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Thanks for the loads of great comments at the last couple of posts. Special thanks to rubyblue for the wealth of great comments and links about the Sandy Hook incident. This particular item is most interesting.

Unfortunately or not, we don't really have much to say. The social engineers desire division, hatred, poisoning people against each other. We have been feeling it very strongly. When the time comes for them to make the final blows, they will rely on the hatred coming out now over this Sandy Hook thing. That is what the demonization language is about. The people who question have "gone too far," and so, when the time comes, they -- we -- will be fingered as the enemy within. Or at least that is what they will try to do. We doubt they can pull it off, but surely they will make a big mess trying.

That's all we really want to say about it, and the rest is just an open thread.

Great video here, check it out while you can.


Anonymous said…
When I think of the Cloward-Piven Strategy, and the crash that is supposed to occur because of it's use, I sometimes wonder if it's not just an economic one. An event like Sandy Hook\Batman\Sikh, etc being exposed as something other than it was could contribute to the crash, in a societal sense.

Sometimes it seems that there is a drive to destroy faith in the system itself. Yet the people are powerless to change things. Chris Rock told millions today that we should consider Obama our Dad, or Boss. Hilarity on his FB page ensued. Leaked memos regarding the "moral, legal and ethical" use of drones against American citizens came out yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised to hear radio puppets talking about it today on the way into work.

It would appear there is a demoralization campaign being waged upon the American people. Like, for real, what good news has the media reported lately? It's all downers stuff. Economically. Socially. Culturally.

A. Peasant said…
Very much agreed swits, that they constantly attempt to demoralize and poison people physically, psychologically and emotionally. I find i have to take a break from it at times. No teevee and even internet needs to be cut way back just for sanity.
Anonymous said…
A demoralization campaign, a good name for what is going on.

For decades the establishment covered up corruption and criminality in our leading institutions. Now they are all getting busted and outed in a well orchestrated relentless 'campaign' what end?

Shattered people are easier to control, to turn against each other. The NWO, one government serves something, some purpose. The road to one world government and the death of nations would probably be helped by all of this crap. The spree of Gladio style crimes happening everywhere just adds to it all.

I also see the social engineers working double time to divide people, especially the awake variety. Sandy Hook pits right and left against each other as the gun control wedge issue kicks into high gear. Various popular conspiracy sites seem to be stoking the flames of division with their coverage.
ActivistPost, a site with some credible investigative journalism looks to be all in with dividing people and getting their constituency of awake lefties and righties fighting each other.
There is also the standard stereotyping of opposition as relates to Democrats and Republicans.
Oppose Bush, Reagan etc, you are a hippie leftist commie government hater.
Oppose Clinton, Obama etc, you are a survivalist nut case ready to blow up buildings.
The pre-demonization has kicked into a high gear in intensity and frequency in corporate media.

You chose a good topic for discussion.

F Giant
Anonymous said…
What's the old saying...Krishnamurti: “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

That's why it's not hard for me anymore. I'm convinced that the people of the planet, the people who inhibit the major centers, are being poisoned to a degree. Physically (fluoride, pharmaceuticals, fast food, HFCS, etc), Mentally (hollywood, magazines, celebrities, debt culture, etc), Emotionally (events like Sandy Hook, the killing of that girl who performed for Obama, legislation that allows US prez to kill anyone one the planet legally, etc...

I've accepted that there have been "ambitious" men, families, working decades, centuries even, to mold the world in a way they deem fit. They're there. They're a problem. How we react to this problem is the change we bring to the world. One mind at a time.

I want to quote Tom Woods here, because he summed it up really, really well recently at a talk he gave (that I took the day off to attend!) in Chicago.

"Don’t give up. Don’t retreat into cynicism. Even if we don’t win. Life is about fighting for something greater than yourself. It’s a good thing to fight for what’s right. And, it’s enjoyable to fight for what’s right. And it’s immensely satisfying to fight for what’s right."

And that's what I do.

And that's what YOU do. :-)

It's darkest before dawn, AP. But here, in our lifetimes, though it may seem the dead of night...I anticipate the breaking of the dawn very soon.

That's when it'll be time to get LOUDER.

A. Peasant said…
thanks swits and FG. i love your fighting spirits.

FG, good point about the division extending even into the awake crowd. although there are degrees of being awake. people still stuck in left/right paradigm have a ways to go, because that is not a difficult trap to see through. the larger sites like activist post will have some good work but imho any and all larger sites with large traffic have been infiltrated and compromised. as i observe it, it's all about volume. the social engineers' web strategy has been to control what people see on the web through the search engines, and then once they drive people to the approved sites -- including and perhaps especially alternative -- they control them from there.

arguments over gun control and politics keep a lot of people busy getting nowhere. it's busywork. it's what you give to an unruly third grade classroom. everyone gets the same connect-the-dots picture and colors it in differently with their own crayons. everything has parameters. people are only allowed to think within certain parameters. they can think whatever they want within those parameters, using their own crayons, and they accept that as freedom and democracy and the lively debate of the "global public square."

i was reading this last night, of all things.

supposedly a transcript of an interview. except any real transcript of people talking is usually a lot more disjointed. but whatever. it's disinfo but like all disinfo it has some nuggets. we think this might be one:

RB: The DHS will oversee the domestic crackdown that will happen when the perfect storm bears down on us. And the perfect storm is the economy, meaning the U.S. dollar collapse and hyperinflation, racial or class riots sparked by a high-profile incident, and another mass causality event involving guns. Watch for these three things to happen all at once, or in close succession.

The polarization caused by these events will be sufficient to cause a second civil war.

regardless of the events they use to pull it off, the goal is polarization and division. they have game theory, they have their SSSS technologies bombarding the people, etc. they are going to try to manipulate people into hating on each other full blast while they slip out the back door.
A. Peasant said…

a blog i enjoy....
Anonymous said…
Ahhh...the logical procession.

The government (police and press) encourage conspiracy theories forming because they withhold information and refuse to answer questions.

Therefore, we must attack the people asking these pesky questions!

Aurora Theater Shooting Victims Being Harassed By Conspiracy Theorists

A. Peasant said…
Insiders dumping stock and buying huge put options that expire in april...

Looks like chaos is coming, and they would certainly want people divided for that.
Penny said…
Hey AP

divide to conquer
standard operating procedure
Sandy Hook. I noticed the media jumped on the foment division very quickly and in a way they have never on 911
That says something
People have got to get it together, stick together and realize we are constantly being manipulated
Then turn the tables on those doing that
More of us, then of them
Heard somewhere there was alot of shenanigans on the stock market
can't say who was talking?
someone was referencing the stockmarket drop in the '80's

The single largest stockmarket drop in history

"The SEC was unable to halt the shady IPOs and conglomerations, so the market continued to rise unabated throughout the '80s. Even institutional investors and large mutual funds, increasing their dependency on program trading, began to adhere to the mantra, "if a stock isn't gaining big time, find one that is."

Then, in early 1987, there was a rash of SEC investigations into insider trading. For the most part, people were aware of the tendency of Wall Street to look out for itself, but the barrage of SEC investigations, rattled investors. By October, investors decided to move out of the crooked game and into the more stable environment offered by bonds or, in some cases, junk bonds"

Insider trading
Electronic trading
High frequency trading
Perpetuated by the biggest fraudsters of all: The banks
Sounds familiar, though much bigger this time round
We will have to wait and see..

Penny said…

Krishnamurti: “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

Love it!

This is one sick society, topped off with sick leadership and sick institutions

And the disease oozes down infecting everyone else

A. Peasant said…
hey Pen, swits...
the conspiracy theorist moniker is just being smeared more than ever lately. and really, all it takes is for some "rougue" conspiracy theorists (on the payroll perhaps?) to behave in an ill-mannered way, or spout some crazy shit, and everyone gets tarred with the same brush. kind of like the underwear bomber model, then we all get to have our underwear checked when travelling because some asshole pulls a stunt. we should start calling them rogue just like the CIA called Ray Davis and whatshisface from Mumbai rogue. as a private citizen blogger, i must say that people who harass other people and call themselves conspiracy theorists do not represent me.

furthermore, i was going to post on it but didn't, but the whole thing about people at the newtown bee shooing away the researchers from Global Research by telling them to consult snopes... omfg. so snopes is allegedly just a couple running their website as private citizens. in other words, no fucking difference between what they do and what any other blogger private citizen "conspiracy theorist" does. but snopes is allowed to debunk everyone else. sure sure sure. have to ask, how does that couple manage to keep their mortgage paid *and* both of them devote so much time to their website? must be that no pay do it as a hobby blogging model that you and i use, huh? either that or they have some sponsors who are eager to point to them as the online authority, since they always come to the preferred conclusions? anyway it is perfectly ridiculous that anyone from newtown would brush off people from Global Research, as there at least is a site with qualified writers with credentials and everything. one would think that if they really wanted to get to the bottom of what happened at newtown, they would welcome people from Global Research to investigate... ? then again, as in those Argentine bombings, sometimes people don't really want to have the answers because they enjoy the lie so much. it is so much more effective at manipulating people.
Penny said…
Hey ap

seriously good points you have raised
I didn't know that newtonbee chased off anyone from gr
As for snopes, yah, i understood it was supposed to be a 'couple' that debunks

except everytime I had ever read any of their supposed debunking it was "the standard line"
How does that couple manage to pay bills, live and do all that debunking

I don't know. Highly questionable
RE: the conspiracy theorist moniker
and Gene Rosen
wasn't there a video of him on You Tube practicing his lines?
That is some seriously weird shit
Why? Unless you want people to know?
But then who was harassing this man?
Was he really being harassed?
Or was this the story being told so the so called hero could play victim?
And no one would pay attention to the fact that the video is on line
I guess, perhaps the harassement deflects from video.

I got a sense of that kind of manipulation with the alleged Israeli hit on the convoy in Syria.
I mean there was no hit.
The story was reported as a distraction and future narrative creation
so the harrasing of Gene Rosen serves as that same type of distraction
someone wanted him to be bothered, hence the leaked video on line
it is possible those that harassed the man were paid to do so
I don't know???
It is so fucked up
scuse my foul languge

One more thing AP
If you happen to catch anything reported in your vicinity regarding the brazeau case in montreal quebec, let me know?
Looking for a victim ID
conveniently there is a publication ban...
that is not a good sign
(I know Vermont might have some reporting)
YOu may be to far away but should you happen upon anything let me know

A. Peasant said…
i haven't heard anything about that case in Quebec but will keep an eye out. of course we are in the bulls-eye of the Great Blizzard of '13 at the moment... hoping we don't lose power...

here is the link about the global research people:

i saw it originally at aan's:

the sandy hook truth blogger is doing a fantastic job rounding things up. i am kind of vacillating between disgust that so many people are still so easily manipulated, and then thrilled that so many other people are paying attention.

i think there is a video of rosen rehearsing his lines. rubyblue or someone may have left a link in my last comment thread, the long one. there's actually so much evidence of chicanery that one can scarcely keep up with it all. i mean it's like a full time job just looking over all the discrepancies with this one incident. that absolutely cannot be by accident. that is by design, to draw people in, to get them to open their mouths, and then to tag them as some sort of enemy combatants vis a vis the good law abiding sheeple who accept every lie without putting up a fuss.

it doesn't make sense really. why would the most passive people, who exhibit profound laziness and no courage in defending their own dignity, who don't mind being lied to at all, what do they expect these people to do when it comes time to the great division? are they expecting them to cravenly snitch and turn in all the conspiracy theorists to the authorities? the authorities already know how everyone sorts out anyway, and the sheeple are too lazy to bother making a list. they are too smug and self assured to think that they would have to lift a finger to do anything in this society. someone else is always responsible, like the authorities, so i don't see what the point is of this division except to prevent people from working together because they perceive an impassable moral chasm between the two groups. this whole thing is pure social engineering & emotional manipulation, simply to divide and weaken. it is theater so that the people will believe that they are doing something when in fact, they are being done to, controlled and manipulated every step of the way.

so it is going to be most important for people to take the high road and try to stick together and focus on the real culprits no matter how tempting it is to blame other little people. if the end game is some combo of domestic tragedy / false flag / act of war, designed to create a fog to obscure the financial collapse, the culprits will be in the financial sector, as usual. i think we are seeing more and more evidence of those financial preppers getting their game on.
Anonymous said…
The could be disinfo...but it sounds plausible. We already know (right?) that the military and other intelligence services use facebook as an info gathering and disseminating tool...Could this be ol Suss earning his keep?

Maybe Snopes was a early version of this..

"First of all, two days after the inauguration, at exactly 7:00 a.m. on January 23, something called “the Cyber-Warriors for Obama Project” was activated. I heard about this the week after the election, but only saw a hardcopy draft in late December. From what I was told, I believe this is a project that is being paid for through funds from Obama’s political corporation, the 501(c)4 Organizing for Obama, I believe it’s called. I can’t be sure, but that’s what I was told.

At that time, I was shown a white, three-ring binder with Obama’s circular campaign logo imprinted on the outside of the binder with the name “Cyber-Warriors for Obama” printed in blue across the top. Inside were the names and e-mail addresses of 3,575 “cyber assets,” or “warriors,” listed in alphabetical order under about a dozen or so “team leaders.” From a separate sheet I was shown, most of these “assets” are being paid just over minimum wage, but as I understand it, they work from home and have no overhead. I believe there are about two dozen supervisors who make substantially more."

whole article

A. Peasant said…
yes, i think it is disinfo. it's the same article i quoted from at the 8:09 comment, except i picked it up from a site with a big "we stand with israel" gif on the sidebar. supposedly this is an interview, but really, if anyone has ever read an interview transcript, they are full of disjointed sentences and the natural rhythm of how people really talk. people don't speak like they write. they sometimes write like they speak, but that's different. so right off the top, i don't believe that is an actual transcript. also, it's partisan, therefore it is by definition disinfo, since partisan angles are strictly for manipulation purposes of people who still buy into partisan politics (ie: they are still safely confined in the playpen).

so it may be true that there are cyber warriors that were unleashed for obama, i would be sure of it, but certainly there are similar things happening on the conservative side as well, a la karl rove and his shenanigans on election night, and all that bs we covered about the twisting of polling data, etc. all that sort of thing is going on and has been going on. when you kind of strip all that stuff off from the article, i thought was was left was the prediction about timing (march / april), which seems to be corroborated by other information on financial sector such as elites dumping stocks and taking out huge put options that expire in april, and the prediction of multiple pronged attacks to cover for the financial takedown of the US.

the predictions of the multi-pronged attack sounds like some chest-thumping talk to me, likely from someone in a position to know the general plan, and allowed to put it out there with the spin that obama is holding the bag when this all goes down. so i concluded it is coming out of the neocon faction, and of course they do practically nothing but lie from morning till night. but they also telegraph their plans amidst the lies because their narratives have to have traction, and they have to be able to point back to the bread crumb trail and say how they were so smart and they predicted this would happen blah blah blah, and that is how they can assign blame for false flags within minutes... because of the bullshit history they laid down in advance.

there was also another piece about a paid shill, you might have seen it at truthseeker.

i thought that sounds very plausible but of course it is being hotly denied, which makes it even more plausible.

these sites like above top secret and rumor mill news are crawling with people on the payroll.
Anonymous said…
Great conversation AP and Penny.
That comment at 4:20 was a helluva rant.

Are 'they' taking our temperature with these ever more brazenly fcuked up on purpose false flags. A meter of just how hard people will try to double think a news event into legitimacy. From a macro point of view the social engineers need to know how the herd will react to various stimuli. From a micro point of view, I agree they have all of our online activity if they want it. But they just don't seem interested in using it on most of us for the time being??
When the time comes to truly shift the herd, the trouble makers may get sorted out.

I sometimes get overwhelmed at the pace at which Canada continues to spiral to new lows. Boasting about getting gung ho on the war on drugs in central America partnering with the US and nobody notices or cares. They brazenly announce what once would have been a national scandal and everyone yawns.

PS Agreed that Obama cyber warriors thing is disinfo. Pentagon/DHS/CIA/ etc. have thousands of pros doing that kind of work, have for years, and they don't make minimum wage. Most of em probably worked for Bush and Obama. Those dumb puppets would keep a small army of cyber warrior trolls busy 24/7. Keeping us divided is what they do best, and as stated above, our first job to try to stick together.

F Giant.
Anonymous said…
Kenny quoted my comment :-))) (life is complete :-) lol (seriously, I use his blog like most Americans use Drudge or HuffPo)

Found this and listening to it now...would love to know what my peeps think of it.

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars

Anonymous said…
Mr F Giant...

The idea of a demoralization campaign was first introduced to me by this interview, which you can find in full on youtube.

freethinker said…
'The Global Research People' Actually AP, I don't think they were anything to do with GR. GR simply reposted an article from James Tracy's blog a day earlier
As far as I can tell they are just followers of that blog who were interested enough to go (from where?) to Newtown for a gander.

We should keep in mind that although Tracy seems like a good-guy he might be a tool. I'm a bit concerned to see in his latest blog posting some association with Fetzer. Fetzer is a red-flag for me, but I suspect more a useful idiot (and I know plenty of PhD idiots!) than knave.
freethinker said…
AP, I urge you to be a little sceptical with regard to the SandyHookTruth blog. There may be some good stuff there but there is also misdirection. I've been rather dubious about a few of their videos and today Aang has posted one (tacitly approving it) that is clearly misleading regarding supposedly 'identical' photos. I've left a comment.

Penny, if you are lurking ;), a new meme is being developed - the blue (or green) screen meme.
A. Peasant said…
hey FG, i feel like such a bitch on wheels about this to be honest! i have really struggled the past few weeks with the stupidity factor and the hostility against you / me / us / we who question. it bothers me. having spent a great deal of my personal time researching and writing and sharing what i have learned, for the benefit of anyone interested, over a period of years, it irks the shit out of me when lazy people who never cared about any of these things all this time declare moral judgments. so if i seem testy, i hope no one here takes it personally... i am just venting...

as for the authorities using their online info, that seems to be a damned if they do / damned if they don't proposition. a lot of bs gets propagated by their two left feet keystone cops strategy. just like how all those pedophiles keep getting away online. so for them to suddenly have abilities to identify people means they are letting the mask drop on the actual state of their technology and privacy violations. i don't think they will go there until they are ready to bring the hammer down.

as for Canada, i see they are working those geopolitical black holes along with the US. yep. training in the jungles of belize etc. making sure those TCOs know all the best routes to get the drugs through Guatemala and into the US..... it is no surprise really. all the military brass over colonel are fungible as far as i can tell. per kay griggs.
A. Peasant said…
swits, i am checking it out. why does it have to be so long?? ;D
A. Peasant said…
Btw, here in massachusetts it has stopped snowing but the governor has imposed a driving ban, so we are not allowed to go out in our cars. And there is no big problem with power outages.

Less than 1% of customers out of power. And just the point that this is new england and it is just some snow. We had storms every other day two winters ago there was mountains of snow everywhere. So, once again, wtf? They are just controlling people for no good reason.

Just wondering how long people will OBEY the control freaks....
Anonymous said…
I saw an article stating that people who go out in their cars without some sort of permission slip could face a fine of up to $500 and/or A YEAR IN JAIL.

"Get back in your cell, errr, HOME, citizen! It's for your own safety! Don't you see all this DANGEROUS SNOW!"


Last night I got into a "discussion" about the story of the LAPD shooting up a car with two old Oriental women in it, because it was the same color and make of the ex-cop "shooter". The owner of the bar ranted at me that "You should stop believing what you read on the internet" (Even got his curling stick out from behind the bar, to try to intimidate me!) It made me realize that some people will go to great lengths to avoid unpleasant truths. (He's a cop btw)

Strange enough though, this morning I just happened to find this in a feed. It's short, but great)

Just Because It's On The Internet Doesn't Mean It's True (F*ck You!)

Also, in regards to the above Rivero piece, I listened to the whole thing last night, and was impressed with the ground covered, even though it's been somewhat established that Riv is limited hangout.
A. Peasant said…
Swits, i LOVE the video. Excellent. I also saw this referenced in the comments

I say those elites have a lot of cats to herd. There are people off the reservation al, over the place.

Btw the governor lifts the driving ban at 4pm. They are all taking themselves waaaay too seriously.
rubyblue said…
May be we should not complain about the world, but better try to understand it.
Bob Dylan's line: "things are not what they seem" is all true.

The painter René Magritte created a picture he called "La trahison des images" ("The treason of pictures"). You see it here: .
He painted a pipe and wrote under it : "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" ( ).

That means: "This is not(!) a pipe!". And Magritte tells us that, because we usually take pictures of things for the real things.
This is why we can enjoy a movie - and even pay fore being 'defrauded'. This is why people believe they 'saw' planes flying into the twin towers. Or they believe they 'saw' Armstrong being the first earthling putting his feet on the ground of the moon. Thus they don't contemplate that what they 'saw' they could only have 'seen' because someone - before Armstrong stepped down the ladder - had already erected a tv-camera on the ground of the moon (and laid electric and also data cables) and had also started that camera.

This misunderstanding of what we consider 'real' is now -and has always been - used by those of evil intent.
A. Peasant said…
somehow people have got to care about the truth, and not just when it's convenient but especially when it is inconvenient. for many people this will not happen until the day of perdition.

the good news (i think) is the pareto principle, that 20% of people can be enough to make a change.
A. Peasant said…
hey freethinker, thanks for keeping me on my toes. i am definitely not investing a lot of time into sandy hook, so i can't vouch for anything specifically except to say that there are others paying a lot closer attention than me. as to who they are and what they are finding... i don't even know anymore. the whole fact that this is becoming a full time pursuit, to me, is red flag city. i feel like it is sucking people in huge and again, By Design. what are we gaining from hyper-focusing on it? i am not sure anymore. i found my own buttons getting pushed and decided to pull back from it before i started telling people to fuck off in person.
kenny said…
Hey Pez,

"red flag city" is a good phrase to describe the many 'by design' tangents of SH.

I saw your comment at aang's with the link about Joyce Riley and wanted to say thanks for that. It seems to confirm my long held suspicions about her.

Back in the 90's Riley was a frequent guest on Coast to Coast when Art Bell ran the show and it seemed a given at that time that regulars there were some kind of disinfo specialists.

I haven't listened to her much passed around and touted SH show with Mike Powers but my guess is that it contains some diversions we don't need.
A. Peasant said…
Hey Kenny,
Oh yeah, i looked at her quite extensively when researching Kawaja. You can search my blog as she is mentioned in several posts. Seems she was a CIA handler for Kawaja, who was eventually killed.

I do find the story about carver at the conference very believable however, though with no proof what can we do.

If freethinker is around, i am curious what he saw at sandy hook truth to make him suss... I have been there a few times and did not twig onto anything so far.
freethinker said…
Hi AP, nothing concrete, but I got the impression that they were looking for clues to confirm their pet theories rather than following the evidence with critical thinking. I looked at a couple of videos, can't recall which, but thought they were the usual over-inflated conspiraloon stuff. My impression was that it would take too much effort to sort the wheat from the chaff to bother looking any further, but YMMV.
is the Aangirfan post featuring one of their videos that annoyed me. The thesis being: we have all these identical photos except that their backgrounds are different so they must be photoshop or blue-screen. In fact the photos are all shot from different positions and with different lens settings (depth of field) so its hardly surprising that the backgrounds are different.

I agree entirely with what you said above - people are getting sucked into hyper-focusing on details and mis-directions.
A. Peasant said…
My impression was that it would take too much effort to sort the wheat from the chaff to bother looking any further, but YMMV.

i completely agree. the effort to separate the wheat from the chaff in this case is herculean. funny that. do i really want to look over every stinking detail or did i see enough already? do i want to go out on rotting limbs trying to understand the details of photography and shadows, or did i already try that and make an ass of myself? seems to me there is a cost benefit analysis to researching and writing. in this particular sandy hook event, my dear God they have left enough shit lying around to keep people busy for ages.

so, you know, i work full time and i have a family. i try to only post things that i have actually researched thoroughly. so in this case, i can't keep up. just can't do it. if i put half-baked shit out there, my credibility suffers. there is always someone who has read something i haven't read, and so forth. so unless we put in an exhaustive effort, we can't really do any value-adding.

i have thought for some time that part of the spooks plans for the internet was to suck people into cul de sacs, where they can spend huge amounts of time doing research and writing, and they will still get nowhere because the spooks are there making sure that misdirections are always at hand in case anyone gets any traction. also, i think they use the great work done on the internet to fine-tune their psyops. we literally tell them where they make mistakes and they correct the mistakes for the next time. they have the feedback loop in place to benefit from all our labor.

it's infuriating. it's infuriating to put a ton of effort in and never get anywhere, so i say, let's be very picky about what we put effort into. if something seems so very juicy, like this sandy hook event, let's be thoughtful before we devote our energy to it, because it could be a case where that's what they want. they want people to spin their wheels and go down every blind alley, and then the second you make a bad call there's someone to pounce on you for being a whack job.

we have to be smarter about all of this stuff. i am not trying to disparage anyone's good work, because there's been a lot of it. i am just saying we need to consider when we are being manipulated also to spend our time and energy on events that are actively being used against us.

"A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be." Wayne Gretsky
Penny said…
Hey All

Ap: glad you survived the snow storm
we were getting hit here, not as bad as your locale
Ended up with about 16 inches whatever that is in centimeters??
about 40c's
So lots of shoveling and even one big winter hike
which included a surprising view of three deer being stalked by a coyote in the mid afternoon
who knew?

the coyote was unsuccessful

always grateful to share in that kind of stuff. It is awesome
it brings me peace, like all is in order
being a part of the planet and the life cycles of nature
Re: Sandy Hook
I was going to do another post on it and it fell to the wayside
lack of time
and frankly rumours of war and financial collapse have to trump false flags
and yes, it was a false flag
children died
how many I don't know
but children did die

Adam Lanza didn't carry that out
The reports of multiple shooters pretty well did it for me
Once you have that, the entire conspiracy promoted by the ptb's falls apart

If the foundation is faulty the house ain't gonna stand

Agreed with the spooks benefiting from the on line chatter enabling them to fine tune, but, only to an extent.... too many variables for them to control

Perhaps Sandy Hook was produced to see how far the truth community will go...
I don't know?
It's an interesting thought sure

RE: the wayne gretzky quote

where is the SH false flag taking us?

Looks as if the gun control agenda is at play, still...

divide to conquer, definitely

but is it even more refined then that.... causing us to be more insular and anti-social then we (society) already are?

btw: my new meme for 'social media'
is anti social media

Hence facebook, twitter etc will be known as anti-social media
because that is what they are..

Look at how these two aforementioned social media outlets are being used to foment revolution and covert warfare via the tools, which are then used to mind control the western audience who are so dumbed down they easily get sucked into it

Think of Coney?

"Anti-social Media"
I have been thinking quite a bit about the power of the word
Perhaps it is time to speak a new world into creation
whaddya think?

PS: second time trying got some kind of blogger error
if you do get this delete whichever one you wish
thanks AP
A. Peasant said…
hi Pen,
i'm glad you also survived the snowfall. i find the behavior here of the authorities bizarre. in the winter of 2010-11 boston area got 81" of snow, about twice the normal. we were dealing with snow constantly. it was piled up everywhere so high it got to the point you couldn't fling it over the top of the previous dozen snowfalls. and i don't recall anyone carrying on and on about it on teevee. but we get one snowstorm now, and there was no snow on the ground to begin with, and they are acting like it has never happened here before. major drama. then they close the roads, first time since '78, and we finally get out on the roads, and the roads are a MESS. as though they didn't bother to take advantage of forcing everyone off the roads to clean the roads and sidewalks. so a great big inconvenience for people, and for what?? it is all very nonsensical, like they are training people to be helpless in the face of perfectly normal events. aside from the coast, which got hit hard, this was nothing but a snowstorm. and the coast is accustomed to getting hit hard, so even there, there's nothing really unusual. it is the nature of living by the water. people who live by the water understand this.

it just really seems like the social engineering is being dialed up several clicks. they use anything and everything to train people into helplessness and drama.

i like the anti-social-media phrase. i can't stand facebook and twitter. it appeals to something very voyeuristic in people and contributes to normalizing the loss of privacy. super stupid. this whole trend of conspicuous displays of cheesy emotions has been going on a long time. it started with the tacky roadside "shrines" and then banners on the overpasses, and facebook is the online vehicle for that sort of thing. it is all such a wonderful distraction for people.

as for SH, there seems to be a line in the sand about whether or not any children died. there is still no evidence of it that i am aware of. you seem convinced but why? in the way the psyop is playing out, that seems to be the point of "going too far." kind of analogous to the no planers of 911. ??

Mike Adams of Natural News:

I’m not saying nothing happened at Sandy Hook and that children weren’t killed; what I’m saying is that everything after the event was constructed as complete theater:

seems ok to question everything except that particular detail. in the limited hangout some things are admitted, gaining credibility, so that other, more important details, can continue to be concealed.

Perhaps Sandy Hook was produced to see how far the truth community will go...
I don't know?
...where is the SH false flag taking us?

...but is it even more refined then that.... causing us to be more insular and anti-social then we (society) already are?

yes i think so. and the fault line is over the status of the children. obviously something that will be kept in the status of "we'll never know" just like who killed JFK, etc.

you gotta hand it to these people, they know how to go for the jugular. they have studied us well.
Penny said…
Why do I think children did die at SH?
Keep in mind this is just my opinion..

I am not sure how many, exactly..
But, Some had to die.
Or this story would not be able to be sold in the community

The exact number would be easy to fudge because everyone would not know everyone else

each family with children that attended the school would not know all the other families

but enough people would know someone that had a family member did to bolster the narrative

Therefore we had to have some deaths.
but exactly how many deaths?
There were funerals
But to my knowledge not enough to explain all the deaths.

Keeping in mind, always, that the ptb's don't worry themselves about a few useful deaths...

They shed crocodile tears, but, they don't care
Therefore, it wouldn't bother them in the least to have a few dead bodies to bolster their narrative

You are right though, we will never know. And can only speculate on it and therefore it is likely not worth getting to uptight about

As stated the reports of multiple shooters and the persons taken down outside of the school, chased into the woods
All that stuff casts plenty of doubt on the narrative

Penny said…
"like they are training people to be helpless in the face of perfectly normal events. aside from the coast, which got hit hard, this was nothing but a snowstorm. and the coast is accustomed to getting hit hard, so even there, there's nothing really unusual. it is the nature of living by the water. people who live by the water understand this"

"like they are training people to be helpless in the face of perfectly normal events"

hammer meet nail
I agree fear and incompetence and dependance
Same went on here, blah,blah, blah
oh it's so bad

I lived through the blizzard of 77 , three days of blowing snow..
What a blast!

where we live, between two lakes
we get what is known as 'lake effect snow'

Which lake, depends on which way the snow is coming

but anyway, all this carrying on.. and I am thinking to myself

hello, this is winter

A. Peasant said…
Hahaha, exactly Pen.

Thanks for your reasoning behind the SH deaths. It is a perfcetly good interpretation of the inkblot. And i especially agree that it is not something to get uptight about. This is what they would love most of all. As i mentioned earlier, when i realized how infuriated the whole thing was getting me, i knew they were drawing me into their emotional vortex and i thought damn them to hell, i aint going there.
Anonymous said…
The 4:26 comment on Feb 10 was great.
I see lots of lame videos and audio links at sites designed to waste time and reveal nothing new. Cul de sacs of useless information are definitely part of the plan. I wasted some time at a trippy site by John Lash that went nowhere. David Icke always seems to be serving up some new black hole that goes nowhere.

Reading is the most efficient use of time in the cost benefit analysis game IMO. Choosing what stories to focus on is important, that is why the spooks create so much distracting Chris Dorner. He is clearly the story du jour, most likely a false flag of some sort. Will he shoot a few more people (while the cops shoot some more people) only to be taken out cleanly by a drone? All hail the drones, peacemakers and the answer to all of our problems??
Or maybe he is another sacrifice on the altar of fallen whistle blowers reinforcing the message of quiet compliance and acceptance of workplace criminality? Whatever he is, they want us watching.

F Giant
A. Peasant said…
hey FG, how about jim stone for some breathless drama...? it's unbelievable how these sources pop up and they seem decent for a while, and then they go all loopy. i do check some of them out regularly, but i don't recommend them or put them on the blogroll because i think that only the small sites can be trusted. we may get more things wrong because we don't have secret sources and donations, but at least you know there are no conflicts of interest or hidden agendas.

this dorner thing is curious for sure.

With a few keystrokes, it is now possible for an investigator to determine a target’s location, activities, finances, sexual orientation, religion, politics, habits, hobbies, friends, family, their entire personal and professional histories… even accurately predict what they will do and where they will go in the future. Without leaving the office, a government agent can surveil a subject and “watch” their activities 24/7/365: where they drive, when they walk down the street, if they attend a church or synagogue or mosque or a demonstration or visit an abortion clinic or a “known criminal activity location” or meet with a “targeted person” or a disliked political activist. There is no longer any place to hide.

Since the very first HOPE conference, private investigator extraordinaire Steven Rambam’s lectures on privacy have kept attendees ten years ahead of the curve regarding surveillance technologies, investigative techniques, and the assaults upon personal privacy by government’s Big Brothers and private industry’s even bigger Big Sisters. His lectures described cell phone “pinging” eight years before it was used by the FBI and “Google Glasses” four years before they were announced. The past two years have seen the largest expansion of surveillance technologies ever and, in a wide ranging three hour lecture packed as always with dozens of real-world examples and case studies, Steven will provide a terrifying update on our absolute loss of privacy.

see the video here:

btw this follow the money guy is another blogger i used to check daily but i do not anymore.

look at the blogrolls. the story is there. you will see the same people passed around over and over in the top tier "alt" sites. it's a cozy little club. try to interact with these people and see if you get swatted down like a know-nothing nobody, because you are not in their club.

anyway i digress... the point is that the surveillance technology is such that i don't see how this guy dorner could be dodging the authorities unless they want him to, because it makes a great story.

A. Peasant said…
btw more on the illusion of privacy in this post:
Anonymous said…
Agreed on Dormer being easy to find if they really wanted to.
I read his manifesto and he praises both Bush and Obama as good men.........hey, maybe he really is crazy?

The manifesto had many hot button points and stunk like a Sandy Hook interview. Dormer could be completely undercover and in on this because the size of the story indicates he is not out of control. If he was genuinely out of control they would kill him ASAP and make it look like a street crime. All this media play would not exist if the possibility of him actually doing something to hurt the fascists was real. It could just be more goading of the masses to spur riots?

I will definitely check out those links on privacy and generally agree that whatever is happening for real is far more advanced than the stuff we are told about.

F Giant.
Penny said…
I never bought Jim Stone, from the first time he came out with the Fukushima stuff, I was put off then and have never looked back

but, that's just me

As for this Dormer fellow, I have noticed but am not giving it any time, it has distraction written all over it
As does the Pope suddenly being concerned for his health..
that is utter nonsense

Am also starting to think the Brazeau story is another diversion (in Canada)
It seem, our victim, a woman, who is protected by a publication ban is able to talk to police
So.... it now appears as if the media was spinning very serious tones to this story to distract
but Brazeau was released on $1,000.00 bail
Not very serious at all

Friendly Giant, your from the great white north?
A. Peasant said…
we'll see about Dorner. as i understand it there are two "manifestos" floating around. from a hundred yards it looks like a giant time sucking psyop. there seems to be a rash of those going around!

Pen it's interesting that you don't go for jim stone. i did like his fukushima report but since then he always seems like he's escaping killers with his hobo bindle on his shoulder, and please send money.

the pope thing is pretty wild though. i don't know what it means but it can't be good...
Penny said…
Hey AP

For me Jim Stone didn't click.
If that makes any sense to anyone other then me?

Escaping killers? didn't know that?
That's quite dramatic.

Regarding the Pope???
I am not buying the reason for resignation as health..
But agree this can't be good.
A. Peasant said…
Hi Pen,
Stone is in the category of ex-NSA i believe, so he says, and they are trying to kill him for all his whistleblowing. Luckily, Somehow he is always able to splice s couple of wires together to keep his website going....

I dont know maybe i misunderstand, but i always have the impression that if they want someone dead they have 100 ways to do it and get away with it.
Anonymous said…
My first impression with Brazeau is that he was serving the same purpose as Bev Oda, and Leona Aglukkaq.
The KKKonservatives love to set up Aboriginal people in key ministerial positions in order to later sacrifice them on the altar of scandals by untrustworthy corrupted individuals. Pure theater, designed to reinforce negative stereotypes.

The assault on native people in Canada by Harper is complex and part of the long term game also played by NDP and Liberals.
Massive resource exploitation in Alberta and BC (giving multi nationals the right to pollute and profit in the extreme) is a billion dollar game right now. The misuse of native bands by our government to achieve this is a big part of that picture. Corrupted or disgraced natives are being helped to gain control of reserves, who then cut deals (for big money) to sell out their resources, agree to pipelines etc.
Right wingers are happy because killing more trees and selling more oil always makes them happy, especially when natives are corrupted in the process. Confused left wingers always accept anything that has 'native rights' attached to it, without question, so they give defacto support too.
Destroying native values, like the stuff Kevin Annett wrote about, finally led to a generation of natives who are as lost and valueless as white people.
Brazeau will be used to reinforce the negative stereotypes about 'untrustworthy' Indians.

Brazeau also got Mike Duffy (more valuable?) off the front scandal page.
Brazeau is a set up and his guilt or innocence is immaterial. His value to the fascists seems pretty clear to me.

Dormer is going to be used to sell us something. IMHO distractions are Hollywood bimbos and pretty boys, pop stars and athletes. While important laws or crimes take place, we watch them instead.
Dormer is a manufactured crisis, the purpose of which could be gun control or acceptance of drones. He may be part of government efforts to create society wide meltdown where everyone is armed and shooting at their neighbors??
I have no clue how his saga will play out, but rest assured it will be violent and it will serve the needs of our fascist government.

The Pope. I am always at a loss for words when this creature is up for discussion. It would all be comedy if not for the millions of victims.

F Giant.
A. Peasant said…
FG, i know very little about the great white north politics, but i understand everything you explained here. And as with dormer, it could be to justify drones. That would add up. In seattle the public was able to turn out a big stink and delay it, but it will only take the right tragedy, especially of our "publuc servants" and "heroes" to get it turned around.

Re pope, i am looking over the malachy rophesies and associated material.
Anonymous said…
Hullo AP, how are you?

I hope you don't mind if I don't pile in on any of the above. I've sort of lost the plot on all the current goings on.

Instead I just wanted to point you at this in case it slips Mike Rivero's attention. E voila. It's a very strange story don't you think?

It seems that this chap's parents, just like Adam Perlman's, are nowhere to be seen. They have nothing to say and no one seems interested asking them anything. Like that makes a lick of sense. As I said at Aang's I think we may declare this a journalistic impossibility. And yet there it is. Same as it ever was.

Otherwise only one word is devoted to the all important question of 'why', that being 'treachery'. Um yeah... better that than the far more obvious choice of 'whistle-blowing' or perhaps even the more mundane 'doing the right thing' ha ha.

best etc. etc.
Anonymous said…
PS. Did you or anyone else here ever hang at Smoking Mirrors? Perhaps it was just me. Anyway, there's a top bit of stink going on at the blog of the only chap who stuck up for Les Visible the last time I ripped into him. It seems he's had second thoughts. It's not quite a backhander but I shall take it as one anyway. Hurrah!

If you're interested - e voila. And no, no prizes for spotting me.

ciao bella
INCOMING!!!!!!! said…
AP, Penny, a bottle of Talisker, peat fires and roast venison.

One day in Islay.

The ledger booked clowns do not understand their delusion.

Chin up, heads up.

Love and bullets,

A. Peasant said…
Hey you two... Good to see you both, nobs i saw that story yesterday and thought it strange also. Very much so. Slighhtly different spin here

The 34-year-old was reported to be the son of Geoffrey Zygier, the executive director of the Victoria Jewish Community Council and one of the leaders of the Melbourne Jewish Community.

Ben Zygier was married to an Israeli woman and had two young children. He gave his occupation as lawyer but secretly worked as a Mossad agent. He had reportedly spent a number of months in the Prisoner X cell before he was found hanged. Exactly what he did to end up in prison remains unclear.

ABC reported that the man attended Jewish schools in Melbourne’s south east before studying law. His parents refused to be involved in the investigation.

Who knows. It could be to do with the internal war in jewry that the goyim are never supposed to know about.

Hey can you leave a good link to your les vis e voila? I do read him from time to time but dont bother with hos commenting section, which always seemed full of drama.

Incoming, did you catch the video i linked to in the post? The citizens militia guy applies some withering logic on that teevee tool. Its great fun.
Penny said…
AP, I love that little video
that is just great

the talking head guy couldn't handle this well reasoned, rational man

and I loved him pointing out the propaganda techniques being used

A. Peasant said…
It is great, i agree. Feel free to post it for your readers. I was not able to embed the vidoe from my ipad.

This guy has leadership qualities. Its been so long since we have seen such a thing.
Anonymous said…
Ayah, screwed the link up.

It's all small potatoes but still good for a laugh.

As for prisoner x, that'll teach me to read the SMH, grab a story I think is obscure, and then run around and tell everyone before I check if it's been posted at WRH. Regardless it's a weird one. And I'm surprised it came out to be honest. With the parents not interested in talking about it you'd have to ask who pushed it into the media? And why?

The follow up will be fascinating. If there is one that is. We'll just have to wait and see I guess.
Anonymous said…
Here you go AP. From today's SMH -

It seems it all started with the old passports-for-assassinations gag (a la that huge New Zealand bust) and went from there. What it went to no one is prepared to say.

It's interesting to see that ASIO, Australia's SIS, is prepared to hunt down Israeli activity in Oz. Who knew? I thought they'd be as corrupt as every other country's SIS. Wonders will never cease.
Anonymous said…
Bloody Hell AP, every time I click out of here to go back to reading the SMH it seems I come across another article on prisoner x. This latest had a cracking quote:

'The Rudd government has warned Israel that forging Australian passports would not be regarded as ''the act of a friend''.

But Israeli foreign ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor yesterday denied that diplomatic ties were under strain.

''I haven't heard any government accuse Israel of being involved in that, not in France, not in Britain, not in Ireland, not in Germany and now not in Australia,'' he told ABC Radio.'

Ha ha ha, that's fantastic! It's as if he's saying, 'In all these places we've committed crimes no one has ever accused us of anything.' God I wish I'd been that journo. I'd have eaten him alive with the follow up questions, made him look like a proper dunce. Oh well, never mind.

Anyway, if you want to read more, the SMH and The Age (its sister paper in Melbourne) have several articles now. Just so you know these are the only two newspapers in Oz that aren't owned by Murdoch. To be honest, they ain't much but it seems they do have their moments.

ciao ciao
james said…
Great video, APea.

Even IF the police were charged to protect citizens, they arrive (necessarily) after the crime. So from that simple logistical problem we can see that they are not in a position to protect any specific person. The only person guaranteed to be there at the time is you.

Keith Morgan made a great point in that citizens should be able to have the same weapons that the police claim to need to protect themselves against the same criminals
A. Peasant said…
hi James,
i think Keith Morgan made so many good points, i wish everyone could watch the video. he just dismantled that ridiculous boob, and rightly so, and well done.

as we see with the behavior of the LAPD the last few days, they are out to protect themselves. if anything, they have completely vindicated Morgan's points.
A. Peasant said…
nobs, where does one begin... ?

''I haven't heard any government accuse Israel ...

wow. cue the laugh track. it's so easy to not hear and not see the most inconvenient things. people do it all the time. then they proclaim their innocence. it is like, standard operating procedure. so there's that. they scrub the evidence and then they say, there's no evidence! we never saw any evidence!!

i don't understand what is going on with this prisoner x but of course, the age old problem of which sources could you possibly trust to even get a portion of it right, and then, how do you know which portion? it is so much work. pfft. who has time anymore, except the people on the payroll who are not overburdened with working multiple jobs just to keep their mortgages taxes and insurances paid up?

as i occasionally click on the blogs in my blogroll, it's like a ghost town for the most part. which i totally understand. i mean how much can we throw ourselves at it? a lot of good people have been burned out over time fighting this beast.

now moving onto mr. visible, thanks for the refresher links. most interesting.

he's had quite a forum for quite some time. i have never been anything but a remote observer.

i will just say this. i trust your instincts. i have found you to wear your heart on your sleeve, for good or bad. i think you have made your cases with courage and directness, and you have taken your hits as they came in, and you fought the right battles, in my opinion. more than that we cannot ask our fellow human beings.

i think the blogosphere has been ruined for the most part. split into tiers. top tier: the big sites, big alt bloggers who suck up to each other and are funded. tier two: the "rogues," former XYZ bloggers who always have some drama and their hand out, who do some good work but are focused on status and tend to be widely read, consolidating their weird status as outsider / insiders / credible. tier three: the bowels of the internet where the rest of us toil, to be stumbled upon from time to time but otherwise confined by the googleplex to lives of obscurity.

the internet is not a meritocracy. i am sure many people believe that it is, but it is not. it is just another social engineering laboratory. there are a few sites that *may* not fall into these categories, we can never be certain, but there are a few that we still like. however the list gets smaller and smaller each year. when it used to take me hours to check in on all the good stuff, now it takes me minutes.

all told, a very sad and disheartening state of affairs, but on the other hand, totally predictable that they would turn the internet into teevee -- a thousand channels and nothing is on.
Penny said…
RE: Les Visible
I never liked his work
Never spent time more then a few minutes there
Was not impressed with his writing
None of it
I believe I mentioned that to nobody some years ago
There is likely a comment on Nob's blog to this effect
Not a fan
He is akin to a bag of wind
Not my cup of tea
And that was that
Penny said…
AP: "the internet is not a meritocracy"

Would agree with that
I will soon be starting my sixth year here and have worked my ass off
I think, there has been some good work done..
And have grown the readers.
I wish the info was getting out to a wider bunch of people
but, what can one do
As long as I enjoy this digging and dredging I will continue

"totally predictable that they would turn the internet into teevee -- a thousand channels and nothing is on'

sad but true
There is still stuff on, one just has to search a bit more for it
Hopefully we will find the searchers
Don't give up AP :)
A. Peasant said…
Your good judgment has been vindicated again Penny.
freethinker said…
I'm not a fan of LV, too wordy, but its his colleague Willis or Snordelhans that rings alarm bells with me. They videos he makes are very well crafted, obviously expensive and apparently don't have problems regarding copyright infringement. And that one-eye symbolism at the start of his vids creeps me out - is it intended to be ironic?. But maybe I'm just a nasty old cynic.
Penny said…
Willis Or Snordelhans?
Who the heck are these two?
Sounds like "icky bits"
You don't have to explain
I expect at some point in time I will run across them
I prefer to plod my own course
always have
A. Peasant said…
I think its the guy with the deep voice who does videos where he reads visibles posts on a video? I think i watched one once. Freethinker is that who you mean?
Anonymous said…
That 8:05 comment on the state of the internet was right on the money and insightful.

So few places without an agenda, so many well crafted fakes too. Small blogs where people just work together to figure out the truth are the way to go.

F Giant
Anonymous said…
You referenced the Malachy prophesies, weird stuff.

Pope Peter?

With the next big war theater being the entire African continent, it would make sense to have an African pope to help Obama with the destruction of the name of peace of course.
A. Peasant said…
Anonymous at 10:29... Who are you please?
freethinker said…
Yes AP, that's the guy. It seems that his YT channel has recently been terminated due to copyright infringements. Maybe I'm being unjust. Taken at face value he seems to be fighting the good fight.
Anonymous said…
Snordalhans readings of Visibles pieces were excellent, and thankfully I was able to save quite a few to the library before he was shut down. I especially liked his "Big Ticket Item". Snord also did readings of Rivero pieces and a couple others. Very cool stuff.

I have taken to listening to Mark Dankofs podcasts on the way to work, and I really like almost everything Deanna Spingola does.

Anybody familiar?

A. Peasant said…
sorry swits, i don't know them. i only listened to one of the snordelhaus videos. generally speaking, i would rather read something that takes me 3 minutes than take ten minutes to watch the video. that's just me.

FG, you wrote:
Small blogs where people just work together to figure out the truth are the way to go.

i 1000% agree.

freethinker, i find your cynicism always exceptionally well placed. always trust your gut. you have a good one.

pen, you wrote:

There is still stuff on, one just has to search a bit more for it
Hopefully we will find the searchers
Don't give up AP :)

i won't! here is to working our asses off until good prevails over evil...

questioning said…
Hear,hear AP ma'am
Penny said…
AP: here is to working our asses off until good prevails over evil...

gets crushed between humanity fingers??

AP need you to remind me
A rabies vaccine??
Did you do some digging on that?
Can't recall
Got an email from John Frampton
he wanted to leave a comment regarding

scroll through here

and remind me about the rabies vaccine

I read so much stuff, I just can't recall???

Oh and talk about your predictive programming with all the f'n zombie stuff
what the hell!!
feeling a bit gobsmacked at this time

A. Peasant said…
i read the wikipedia entry about that movie. that is some serious predictive programming / drill preparation / social engineering going on.

so the rabies thing came up when rudy eugene ate of ronald poppo's face. A13 and i were both investigating it from that angle. this post contains the links:

over at A13's:

so essentially, i think the miami "zombie" was controlled using some variant of the military's SSSS technology, where they can map emotional signature clusters of anything, including a rabid animal, onto another human being, invisibly, causing the person to experience the emotions being mapped. and then they do the social engineering on people with the sensational story. in the miami case: this is how a zombie behaves, which is like a rabid animal.

and then the virus angle is how they would extrapolate that out to the wider population for the purposes of 1) forcing vaccines and 2) population reduction and 3) chaos, etc.

i do have a google news filter for rabies and check this out.

at the end is an interesting comment that is immediately ridiculed for NO EVIDENCE.

There is now a new mutant strain of rabies that is able to spread without a bite, is aerosolized and goes right up the nose like the common cold. No vaccines will help you with this one as the antibodies are TOO BIG to get into the CNS. The intersting thing is this new species jumping rabies spreading without a bite appears to be related to the silver haired bat rabies, a 98% lethal strain of rabies that travels up fibroblasts and was teased out of nature with grants for the purpose of biological weapons research. How the 1995 USDA released genetically engineered live rabies pox chimera oral rabies bait vaccines are involved in this new mutant strain is not yet been revealed. However, it is important to heed the warnings of Dr. Treje Traavic that the orphan viruses will be unpredictable and unforseen in their capabilites. So, why those that play genetic roulette with our planet stop helping themselves to rabies.

[CZ: That's a pretty remarkable claim to make without a single reference to a peer-reviewed paper. Surely a doctor like yourself would recognize that.]

right. where's the peer reviewed paper on the government doing stupid, deadly research? no peer reviewed paper must mean that it never happened. i guess that's the brilliant logic.
Anonymous said…
Back on zombies? Why not, your previous stuff on the zombie predictive programing weirdness was good. Seems like it has not gone away. Off topic....

The basic facts about Chelyabinsk make this meteor strike (being widely reported as at least 20 times more powerful than the Hiroshima blast) an incredible coincidence. Still, I guess it had to land somewhere ;-)

PS that was me at 10:29, forgot to sign off, F Giant.
Penny said…
" where's the peer reviewed paper on the government doing stupid, deadly research? no peer reviewed paper must mean that it never happened. i guess that's the brilliant logic."

Well, in some dolt's mind that is 'brilliant logic'
but really it makes zero sense
would the government have this type of stuff 'peer reviewed'?
In case someone gets a conscience and all???
Loss of control of their diabolical plans
And besides they have enough compliant scientists on the payroll they could buy a peer review
So the peer review means zip

When I read the rabies vaccine 'that was supposed to help" the WWZ
I thought why would the author use that in his book?
What would the connection be between zombies and rabies...

I wonder if this author is connected to insiders they way so many others were
such as Orwell
The mushroom guy, thank's to Jan's research that looks like a CIA op.
dam the name is escaping me...shit, thinking, thinking, thinking........
Gordon Wasson- How many books did this guy write? Many
So we have many causes of authors connected to insiders writing "influential books"
How about the fellow that wrote the book that is being made into the psyop movie.
Is he an insider?
scuse the rambling

A. Peasant said…
Hi guys, thanks FG...the meteor strike gets bigger news by the moment. First it was a few dozen people affected n a remote area of russia, then hundreds, then a thousand plus. Makes me wonder how they dont know these things are coming, or do they...

Pen, i was thinking the sane thing. Who is this author and what are his connections...

I was not planning to go in this direction but thought the video and connections aleready uncovered here and elsewhere are worth retapping at least for a time.
A. Peasant said…
so to link it all together, the book and movie WWZ is about an infection turning people into zombies, and that becoming an end of the world as we know it problem.

how plausible is something like this?

we saw from miami cannibal story the behavior of one man. we theorized they used ssss technology to map the emotional signature cluster of a rabid animal onto his brain, causing him to behave like that. there has never been any explanation for what happened to him other than bath salts, which was ruled out, and some sort of demonic possession, that no one can prove. we think there is a technological explanation but of course it is secret. he was *assigned* the zombie name by the media. we think that was the point, to create the problem and name it, to observe the hysteria, to do some social engineering. of course, we found no peer reviewed papers about the ssss technology being used to map emotional signature clusters onto human beings without their consent, and the ethics of that. so that piece is of course just a guess.

we also know that the government drops rabies baits in the wilderness to control rabies. we also know that local ordinances around here require that pets are registered with the town and proof of current rabies vaccine every three years. we of course have no idea what is in these shots.

if it is true that the government is dropping rabies baits with "live" rabies and smallpox components, chimera baits, as noted in the video starting around 5:30, and since then rabies is now jumping species without a bite? in other words being transmitted by air? animals other than raccoons coming out of the woods rabid. cows getting rabies. etc. no bites. (these things are discussed in the video.) well the two parent viruses of these baits, according to Patricia Jordan, being dropped by thousands and thousands are rabies and smallpox. so. WTF? does this sound safe? we think not. what possible rationale can the authorities use for such irresponsible behavior that is making the problem of rabies orders of magnitude worse, and all out of sight in the woods, in the wild? and yet the deer and raccoons and foxes also run around in the neighborhoods where we live.

at some point will the rabies virus mutate and become airborne and infect humans? will people go for a walk in the woods with their dog and come out with an infected dog, infected by airborne rabies? bring the dog into the house and then what happens? diabolical. would that lead to something like the WWZ scenario? people and their pets. just like with the children at SH, they go for the jugular. they go where the love is, where it is going to inflict the absolute maximum suffering.

i don't know guys. how crazy is that sort of thinking? maybe it is pretty crazy. but how crazy are these authorities and scientists who play with our genome and create deadly viruses in their BS3 labs and put them out into the environment in uncontrolled experiments? how crazy are people who write books and make movies describing in detail the chaos and suffering caused by such an event?