they believe that it is uncaring and unpatriotic and unloving to question anything we are told about the poor people who died, exactly like since 911. they believe that people who do question things are not caring, not loving, not patriotic. the amount of thinking and research one does is inversely related to patriotic virtue in their minds. i have personally confirmed this with many people. good people, friends, family, etc. they truly believe it is wrong to question the narrative. they have aan extremely powerful resistance to disturbing facts. this has been ongoing since 911 as i said.

as a matter of fact you can ask these people, hey you care so much so how much research have you done about 911 (or name your psyop)? the answer will be ZERO.

caring = not questioning. therefore, research would be very wrong. a grave sin.

this is naturally the mind drug constantly pushed by the media, and then the little bits like anderson cooper whispering off to the side about the horrible people who question... shudder.... that is just to reinforce the primary drug.

it is all just laughable but grim laughter. this is SO OLD now, this ridiculous catering to the mind-numbed people who literally refuse to think. as i said, i know many of them.
rubyblue said…
@ A. Peasant.
Don't let them put You down, A. Peasant!
I still remember how my father, who was of the Nazi-Generation more than once looked at me full of despite and asked me: "Do You really hate your own motherland that much?!" And this only because I had dared to - only very modestly! - criticise the Nazi-time.

Well I just saw this CNN video, mentioned on this site before:

If the Nazis have had TV already this Anderson Cooper of CNN would have been Goebbels's perfect SS-TV-newsman for his Nazis.
This because the Nazis also produced a "Sandy Hook incident". Their incident is called "Gleiwitz incident" The Nazis then forced inmates of their concentration camps to put on Polish uniforms and then to stage a storm on the radio station "Gleiwitz". Then these concentration camp people were all shot dead (no witnesses any more) by hidden Gestapo people. The Nazis staged this event in order to invade Poland and to be able to claim a reason of "defence". For more see:

If there had been a Prof. Tracy then in Nazi-Germany Goebbels would have chosen exactly such SS Media Stormtrouper-people like CNN's Anderson Cooper! (Also in my country these media-SS people never really had been removed - and been put in jail, where they belong!).

Let's look at what this media-SS man Anderson Cooper says:
a. "deeply offensive to many"
Was the erasing of the town Fallujah ""deeply offensive" to You, Anderson? Really??
Or the destruction of Iraq (Bagdad was once called the "Paris of the middle east")?
Or the destruction of Palestine, of Somalia, of Serbia, of Libya, of Afghanistan, of Pakistan, of Yemen and so on and on? Shed some of Your false tears, Anderson - come on! I'll then give you a badge with a black skull on it - promised!

b. "Tay payers pay part of his (Tracy's) salary"
Tax payers pay a lot more for those cruel und unjustified wars their armies (US, GB., France, Germany and more) fight against people in other countries - against the definite will of their own citizens!

c. SSCNN-Anderson: "I don't even know how that would work that the news media would somehow meet with government officials and stand somehow higher crisis actor - I haven't even never heard of - to then going to Newtown - no one else noticing - and somehow pretend to be - I don't even know who - grieving parents or ……."

Never heard of "Gleiwitz-incident" (link above)?
Never heard of staged "Golf of Ton king" incident?
Never heard of Guy Fawks - who never tried to blow up the English parliament, but was framed.
Never heard of Chip Tatum, who was part of a command to stage an incident in Cambodia and then Nixon-Kissinger tried to eliminate his troupers , because witnesses were not really wanted?
See here Anderson: "Black Ops Operative Chip Tatum Interviewed by Ted Gunderson": .
rubyblue said…
And a last word to You, CSS-man Anderson:

FRAUD or 'staged incident' was already part of the F O U N D I N G (!!!) of the United States. These alleged "Mohawk Indians" who seized three English sailboats ant threw those tea boxes into the harbour basin WHERE NO MOHAWKS and even they WERE NO INDIANS AT ALL! those wee terrorist from the CIA-NSA-FBI and of the DHS!

Now Andeson: Don't tell me Your history teacher at school did't tell You that!
So then: What did You mean with Your: "I don't even know how that would work that the news media would somehow meet with government officials and stand somehow higher crisis actor - I haven't even never heard of … "
Anonymous said…
Good continued discussion here of media lies.

Your comment 7:43PM on the 14th really resonated with me AP.
The straws of truth keep piling up on these denialist camels and they are getting least the ones I personally know.

As for media swine demonizing everyone who has the intelligence and character to challenge our governments criminal deeds.....the Ottawa Citizen proves it can slither in the mud with the best of them. This was republished in dozens of Canadian newspapers.

To summarize:
The 2012 end of the world theory was wrong. It was not funny and caused people to commit suicide. THEREFORE anyone who has concerns about chemtrails, food additives or vaccines is a danger to the public. 'Education' is the solution to this problem.
Holy Fcuk!

Back to Sandy Hook.

F Giant.
rubyblue said…
@A P @ F. Giant
The dumb and 'mind-blocked' majority within all populations could possibly be quite well be explained with the technical term "UNREALISTIC OPTIMISM".

You might also want to read this:

As You, user "F Giant", are interested in Chemtrails You can watch the same video on this site:
rubyblue said…
Also see "The Backfire Effect" - starring: Ronald Reagan:
A. Peasant said…
hi rubyblue and F. Giant. ruby, no worries, i am half german myself and i have that stubborn quality, combined with my other irish half, well let's say i may always be at war with myself, but i survive it and go to the pub for a drink. but seriously... these are most excellent observations about the frustration of dealing with the unrealistic / unreasonable / optimistic people. of which there are many. the "ottowa citizen" is a prime example of the self-righteous, smug and self-satisfied kind of moron that the government just LOVES. people like this make it so easy for organized evil to flourish.

it is all very exhausting for the 20% (?) of people who do not suffer from this optimism filter.

it goes to show us, in the end, that the problem is really money and the money system. in a monetary system where the currency is based on the labor of the population, on the ability of the population to think and create and work, then people would be valued. the government would care for people with health care, good education, good food, etc., because the wealth of the nation would depend on the quality of the people. what we instead have is a currency model that is divorced from the "human resources." money is printed and valued on fungible commodities like oil and gold. people are not important to the equation. therefore people can be dumbed down and treated as disposable, after they work their asses off for next to no benefit for X decades. people are kept simple and easy to control. people have lost their dignity, and they don't even know it. they defend the system that continually debases them.
rubyblue said…
The is a very good summarization of the Sandy Hook Incident on:
Penny said…
Hey Ap

how are you doing?
Of course I have been meaning to stop by
but what is that saying about the road to hell?

freethinker left a comment? Or requoted another? regarding the pics of Robbie Parkers alleged deceased daughter and how she looked outside of the photos

I thought the exact same thing.

Parents gather their kids towards them - like a magical parent circle
showing the bonds
I have looked at pictures of myself and my daughter/husband
arms all around one another
if not physical contact then included in the sight
gazing upon or looking at
the bond is there

with her, Emilie and the rest of the Parker's it is not.

I was hoping and don't know if you have had a chance to check out my latest post?

If not, I think you might find it enlightening

I see the main stream media is damage controlling the Sandy Hook talk, the usual shit

It seems quite a coordinated effort and do wonder who sent the memo?

I do question something
where is the school security footage?
Anyone seen anything about that at all?

A. Peasant said…
hi Pen,
thanks for the tip. i am just ten minutes in or so and i am very intrigued. i hope my viideo doesn't hang!

no security footage that i have heard of or seen, though i am not looking at present.

i completely agree about the lack of parental connection in the photos with Emily. either the photos are not real and she was shopped in, or they treat her differently than their other children.

hi rubyblue, i will check out your video also, thanks.
Anonymous said…
Just for reference-

4 handguns recovered, no rifles.

Anonymous said…
One more for reference purposes.
"Dr Wayne Carver"
(I love it, it's like when you see a dentist name Dr. Fang)

Sandy Hook Hoax "Medical Examiner" Wayne Carver

Oh, and Jesse Ventura nixes the false flag theory.

rubyblue said…
Once more to one point: EMILYY WITHOUT A WRIST WATCH!

If I didn't overlook something, Emily doesn't have a WRIST WATCH! And that's absolutely abnormal! See: or .
Children have on old (at least during the last 50 years!) trick to get a watch: When they are late again and are scolded, they protest. 'HOW DO I KNOW THE TIME - YOU NEVER BUY ME A WRIST WATCH!'
Emily, who is always p o s I n g on the photos and always tries to look beautiful would definitely(!) have wanted a wrist watch and - different from a little boy of same age - this watch had to look beautiful. And colourful watches for little ladies are not expensive.
A 6 years old without a watch (of course: little 6 years old boys would want a different watch than little 6 years old girls would ask their parents to buy them) is absolutely ABNORMAL!
A. Peasant said…
that's an interesting point ruby. i have bought several watches for each of my three children over the years, but they seem to break or go missing. also children seem to have a lot of other electronic devices and even cell phones at very young ages, which replace the need for watches (in a way). so i think it is less strange for a child that age not to have a watch than it may have been even ten years ago.
rubyblue said…
... yeah, You are right. I just looked at a lot of children at the mourning gatherings in Newtown: Hadly any wrist watches.
freethinker said…
Buried in the last sentence of an article on funding for trauma counselling-

"A man with a gun who was spotted in the woods near the school on the day of the incident was an off-duty tactical squad police officer from another town, according to the source."
rubyblue said…
rubyblue said…

Right on top of this side of the blog
We read:
"Ok... out of boredom I decided to go check that story ….
"A man with a gun who was spotted in the woods near the school on the day of the incident was an off-duty tactical squad police officer from another town, according to the source."
"There has been recent threads here that have whined and complained and yelled till they were BLUE IN THE FACE that the media DROPPED all mention of who the man was running in the woods, and we were told one time it was a father of a student that got scared, but the helicopter views have been repeatedly analyzed and we are told that there were obviously TWO people in the woods that were chased down by dogs and police. Not to mention the nuns and and how did he get in there and how did the principal call the police, etcetera....."

Her is the page of the Newtown Bee from December 27th :
rubyblue said…
@freethinker - You were faster! Compliments!
rubyblue said…
Why am I so interested in this Sandy Hook hoax?
A few years ago we in Germany also had a school massacre in the little town of "Winnenden". And I believe this "Winnenden" school massacre was the BLUEPRINT FOR SANDY HOOK/NEWTOWN. So much alike! (The "Adam Lanza" of Winnenden was "Tim Kretschmer").
If you understand German or even speak that language You might be interested to read on this blog:
A. Peasant said…
very interesting deelopments. perhaps that twerp anderson cooper can unclutch his pearls for a few minutes and report on these strange developments....

rubyblue said…
Here in Germany we probably have the strictest gun control laws on this planet. Bur none the less we had one "school massacre" after the other:

1) Some years ago we had the "Winnenden" school massacre. See (translated: ).

This "Winnenden" incident was a fabrication as much as to my estimation is Newtown Sandy Hook. Here is a good blog to this manipulated incident in "Winnenden" - though in German language: (translated: ).


2) some years before Winnenden there was a "school massacre" in Erfurt: (translated: )

To me - also fabricated:,8813,8813#msg-8813 (translated:,8813,8813%23msg-8813 ).
A. Peasant said…
Thank you for all the great info rubyblue.
Anonymous said…
Brace yourselves. Winter is coming. :-P

rubyblue said…
Just coming back to those nowadays kids without wrist watch - but with a cell phone. Now I find this from some "anonymous" on some blog:

"There had to be at least 40 adults scattered throughout the school....EVERYONE has a cell phone these days...Even many of the older kids would have been able to call 911.

With HUNDREDS of shots being fired, there should have been a wave of frantic 911 calls for us to be able to listen to. You KNOW the media would be hyping these calls to pull on our heart strings......Has anyone heard a single call of a frantic female calling into 911?

But all we have is one call?...Think about it."
rubyblue said…
Just coming back to those nowadays kids without wrist watch - but with a cell phone. Now I find this from some "anonymous" on some blog:

"There had to be at least 40 adults scattered throughout the school....EVERYONE has a cell phone these days...Even many of the older kids would have been able to call 911.

With HUNDREDS of shots being fired, there should have been a wave of frantic 911 calls for us to be able to listen to. You KNOW the media would be hyping these calls to pull on our heart strings......Has anyone heard a single call of a frantic female calling into 911?

But all we have is one call?...Think about it."
rubyblue said…
There were a few cell phone calls from Sandy Hook to the police:!
But my main point would be that there are obviously no calls of kids TO THE PARENTS!
And there even the sister of the Winnenden scapegoat "Tim Kretschmer" (the "Adam Lanza" of Winnenden, who (also?) was later 'suicided') called her mother(!) out of her classroom.

I mean after the principal put the teachers over the school intercom to alert - and teachers locked the classroom doors from inside - what would the children have been able to tell the police? Nothing substantial.
But we have definitely to assume that a lot of kids would have rung up their parents (something like: 'Ma, there is something going on in our school! Our teacher just locked the classroom door… I am so afraid!')
And we would also to have to assume that the media would have interviewed a lot(!) of parents about what their kid said to them by cell phone!
A. Peasant said…
absolutely agreed. many young children this age have cellphones, and in a wealthy community, it would be expected that some of them would have cell phones even at age 6. i know my children would try to call if something was going down and they were terrified. it is a completely normal response.

all these oddities are glaringly obvious to some people but, having spoken to various people in the last couple of weeks, there are still many who have already swallowed the thing whole.

" and you wise men don't know how it feeeeeeeeeels to be thick as a brick.... " jethro tull

btw people, i do not know when i will have time to do another post as my schedule changed drastically this month. i don't expect to have time for at least another six days. if anyone wants to do a guest post on this sandy hook business, that would be great. leave a comment for me on an older post and i can give you more info...
Hattie said…
Maybe A Ruby can listen to the military/police on this video. They ARE NOT speaking English. Just after the black father finishes speaking; watch for them and listen carefully, they are the men rounding a house and searching.
rubyblue said…
@ AP
OMG - "Jethro Tull". OMG - "1972" (year of publication): Those were the golden days!
Even the future was better then!

And, yes AP, there are the masses of "thick brick". But every now and then there is also polished marble. This is true for Your fine site

….and for "Julia". See "1984", George Orwell Chapter 5 :
"In some ways she (Julia) was far more acute than Winston, and far less susceptible to Party propaganda. Once when he happened in some connexion to mention the war against Eurasia, she startled him by saying casually that in her opinion the war was not happening. The rocket bombs which fell daily on London WERE PROBABLY FIRED BY THE GOVERNMENT OF OCEANIA ITSELF, 'just to keep people frightened'."
rubyblue said…
It sounds like Japanese to me. Also the voices (right after the father stopped speaking) have nothing to do with those armed men being shown: They are filmed with a telescope while the sound was recorded from the location of the camera.
So I think those voices are probably coming from Japanese reporters or cameramen.
freethinker said…
Hattie that's a great video.

From 3:15 on it shows real people demonstrating real heartbreaking grief, not like the actors presented by the MSM. Yet if we look closely we see that these are the very same people that we have seen either showing no emotion or an inappropriate levity on MSM. These people are not actors, but they were made to look that way by the MSM. The Truth Movement has been suckered.

This was a pys-op with 3 aims-
1) Create a clamour amongst the liberal left for gun control;
2) Create hysterical indignation amongst the gun-toting libertarian right that they will lose their 2nd ammendment;
3) Make the Truth Movement look to the great sleeping masses like a bunch of ranting lunatics;
or as James at WinterPatriot says "Instilling fear and 'divide and control'".

I would say more but I found this talk by Max Igan who puts it better than me-
The Sandy Hook Project Explained
A. Peasant said…
I agree Hattie's video has the first (only?) instances of genuine grief i have seen. Your video is also very good freethinker.

This is just really quite a mess and that was intentional. I second amendment as bait makes a lot of sense.

The thing is, it is a trap. Ok so if we know it is a trap, and who is springing the trap, and who is supposed to get caug in it,, then the only question left is what kind of government and media uses its resources like this? It is the ultimate wtf moment. They can spring it, but once they do, there is no going back.

freethinker said…
But who will take notice, AP? The sleeping masses will (mostly) keep on sleeping, the liberal left will keep on being useful idiots (those that are in the know will tell themselves its for the greater good), of those starting to wake-up many will look at the Troofers and think they are all unfeeling crackpots, and the awake already know.

TPTB have upper their game.
Dublinmick said…
This Lanza fellow was some wizard being as how he is supposed to have be at the school and his birth certificate indicates he died the day before it happened.

Best to consider most everything a lie until you can verify the validity of it for yourself.

rubyblue said…
To "This Lanza fellow was some wizard being as how he is supposed to have be at the school and his birth certificate indicates he died the day before it happened"
… see:
rubyblue said…
If we want to change things we have to realize, that most people can't develop a (founded!) political position. But when those positions are elaborated, by those who can, most people are able to choose - and vote for the side that really fits them.

So let's try to find a way out of the mess that other can follow!
Above, at January 15 2013 at 7:28 PM, AP already picked up the problem a little by stating: "…in the end, that the problem is really money and the money system".

I' d would even go further than just to address the money system:
I think the reason of all this mess is this dreadful LIBERALISM!
To me communism and liberalism are evil twin brothers. They only differ in so far as communists begin with it's dispossessing by starting with private property and only then moves on to dispossess the common property - while the liberals start their dispossessing the other way round.

To me it's a pity that when the eastern block collapsed, and with it it's communism, the liberalism did not a l s o(!) collapse.
rubyblue said…
@rubyblue January 11, 2013 at 12:35 PM
@ rubyblue January 11, 2013 at 1:14 PM

Back to the parked cars before the school house - see the comments above!
Now someone convinces me that the Sandy Hook School was NOT IN USE AT ALL: .
rubyblue said…
See also: "People walking around the firehouse": !

It seems WE ALL(!) are "Trumans" in a "The Truman Show": !!
A. Peasant said…
Great links ruby. Thanks for all your excellent research on this. A post is in the works here God willing...
rubyblue said…
Thanks AP!

Just one more thing. And I'm referring now to the video "Sandy Hook News Chopper Helicopter": .
(If You use the VLC player please remember that you can slow down or speed up with the "-" or the "+" key).

1) At 5:48 a man directs those people to go through that door next to him. And he controls them. It is this man, who at 9:47 gets food from a lady. See: .

With this man I have a problem: We are told that all children, who survived (600?) are in the firehouse. It would make sense to me if this man was, let's say, a fireman, who controls that only parents of Sandy Hook students get into the firehouse. Because for that stressed children inside is would have been no good to be flashed at all the time by cameramen or even molested with endless questions of TV or newspaper journalists.

But: 600 children could have up to 1,200 parents. And even only 400 children could have up to 800 parents. It is absolutely impossible that this controlling "fireman" would know all the parents from face to face!

Please note that this controlling "fireman" not once asks for a identification (e g. driving licence or something). For that he should also have had a list. But he has none.

He also never asks for a at least superficial identification by asking those who want to enter the door: "Are You a parent?". So that a father or mother could reply (let's say) "Yes I am the father/mother of Jimmy Smith, who is in the 7th grade".
There is absolutely no questioning. Instead this controlling "fireman" seems to know all persons from face to face. And with real parents that would not be possible!


rubyblue said…
"They" do all they can to lock away truth!
and : .
Anonymous said…
Hi, just thought I would throw a link at you, food for thought.
I would be happy if you (or anyone else) convince me that this is nothing.

I don't agree with lots of Makow's ideas, but he does seem to chase after the truth.
There seem to be lots of connections to theme's discussed here on Sandy Hook etc.
One comment on his site talks about 'American Pie' and a reread of those lyrics is a bit of a trip.

With Syria and Iran in the cross hairs, and the new front in the war on Africa getting set up, this potential false flag would be the green light to finally unleash hell.
Right on cue, I see a big headline 'Syria/Iran Threatening Retaliation on Israeli' up on CBC. Not that the article contains any proof or anything......still better than the BBC calling the attack 'alleged'.

F Giant.

A. Peasant said…
Hey FG, i saw that makow piece this morning. Definitely creepy to think about and i do not dismiss it. It is true that the olympics was a big rabbit hole for theories but that started well in advance. This on the other hand is just a few days hence and i have not seen all kinds of high production videos foretelling the disaster. I started to get suss about the olympic predictions because they were so detailed. Then of course nothing happened so that was a total mindfuck that of course discredited the theorists. This seems more ominous to me. Very strange the 2/3 date is also buddy holly date.
Anonymous said…
Yes the mindfuck aspect of it all is real. I had given up predicting war on Iran after about a dozen false alarms. You want to be wrong, but.

A bit more on the Superbowl stuff.

Baltimore (love that purple) was the city of the Movie Sum of all Fears about a nuke at a Super bowl as pointed out at the Makow site.
The only San Fransisco connection that makes any sense in this context is the Altamont Rolling Stones concert/human sacrifice years ago.
The two coaching brothers are not twins but they are close enough, twin bombings twin towers, terrorist/false flag acts often have two...
The sister and her Wizard of Oz connection.

'February made me shiver......

Gotta go now. Very good of you AP to respond so quickly and thoughtfully to all of your commenters.

F Giant.
A. Peasant said…
You know, i never knew how sinister that song was. Wow.

I dont know what to say. I find this very creepy to be honest. I hope nothing happens but of course we never know till we get to the next day.

I really appreciate Ll the great comments and feel bad because i have been very remiss in posting. I dont like to get into my personal reasons on the blog but i will say i have been sick, and also depressed, and i have been working a lot. So my sincere apologies to all who look for new stuff. I have been fighting pneumonia and it kicked my ass.
Dublinmick said…
Peasant I have never found a germ, bacteria or virus in my family that horehound herb tea and honey won't knock out in about 24 hours.


word ver .... ciaILas
A. Peasant said…
Thanks dubs. I will look for that tea. I guess i will skip the cialis though haha...
rubyblue said…
This is not a 'prove', of course. But we are told that coroner Dr. Carver said: “it was a hoax.”!
A. Peasant said…
It would take someone like him to come forward. Sounds like a legit story to me but of course it is so easy to deny. Hopefully he doesnt have a regrettable car accident now.
Anonymous said…
Caught a bad chest cold 2 weeks ago myself. Bad cough deep in the lungs. Drinking lots of orange juice. Over the past week it's moved up to the top of my throat, and now I have laryngitis. But I don't feel sick. I just sound like the godfather when I try to speak. ;-) haha take the good with the bad eh? Silver linings, etc.

Anonymous said…
Sorry, back on this damn Superbowl thing and trying to dismiss it as silly.
More of the usual pre false flag signalling continues to show up. Either they are messing with peoples heads on purpose with a big fake out, or?

"The answer for it, in short: The coming strikes by al Qaeda, with God’s Might, will be in the heart of the land of nonbelief, America....... The attacks will be “strong, serious, alarming, earth-shattering, shocking and terrifying.”

And a 'love song' at halftime.

"It is expected that Destiny’s Child will sing a medley of some of their greatest hits, including “Bills, Bills, Bills” and “Survivor.” They will also perform their newest song since 2004, “Nuclear,” a love song.

F Giant
A. Peasant said…
Hey swits, ihope you are doing better. Iam finally feeling close to normal.
A. Peasant said…

Fg, i feel it also. Meanwhile chavez is very sick and this old business of hezbollah in south america is heating up.

If something does go down, whomwill they blame in the first ten minutes?
A. Peasant said…
"The halftime show will be streamed live online for the first time in history. will allow fans to watch commercials and multiple angles of the field."
rubyblue said…
Here in a German blog we just had a discussion concerning "Apollo Moon Landings".

In case You don't know what to do on a cold and grey Sunday don't miss "Dark Misson": .
Anonymous said…
The first 10 minutes indeed. That always does seem to be the way it goes. Some Iranian Syrian Al Queda super group would have been my guess, but the South America front as you suggest makes sense too.

I still hope this will prove to be nothing and tomorrow will be just another Monday morning.
Also hope you are feeling better, hot & sour soup is my go-to move when a winter bug hits.

Canada joining in with the insane US war on drugs in central America.....a new low, where does it end?

F Giant
Anonymous said…
This will be my last comment on this superbowl crap.

Mercedes pre advert for superbowl.

The Harbaugh brothers are 'Irish' twins.

The American Pie song reference to Jack Flash on a candle stick was apparently a reference to Mick Jagger and the Altamont concert.

F Giant

A. Peasant said…
Well we will know soon enough.......
Anonymous said…
Just another Monday morning........

Nice to be wrong.
Why was I susceptible to such negative speculation? Lots of reasons.

I did some nice things over the past few days, more than usual. That was a benefit of this exercise for me. Taking the bait in the first place, reminds me that those who run the game are generally miles ahead of me. But I will keep on taking one step at a time, seeing, thinking and stumbling forward.
Playing it safe is for CNN watchers. Looking like an idiot from time to time goes with the territory if you are searching for truth in this modern world.
Nice to be able to kick around ideas here with tolerant people.

F Giant.
A. Peasant said…
fg, i'm right there with you. i can't even tell you how many times i have thought something was going to happen, and it doesn't. it is part of the mindfucking for sure. the other thing they have done, really, is accomplish the divide and conquer. reading the comments at that guardian piece that aan linked to the other day... honestly. it is so disheartening.

the trouble is that we are divided and especially so after sandy hook. and there is no love lost on either side. and there's really only one way we can get undivided -- the shit has to hit the fan basically. and at that point, it's too late. such an unholy mess.
Anonymous said…
The lights went out in the stadium with 13:22 on the clock.

Bahahahaha. Are you kidding me?

For what it's worth...watching this now... Check out the first 5 minutes and decide for yourself...

Anonymous said…
Oh man, have fun with this!
"I’ve looked at probably over 100 records and have yet to find anyone in that town with an active mortgage. In 99% of cases, there is a recent mortgage (recent, meaning between say ’07 to present) and there is a recorded mortgage and within 30 days, a mortgage payoff."

and (I know you're not partial,) but there were some interesting leads at DP regarding the wife of the property master for Batman 3 (who died mysteriously very recently)

Anonymous said…
Ok, last one. Sorry for not putting all these in one comment. I can't help but post them though. Seems like a LOT of people are investigating this. I imagine that before any "revelation" got a chance to gain momentum however, TPTB would trigger something big to distract immediately.

Interesting nonetheless. Especially what he says at 4:40.

A. Peasant said…
Veryinteresting swits. It is consistent with my thought early on that these families were relocated there courtesy if the enormous security state to participate in the event. Here have a free house.

What happened at DP? Where are the thought police / alinsky trolls? Did someone shut them up?
Anonymous said…
The Dp has somewhat of a schism among its members, and has for a while. I find it completely understandable.

Some feel Alex Jones is an albatross, or Judas goat, others credit him for "waking them up". There's a constant on-going debate regarding that. (Figures eh? Divide and conquer)

I have to credit Ron Paul for waking me up initially. His attacks on the Fed led me down the rabbit hole, and it's only gotten deeper since then. (And I'm glad that it has!)

There is also a divide when it comes to conspiracies. Some people think they hurt the movement, others believe (essentially) that truth is truth, and everything needs to be examined. The owner of the site is pretty open-minded, and i can't recall him ever pulling anything because it went against the status quo, although some members can be crude and derisive. I like the DP because if many members are newshounds, and if something worthwhile happens, you can bet it'll be posted there immediately. Many of these people are preppers, dontchaknow. ;-)

rubyblue said…
@ swits February 5, 2013 at 1:52 AM
Good information!

"Sandy Hook School Now Enclosed With Barbed Wire Fencing, No Trespass and Surveillance Signage":
rubyblue said…
On a blog somebody hinted to Blue screen manipulation:!

Some debunker then said this was simply "Chromatic aberration". But it's not!
On we read: "In optics, chromatic aberration (CA, also called achromatism or chromatic distortion) is a type of distortion in which there is a failure of a lens to focus all colors to the same convergence point. It occurs because lenses have a different refractive index for different wavelengths of light (the dispersion of the lens). The refractive index decreases with increasing wavelength.
Chromatic aberration manifests itself as "fringes" of color along boundaries that separate dark and bright parts of the image, because each color in the optical spectrum cannot be focused at a single common point. Since the focal length f of a lens is dependent on the refractive index n, different wavelengths of light will be focused on different positions".

Yes, "fringes" and "colour"

This blue spot is definitely blue screen manipulation - because it is not(!) at a fringe:

Also there is no colour!

2) Colour: These "aberrations" can only happen with "COLOUR" because of different wavelengths and thus different focuses.
But here is no(!) colour at all:
a) The cap before the white shirt:
b) No colour, just black grey and white:
c)House wall:. Pure white plus shadow of the beams: .

So this material was definitely fabricated with "Blue screen"!
rubyblue said…
In the following video it is said, that access to all of Newtown can be controlled by controlling Sandy Hook Village.
Seeing this video I had a creepy science fiction like feeling:
Anonymous said…
Oh boy...this is..something. Interesting that she gets into vaccines, pharmaceuticals and the like.

Newtown Mother Exposing Sandy Hook Corruption at Public Hearing

or the youtube -