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death match at truth creek Dr. David E. Martin names the killers behind the curtains. H/T Brutal Proof , who has the transcript if you'd rather read than watch. Diversity at its finest. Lots of IDs. It turns out that BEHIND, or perhaps ABOVE, or AROUND, and IN (as in INfiltrated) big pharma and friends, are these other entities: Anser - a top ten federal MILITARY contractor in Virginia that got Operation Warp Speed ATI - Advanced Technologies International in South Carolina, MILITARY, esp. NAVY, parent company is Anser Fors-Marsh in Arlington, Virginia, another MILITARY connected entity focused on operations and having a client list that includes IRS, CDC, Anthem, FDA, Army Corps of Engineers, GSA, NIST, Air Force, etc. Palantir, "big data analytics" out of Denver, Colorado, offering MILITARY-grade data security Publicis Sapient, "big data consolidation" out of Arlington, Virginia, global reach and another client list of top bananas If you go t

guessing what's behind Door #2

Predictive Programming: Winter Is Coming. John Martin - The Fall of Babylon Understand that according to the rules of the game, they always tell us what they want to do before they do it. Whether through predictive programming in the movies, or slip ups on camera, or straight out predictions, it all gets laid out there because that's their defense: they told us, and we consented. For example: ‘There will be a challenge to the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases.’ - Fauci, 2017 Then it happened, and instead of that demon getting hauled off to the gallows, we got Fauci Hagiography. November 2021: Billionaire Bill Gates warns that terrorists may deploy smallpox in busy airports as a biological weapon in the future. Governments must prepare by handing over billions to a new WHO Pandemic Task Force. And this has to be done next year.

bloody conundrums

Most people hate the truth. They hate it, and they hate anyone who talks about it. If they don't quite get to "hate", exactly, because you do too much for them to justify that level of animosity; they'll put up an arm's length, tread water at "tolerate," and mock you behind your back. And you will know, because on your side the experience will be death by a thousand cuts. But if you point it out, you're the asshole; because every cut is so tiny that YOU must be the petty one to even notice the first few hundred.  Petty people gaslighting. It's how they roll. They are the fucking poppy seeds of life. Imagine being born into one of these horrible families. What if from your earliest memories, you were gaslit, forced to do horrible things and told that was normal, and to keep it secret or else. Every adult you knew was cut from the same shitty cloth, except the strangely naive ones you occasionally met and were terrified to confide in under penalty

junkyard rendition

This is not an actual Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur. It is an artits's rendition made out of scrap metal. An actual T-Rex dinosaur would be infinitely more scary, but this John Lopez rendition is scary enough. See more at In the same way, this blog post does not describe what is actually happening. It is A. Peasant's rendition cobbled together from junk on the internet. What is actually happening is probably infinitely more scary than this rendition. Regards. 2017 /12/ why-are-these-80-scientists-now-dead-why-are-they-all-microbiologists/ The death cult and psychopaths in general use the stress and relief cycle on their victims because it naturally utilizes TIME. Tavistock knows this perfectly. Stress & Relief over TIME makes people malleable. They have had all the time in the world. TIME to study and prepare. TIME for humans to ruminate and suffer. TIME for memory to fade and recede. TIME to rewrite history. TIME for poison

the free association game

And he asked him, What is thy name? And he answered, saying, My name is legion: for we are many. Mark 5:9 When you organize your life around something, that is worship. Millions of people willingly organize their lives around [WORSHIP] an invisible virus.  They want to control everyone and make all people organize their lives around [WORSHIP] the invisible virus, too.  That means take the damn vaccine and put your fucking mask on. How far will they go? However far we let them. Most of these people are unwittingly participating in PURE EVIL because they are PROGRAMMED by people on TEEVEE WHO NEVER STOP TALKING ABOUT THE INVISIBLE VIRUS PROBLEM AND ITS SOLUTION, THE "VACCINE." SAD Why don't more people have faith and organize their lives around [WORSHIP] God? Because he's invisible , silly. WHO is behind this mass psychosis? They Live: Predictive programming . They influence our decisions without us knowing it. They numb our senses without us feeling it. They control ou