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confusion factor 2

Sorry for the confusion. We did put a post up yesterday but took it down after an hour or so, because no sooner had we posted than we had doubts and did not want to make for more confusion. [forehead slap] This is what comes from rushing and using someone else's laptop and not having enough time to do things properly.

The gist of our post was that one of the bombs may have been inside the building at 699 Boylston, based on our view that the Lenscrafter windows were blown out not in. But then, it could be that the bomb was on the sidewalk and the blast was directed more sideways along the face of the building. We just don't know. This is the kind of analysis that others are better qualified to make, and as more pictures come out showing where the injured were standing, perhaps that will become clearer. However it would still bear looking into who owns the building and we did happen to note that the location there at 699 Boylston has appeared on city documents looking to redo the storefronts and lobby entrance. The owner is One Exeter Plaza, LLC.

More recent:

More information here (page 3). Evidently this building is informally called the "darth vader" building. Charming.

January 2012, the building sold for $112M, purchased by AEW Capital Management, LP.

One Exeter Plaza at Boylston and Exeter streets is 85 percent leased and its tenants include Cornerstone Research, Riverside Partners, International Data Group, Wells Fargo/Wachovia, Bank of America and Morton’s Restaurant.

Does it mean anything? We don't know. Just curious. Just looking around. Looking at pics, looking. We do think there is plenty of confusion created by having two bombs, as it will become very easy for people to make innocent mistakes which then allows other people to browbeat them. It also allows people to throw out red herrings which are then used to disparage people honestly engaged in trying to figure out what happened.

We know all people of goodwill want the perpetrators to be caught. However if the EVIDENCE points to the perpetrators being People In Position Of Authority, this puts some people of good will into a State of Cognitive Dissonance, and then they turn on the people pointing out the Unfortunate Evidence. And then the perpetrators get away with it and laugh into their palms. We have seen this movie a few times.

So we are here but mainly watching and reading with you, dear friends. Watching the gatekeepers also. And hoping that this time, for once, things will unfold just so, and the evil and their minions will accidentally impale themselves on the city of Boston. There would be a lot of justice in that sequence.

The resistance begins in your mind.


Penny said…
Hey AP

Something else I found interesting was this, included in my post on this

"IEDs represent the most ubiquitous threat to our nation for those intent on conducting physical attacks. Law enforcement and the private sector need tools to provide the capability to prevent such incidents," Robert Liscouski of Implant Sciences told Fast Company. Implant Sciences is a Boston-area company that manufactures portable explosives detectors."

Implant Sciences, a Boston area company that just so happens to manufacture portable explosive detectors. Convenient.

Could be something? Could be nothing?

It did give me a real Chertoff vibe..once freethinker reminded me of his name that is... lol

you know, my memory....;)

I am getting a real promotional vibe from this whole thing..
Like when protests take place at McDonalds and Starbucks
They feel like product placements.
Ditto for this
A. Peasant said…
yes i agree Pen. basically, they are bringing the war home. drones, ieds, wrecked economy, etc. everything that was done "over there" is now coming "over here." remember after 911 the people who said "we have to fight them over there so we don't have to fight them here?" that was one of the more asinine and morally bankrupt lines of thought.

5 years ago dhs was predicting the IEDs coming to the US, and went to israel for a big meeting, since the israelis are the experts on IEDs.


"TEL AVIV — A military analyst for Israel's Haaretz newspaper wrote that "the salvation of U.S. President George W. Bush is in large measure dependent" on Israeli military intelligence and technology to help combat Iraqi improvised explosive devices (IEDs)...."In the area of combating explosive devices, and in other areas as well, the IDF and sophisticated defense corporations in Israeli industry are so far ahead of their American counterparts that self-admiration needs to be cooled with a doze of modesty," Oren wrote.

oh sorry i should have told you to get the bucket FIRST...

anyway i am positive there was a haaretz piece about this particular israeli area of expertise a couple of years ago that i linked to but i can't find it anymore.
Dublinmick said…
MSNBC blames the NRA for a slow down of the investigation. We need taggants in gun powder.
Dublinmick said…
The first one may have been eaten by google. This guy takes a shot at what happened.
A. Peasant said…
That is an excellent column, thanks.
Unknown said…
This is an interesting one. Without meaning to demean any victims (or 'victims') I have to say I think it is much more of a test than Sandy.

I noted that one of the wooden posts from the patio area in front of the shops was apparently blown inward toward the shop front. This is inconsistent with the glass from one shop window apparently being blown outward (and the adjacent windows remaining intact) Weird. There are a few other anomalies - the interviews with bystanders are dodgy though. Definitely occult elites on hand like 'Rand' to do the talking head crap a la "mainly due to structural failure blah blah blah"

It seems that Scott and Aang are going with the Gladio style Real false flag bombing and Dallasgold and Kaminski are calling it out as a fake false flag.

Frankly after a lot of thinking i am just left with the feeling that the photos are just too good to be true. It is in the big lie territory that They are obsessed with. So IF that is right then that makes a lot of the Men in Black hanging around being part of the decoy. How they handled the hospital part of the op who knows?

BTW check out the WACO Mushroom cloud photos at my place. Again someone has been fiddling with the evidence I bet.
A. Peasant said…
I like the analysis dubs left in the link at 8:54. It is real ff bombing that highlights the absolute failure of the security services and their technology. It is a stand down basically.

There is marked contrast to sandy hook. One would think the people who bought sh hook line and sinker would wonder aboutnthat sanitized invisible crime scene, in comparisont to this mayhem.

And the russians..... Is that not a dead giveAway? Russia bad russia bad. In the spotlight again.

As i noted in the above comments, the idea that we are now some sort of brothers in arms with out dear friends the israelis, who have endured this sort of thing for years, and now we will finally understand blah blah blah. Thiey will try to drive the americans into the lions jaws now. Let us run to the safety of the israeli experts. Sure lets do that. Great fucking idea...
Dublinmick said…
Now we are hearing from the mother of Tamerlan Tsarnaev he became involved in religious politics five years ago and the FBI has been following him for years. She wondered how they could plan anything with their every move watched and it was the FBI contention he got his info off "websites".

Why would a kid, karate champion, aspired to golden gloves, had a mercedes, nice girl friend, going to college, friends say a great guy want to do something like this? It doesn't add up.

Now they say they were in a shoot out with agents on a back street, did anyone see enough of these two to actually identify them as the two in question? If they had guns, where did they buy them? Did any of their friends ever see them with a gun?

It would certainly be interesting if the one now they say is on a boat lives long enough to give his side of the story. Would anyone be able to hear his story? Chances are this kid is going to be killed as in end of the story.

It is a remote possibility maybe but being as it is said they were watched, someone said hey kid how would like to make some extra tuition money, you know we are having a terror drill, go there with these back packs with things in them to see if our screeners can pick it up? You know like the 7-7 guys in U.K. who it appears did not know things were going live.

It is really hard to say what is going on at this point, it is all speculation but then again many people have learned to never believe the initial prognosis.

Boston is a long way from the 33rd parallel but Waco is on it along with Colombia, Atlanta, Phoenix and LA. Somebody doesn't seem to like Waco.
A. Peasant said…
this is another photo from second blast that, if you look at it, yeah i think that's ketchup and iced coffee.
questioning said…
hat-tip to you AP ma'am. Glad for the new posts. Off-topic...bedbugs.
Anonymous said…
Vincent said...
Via the media, but more direct experience too, because I live 80 yards from the mosque, I conclude that it's a massive handicap to be born into that religion, and a severe aberration to convert to it. (I still can't understand what happened to Cat Stevens.)

The religion itself seems to promote backwardness. For example, I've lived in Malaysia, where three races coexist in about equal proportions: Malay, Chinese and Tamil. (This refers to West Malaysia.) The Malays are top dogs politically and have laws to handicap the Tamils and Chinese because their successes in education & achievement of prosperity would otherwise put the Malays in third place. Malays are Muslim - pretty much by law.

In general that religion hates democracy, but when by historical accident it nominally exists, they ensure it's crippled by dirty tricks and corruption.

But we're brothers and sisters in one world. We must act from compassion and wisdom. Political correctness is merely a way to cross over to the other side of the road ignoring the problem instead of taking responsibility.

Hate of course can play no useful part in clearing up the mess.

Tue May 28, 01:40:00 pm 2013
aferrismoon said…

more jellyfish

A. Peasant said…
Hey ferris, its a funny thing. Pollution makes the environment more hospitable for the jellies, who go and shut down the polluters...
aferrismoon said…
God bless 'em!

Funny that its invertebrates that stand up to them

A. Peasant said…
Yea exactly!

Good to see you ferris.