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zombie meme has four legs

From comments in the last post, the discussion has turned to the zombie meme, rabies, and things of that nature. See the last few comments for links. We are about halfway through this video and it's worth a listen if you have time. Having followed rabies on the google newsplex, we are aware that they do indeed drop rabies baits from the sky by the tens of thousands every year.


Anonymous said…
Thank you. I got some more information now when I take my dog to the vet.
The vet is always trying to push vaccinations on my dog. I get email "reminders" constantly.

We get into heated discussions about the subject. I will bring the video to her attention.

Unfortunately, 2 years ago my dog got the bordatella vaccination. He immediately came down with all kinds of skin problems and allergies. The problems lasted about a year. He seems to have recovered from it.No recurrences -yet.

I will never put my dog through another vaccination again. I feel awful I allowed the bordatella vaccination.

I'm currently saving money every month so I can take him to a holistic vet near where I live. I'm retired and on a fixed income. It's a little more expensive at first, but in the long run, less expensive, as my dog won't get all kinds of toxins injected into him. But money is a side issue. I just want my dog to be healthy!

I know alot of people here in No California whose dogs have died young from cancer, and other diseases. Alot of dogs here are dying at a young age with all kinds of horrible uncurable diseases.

While money is a side issue for me, it's the main issue of the pharma companies and lots of veterinarians, it seems.

The video confirmed all my suspicions. Thank You. Joe
A. Peasant said…
Hi Joe. You are very welcome... I am glad it was helpful. I have a dog and cat also, plus children. Sadly they have had all sorts of shots before i learned about these things And how to get around them. I do not even know how to avoid the shots with the dog because the town requires proof of rabies vaccine every three years.

Some of the health problems with dogs also stems from backyard breeding, especially with the popular breeds like labs for instance. I did look into dog breeds extensively before we got our dog 8 years ago, and i learned that careless breeding does lead to a lot of siffering for dogs who end up with genetic conditions that often can be reduced or avoided in breeding. It is obviously a different problem and not the sinister force in play with these vaccines, but it is sad all the same when animals suffer. And it also muddies the water. The evil get away with a lot of things by blaming other causes which may also be valid and do not involve a conspiracy.

Hang in there. Your dog is lucky to have you to look after him so lovingly.
Anonymous said…
@ A Peasant

My dog Teddy thinks I could do better. He doesn't get as many snacks as he would like. But, thank you for the compliment.

Yes, bad breeding practices are causing alot of problems also : Taking that into consideration, the canine health issues I'm hearing about from my friends and acquintances seem to be very unnatural in the sheer numbers of dogs getting sick.

Alot of dogs who weren't bred -- just spontaneous matings [mutts] are getting the diseases also.

I went to "truth4dogs" website after watching the video. I learned that some states make exceptions for the rabies shot if the vet says it would be harmful to the dog.You may want to look into that.

My state -- California -- is one of the states. I'm going to start going to a holistic vet soon. I'm going to try to get my dog exempted. See what happens.

Also -- I got a flu shot 3 years ago. About 4 or 5 days later I came down with Bell's Palsy. I found out subsequently Bell's Palsy is one of the possible side-effects of flu shots.

I warn everyone I know about the dangers of flu shots now. I forgot to mention flu shots + Bell's Palsy in my first comment because I was pre-occupied with my dog's vaccination issues.

I do shoot off alot of posts to various websites warning everyone. The flu shots and the vaccination shots contain alot of insidious ingredients. I urge everyone to go online and learn about the possible side effects before agreeing to any shot. It's a gamble. Everyone should know that it's a gamble. Learn as much as you can then make the decision if you want to gamble or not.

Thank you again for the video. And, thank you for your time and your work . I'm a regular reader. I appreciate your website. Joe

A. Peasant said…
Thank you Joe. I appreciate your readership and your thoughtful comments.

all these shots are garbage. When the day comes that people realize what has been stolen from them... Their health, their loved ones, literally the minds of their children, that should be a day of reckoning.

Meantime there is always some group running around in africa or india forcing the vaccines on tens of thousands of poverty stricken people. There is no recourse for anyone, and especially these people.

JoeyBaloney said…
Hi A. P. Longtime lurker here. Enjoyed your blog for a few years now and always find it informative.
I just wanted to let you know re: avoiding vaccinations for pets – If your pet has been vaccinated in the past then there’s a good chance you can avoid future vaccinations by having your vet perform a titer test for specific anti-bodies (rabies, distemper etc…) shortly before the next time he or she is due. The antibodies usually show up in enough force for years after the vaccine is technically due and protect against whichever disease. Most cities and towns will accept that in lieu of a vaccine certificate.
A. Peasant said…
Hey there JoeyBaloney (good name!), thank you that is great news. I will definitely do that. My poor dog just had his shot again this past year so he is off the hook for a while. The cat, i do not know. We have had him a year from a shelter all shotted up, and he has not been back to the vet yet. He is indoor so i dont think they require as much. But even the dog, geez, he has no doggie social life because he is annoying to other dogs, so he is really always with us. I will definitely try to get him tested first. I was able to get my children out of school required vaccines the past few years. They see me coming at the school and they prolly shudder. Which makes me happy. I dont want to talk to them either.
Anonymous said…
See posting of this podcast here:


Scroll down past it and, just below the bird flu story, see "Excerpts from prior research" with link and very relevant text.

I enjoy your blog. T.y., "Sophia"
A. Peasant said…
"sophia", thank you. i have been over your place and left you some comments. also put you on the blogroll, you have a lot of great info collected.

the sim exercise is highly complicated. the first thing i thought is, How easy it is for malicious people to wreck the efforts of good people? it is SO easy. they just have to have a few key people in key positions, which is of course what we see evidence of all around us, and this generates an endless series of "regrettables."

this here is an excellent post about the recent carnival cruise shit fiasco.

this is how we are treated.

if, or i guess when, this bioterror event goes off, we fully expect it to be completely mismanaged on purpose, for the expressed intention of causing the maximum amount of suffering and damage to people and animals. that is what a death cult does. that is what a death cult wants. that is what they have told us, repeatedly, that they want: a lot fewer people on this planet.
Anonymous said…
I am touched, and honored. Namaste..!
Dublnmick said…
Of course there is no proof that vaccinations guard against any type of disease. There exist mounting evidence that in many cases they spread the very disease people are trying to avoid by exposing other organisms to live virus. That makes a lot of money for the pin stripe mafia.

Have you seen that many police departments are running out of ammunition?