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Dr. David E. Martin names the killers behind the curtains.

H/T Brutal Proof, who has the transcript if you'd rather read than watch.

Diversity at its finest.

Lots of IDs. It turns out that BEHIND, or perhaps ABOVE, or AROUND, and IN (as in INfiltrated) big pharma and friends, are these other entities:

  • Anser - a top ten federal MILITARY contractor in Virginia that got Operation Warp Speed
  • ATI - Advanced Technologies International in South Carolina, MILITARY, esp. NAVY, parent company is Anser
  • Fors-Marsh in Arlington, Virginia, another MILITARY connected entity focused on operations and having a client list that includes IRS, CDC, Anthem, FDA, Army Corps of Engineers, GSA, NIST, Air Force, etc.
  • Palantir, "big data analytics" out of Denver, Colorado, offering MILITARY-grade data security
  • Publicis Sapient, "big data consolidation" out of Arlington, Virginia, global reach and another client list of top bananas

If you go to the websites, that whole outer envelope looks military. Draw your own conclusions. Dr. Martin points out that President Trump gave Operation Warp Speed to Anser, and, you know, great guy but he must have not realized what he was doing because of a peanut butter sandwich or a big mac or something distracting him. So wake up, people, because we're good and proper fucked.

Well, I don't think Dr. Martin is a stupid guy, and I don't think President Trump is a stupid guy. 

If that list above want us all dead, what is stopping them? Absolutely nothing. The outer envelope can either dissolve into the rest of the murderous plan, which would be Game Over; OR it forms some sort of impenetrable barrier, you know like a lipid membrane, keeping all that juicy messaging safely inside?

Meantime, people are doing other things. Writs of mandamus lawsuits have been filed against governors in every single state. There's another lawsuit being filed today involving the state attorney generals. Thousands and thousands of letters and phone calls have been sent to politicians and military generals. Subversive stickers appear on gas pumps and hamburger meat. People are standing up for themselves and their children in a guerrilla warfare. I'm not saying it won't get worse before it gets better, but this is no time to lose hope.

Quick pause for some free association and pattern recognition...

The A Team?

Perhaps a pincer strategy?

And we are the bait?

Since he was removed?

Versus the Defending Champions, the E Team:

        • Pfizer
        • Moderna
        • J&J
        • Merck
        • Gilead
        • UNC Chapel Hill 
        • Vanderbilt
        • Emery
        • Johns Hopkins
        • University of CA Systems
        • MIT
        • NYU Langone
        • DZIF (German Center for Infection Research)
        • Imperial College
        • IHME (Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation [ie: Social Engineers out in Seattle])
        • Erasmus Medical Center (Dutch)

From Brutal Proof:

The next slide shows the countries of the US, Canada, UK, Germany, South Africa, China and Australia and the logos of the following corporations: BlackRock, AXA, HSBC, International Monetary Fund, United Healthcare, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.

David says, “The most important part of this slide is what I put in the Atlantic Ocean, because the real nation-state isn’t a nation-state. Listen!…The Treaty of Westphalia, the stupid idea of drawing lines on maps and calling them countries has long been dead.

“The real control is that,” (points to the slide), “what I call the ‘Atlantic Coalition of Doom.’ The Atlantic Coalition of Doom: BlackRock, AXA, the International Monetary Fund, HSBC, ICBC and you guessed it, United Healthcare…

“United Healthcare is a corrupt organization. It is a corrupt organization. It must be called what it is. It is actually the most manipulative corporate structures known to humanity, because what it does is it matches life insurance and insurance products with the delivery of healthcare, so they can so what? Manage your health? Oh-ho-ho no! Bet against the timing of your death.

“That’s the internal arbitrage. It is the wet dream of the Lloyd’s of London syndicate. They would have loved to have had this opportunity. But guess what? They didn’t. United Healthcare did. They put two things together, which means they get to manage your life so they can time your death, so they can profit on both.”

And how much easier for them to predict life and death now? Much of the population has one foot on the banana peel, thanks to the jab.

You may have at some point listened to David Hawkins of Abel Danger describe dead pool betting on 9/11. It is hard to find now and might be behind paywalls.

Same concept in the Geronimo Manifesto describing credit default swaps.

What is this concept? Well, it's like this: Evil people in power and behind the scenes (see first image), with their minions, setting up ever more challenging conditions for struggling humans to fall into X, Y, Z traps; including death; then betting on the outcomes with their filthy rich friends, and winning every time.

Are you not entertained?



guessing what's behind Door #2

Predictive Programming: Winter Is Coming.

John Martin - The Fall of Babylon

Understand that according to the rules of the game, they always tell us what they want to do before they do it. Whether through predictive programming in the movies, or slip ups on camera, or straight out predictions, it all gets laid out there because that's their defense: they told us, and we consented.

For example: ‘There will be a challenge to the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases.’ - Fauci, 2017

Then it happened, and instead of that demon getting hauled off to the gallows, we got Fauci Hagiography.

November 2021: Billionaire Bill Gates warns that terrorists may deploy smallpox in busy airports as a biological weapon in the future. Governments must prepare by handing over billions to a new WHO Pandemic Task Force. And this has to be done next year. 


All you have to do is identify the terrorists.

source: Pinterest

No narcissist has ever said it better.

What does Bill value?
He values what YOU think..... of HIM!
Because he knows the magic trick:

How many people are still falling for this demon?
Apparently, millions.

We previously wrote about smallpox several times, learning that Dr. Charles A.R. Campbell, along with a Russian scientist, a century ago discovered the cause: bedbugs cause the disease in malnourished people, specifically people lacking vitamin C.

That a most intimate connection exists between variola and scorbutus is evidenced by the fact that it is most prevalent among the poor or filthy class of people ; that it is more prevalent in winter, when the antiscorbutics are scarce and high priced; and, finally, that the removal of this perversion of nutrition will so mitigate the virulence of this malady as positively to prevent the pitting or pocking of smallpox. A failure of the fruit crop in any particularly large area is always followed the succeeding winter by the presence of smallpox. 

This important paper by Dr. Campbell is now in the Wayback Machine: HERE.

And we deduced that IF a case of smallpox was reported, when smallpox is supposedly eradicated worldwide, it would have to be explained somehow:

1) It's not smallpox but some other pox.
2) Bio-terrorists, using their BSL-3 and BSL-4 labs, have let the disease loose.
3) It's a disease that occurs naturally under certain conditions: bedbugs + winter months + poor nutrition / hygiene / poverty / lack of Vitamin C + following crop failures.

The reality could be Door #1, or Door #3, but obviously the Social Engineers will always pick Door #2, which is exactly what Bill Gates told World Leaders this month in not so many words: Terrorists may deploy smallpox in busy airports. Just saying, when these demons tell us what could happen, we should pay attention because That's How They Play. It's like a giant game of Marco Polo, except we are 'it' in the swimming pool, blindfolded, and they are on the pool deck sipping martinis and laughing for the past X years, decades, centuries. We just have to take the damn blindfold off already, climb out of the pool and, you know, SURPRISE! guess what assholes it's time to play a different game while they stumble over themselves drunk trying to get away, Belvedere and crystal shards flying. How do you like it now? But I digress.

Meanwhile, bedbugs continue to plague humanity.

Bedbugs "a growing problem" in Brussels - November 14, 2021

Three year old Bermondsey girl tormented by bedbug allergy for more than a year - October 27, 2021

Mount Sinai contends with bedbug outbreak in rehab area - October 21, 2021

One former patient also told The Post that bedbugs were found in the hospital’s ER about a month ago, and he had to hire an inspection company to check his Upper West Side home to make sure none came home with him.
That was confirmed by John Brickman, a partner at NYC Bed Bug Inspections — but he stressed that Mount Sinai was not a particular problem area, with other hospitals also having issues.
“We get calls from everywhere — hotels, department stores, airports and, yeah, hospitals,” he said, stressing that they are “normally just isolated incidents that are treated” and quickly cleared.
“It never stops. Anywhere there’s human traffic you run the risk of catching bedbugs,” he warned.

Additionally, smallpox also percolates in the news on the way back burner. Always simmering, year after year after year since being eradicated.

Here's the narrative engineering literally taking shape day by day this past week, about three weeks after Bill Gates made his prediction:

11/16/21: FBI investigating vials labeled 'smallpox' found in lab near Philadelphia


Shorter: Fifteen vials found at a MERCK facility by a lab worker cleaning out a freezer. DHS was alerted. FBI and CDC launch investigations. The lab worker was "wearing gloves and a face mask." 

Smallpox, a disease caused by the variola virus, is considered so deadly that only two labs in the world are authorized to store samples of the virus, including one in Russia and the other at the CDC in Atlanta. Scientists have debated for years whether to destroy any remaining samples, citing the danger of a mishap that could unleash a disease that has been eradicated since the 1970s. Those in favor of keeping samples have argued they are needed to develop new vaccines in response to a new outbreak.

11/18/21: CDC finds no smallpox in frozen vials suspiciously labeled 'smallpox'

Shorter: False alarm, nothing to worry about.


A little over five years ago, lab workers with the National Institutes of Health did come across such a cache of smallpox samples, some of which contained viable virus. And though there are only two sanctioned sites in the U.S. and Russia where smallpox can be kept for study, scientists do suspect there are a few hidden stockpiles elsewhere. For now, though, there’s no immediate risk of a smallpox sequel.

Citing this 2014 article: https://www.science.org/content/article/six-vials-smallpox-discovered-us-lab   Shorter: Six freeze dried vials from the 1950s found in an old NIH building. And actually every decade or so another stash is discovered, somewhere.

11/19/21: CDC confirms second case of monkeypox in U.S. 


Shorter: Someone from Nigeria. Also in July, another person from Nigeria. Masks probably saved everyone, yet again. Monkeypox causes flu-like symptoms, swollen lymph nodes, and then a rash. BTW monkeypox reemerged in Nigeria in 2017 after a 40 year absence. 

The CDC said in a release Wednesday that the patient had recently returned from traveling in Nigeria, and that the agency is working with state, local and international health officials as well as the airline to notify passengers and anyone else who may have come into contact with the infected person.
Because the flight required all passengers to wear masks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CDC said that scientists think the risk of monkeypox spreading throughout the aircraft via respiratory droplets is “low.”

11/20/21: "Smallpox" vials found in U.S. lab point to virus leak risks  - China People's Daily  


Shorter: Reiterates all previous talking points. 

Robert Glatter, an emergency physician at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, was quoted by The New York Times as saying that smallpox can be lethal "even after it is freeze-dried."

11/20/21: 'Smallpox' vials found at Merck lab were mislabeled and didn't actually deadly virus, just the vaccine for it, CDC reveals

 Helpful Map from The Daily Mail

And finally, also from the Daily Mail 11/20/21: 'You all need to get vaccinated': Rare letter from Catherine the Great urging her subjects to get jabbed against smallpox 234 years ago in echo of today's vaccination push goes on sale with portrait of the ruler for 1.2 million pounds


The letter was held in an anonymous private collection but has surfaced at just the right moment. Isn't that miraculous, friends?

You see how they use the Tavistock stress & relief? Tiny doses... danger, no danger, danger, no danger... until the victim is so confused and will cede all decision-making authority.

Theoretically, all we need is some 1) X-wars weather disruptions and 2) a supply-chain food shortage this winter, and 3) bedbugs (which are already in supply); and ..... according to the Disaster Lottery methodology [See: The Geronimo Manifesto, September 24, 2008. Brilliant and prescient.], the odds of malnourished people go way up, and the odds of malnourished people being bitten by bedbugs go up... and therefore, according to our research, the odds of actual smallpox go up. BUT, to be sure, that's still a little risky so there is this whole other avenue of narrative engineering where one of the mystery vials hinted at several times can fall into the hands of "terrorists," just as predicted. And all this can merge with the Nigerian monkeypox, covid and variants, the actual flu, airports, etc.; and like every other psyop the operatives can easily drip misinformation, disinformation, half-truths, outright lies, and create utter confusion and panic in the population, justifying WHATEVER IS NECESSARY. And this time, whatever is necessary will be the Permanent End of our Liberty.

So we recommend you read this important paper by Dr. Campbell, in the Wayback Machine: HERE.

And remember the definition of X-wars:

"Special secret mode of conducting wars. This concept was developed, when it became clear that direct military conflict will inevitably result in nuclear self-destruction. Then the idea appeared that the battle can be conducted while pretending that the conditions of peace are being maintained. In fact, the war is going on, but by the other, "quiet" means. They include the methods of economic and financial diversions, information-psychological technologies aimed at degrading the social structure of the attacked people. Biological diversions infected cattle or agricultural plants or even people, not by some disease causing death, but by an infection planting panic and confusion within the society. Certainly, technical devices causing accidents not only to planes, but to power systems might be created. During the period of "Cold War" much money was invested into the development of the X-war methods and technologies."



bloody conundrums

Most people hate the truth. They hate it, and they hate anyone who talks about it. If they don't quite get to "hate", exactly, because you do too much for them to justify that level of animosity; they'll put up an arm's length, tread water at "tolerate," and mock you behind your back. And you will know, because on your side the experience will be death by a thousand cuts. But if you point it out, you're the asshole; because every cut is so tiny that YOU must be the petty one to even notice the first few hundred. 

Petty people gaslighting. It's how they roll. They are the fucking poppy seeds of life.

Imagine being born into one of these horrible families. What if from your earliest memories, you were gaslit, forced to do horrible things and told that was normal, and to keep it secret or else. Every adult you knew was cut from the same shitty cloth, except the strangely naive ones you occasionally met and were terrified to confide in under penalty of death. Generational abuse is the satanic secret. And secrets are the secret of generational abuse, and abuse in general. Without secrets, they got nothing, because IN FACT, the society of normal people is Much Too Large to Overcome without secrecy. And that includes all the fucked up shit that goes with "normal," because as bad as most families can get, killing and drinking blood are generally off limits.

Speaking of blood, how many people know their blood type? The *only* reason I know mine is because I donated blood once, 40 years ago, and happened to ask, and happened to get an answer that I presume was honest. Which I remembered (also very weird). The experience was burned into my memory for unknown reasons, and I never did it again. Point being: ask around. Do you know your blood type. Do they know theirs? Do you know your loved ones' blood types? NO?


Doesn't this seem like an important thing to know, heaven forfend there's an emergency?

An emergency for you and your loved ones? But not for the "authorities"?

it's not important

don't ask so many questions

we have it all under control

Do you think that a death cult, obsessed with blood, and vacuuming up all data especially medical data for decades, knows everything about blood in the population? Of course they do. They are connoisseurs. And as soon as this covid psyop launched, they were studying the connection between covid and blood types. Actually they've been studying the blood types forever, and especially since 1960, with about 20,000 studies per year in the NIH database for the last decade, for close to a half million studies so far...and that is just on the general topic of blood types never mind the specifics.


But these researchers, they are just about the most naive girls you could possibly hope to meet. They know practically nothing about the Birds and the Bees, or Blood, or Anything!

Let's see what the brilliant MIT has to offer. July 10, 2020. MIT Medical answers your questions.

Q: I have read that people with certain blood types are more susceptible to contracting COVID-19. ...
A: The question of a possible relationship between blood type and disease risk has been a topic of active research since early in the pandemic [and since 1960! - Ed.]. The first hint of a possible relationship came in March [2020 - Ed.] , from researchers in China {link removed}, who compared nearly 2,200 hospitalized COVID-19 patients to a control group of approximately 27,000 healthy individuals. They observed that...The risk for individuals for Type O blood appeared to be...In April, researchers at Columbia University reported similar risks {link removed} associated with Type A blood after blood-typing more than 1,500 New Yorkers and testing them for COVID-19.The NEJM study analyzed genetic data from more than 1,600 patients who had been hospitalized with severe cases of COVID-19 in Italy and Spain and compared them with about 2,200 uninfected individuals. The authors of the NEJM study hypothesize ...Or, they suggest, perhaps the genes associated with blood type also have some effect on the ACE2 receptor, the protein that allows the SARS-CoV-2 ... 

Heavens to Betsy! Hinting at possibilities appearing and observing and hypothesizing or suggesting there could be a connection! WHEW! And that's just the first 40,000 or so "participants" almost 18 months ago, starting as soon as we achieved Status LOCKDOWN! They are SO CAREFUL not to come out with conclusions and mandates when discussing these blood type studies. All very mysterious.

Also note: they do not DENY or call a Conspiracy Theory the connection between blood type and the covid. They just make the whole thing really muddy.

It appears to be a chocolate lab disguised as an old man. We can't be certain. It could also be an old man disguised as a chocolate lab. It could even be an old lady. We just don't know. More studies are required. We are certain, however, that it is NOT a yellow lab or a golden retriever, due to the overall brown color including the brown nose and the brown eyes. Thank you. Next question!?

Concluding ONLY that MIT Medical does *not* Routinely "Order" blood typing unless you're pregnant (we guess they don't bother "ordering" anything and leaving a paper trail -- they just take whatever they want). AND The Very Best way for YOU to Receive YOUR (Top Secret) blood type is to Donate Your Blood!, which is Still Perfectly Safe!! :D And by the way those studies over there have NO Practical Implications!!! Wear Your Mask and Social Distance, because Those Actions are PROVEN to Reduce the Risk of Illness for All Blood Types!!!! WIN WIN WIN heheheh


Know Thy Enemy.


junkyard rendition

This is not an actual Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur. It is an artits's rendition made out of scrap metal.
An actual T-Rex dinosaur would be infinitely more scary, but this John Lopez rendition is scary enough.
See more at johnlopezstudio.com.

In the same way, this blog post does not describe what is actually happening. It is A. Peasant's rendition cobbled together from junk on the internet. What is actually happening is probably infinitely more scary than this rendition.



The death cult and psychopaths in general use the stress and relief cycle on their victims because it naturally utilizes TIME. Tavistock knows this perfectly. Stress & Relief over TIME makes people malleable.

They have had all the time in the world.

TIME to study and prepare. TIME for humans to ruminate and suffer. TIME for memory to fade and recede. TIME to rewrite history. TIME for poison to work. TIME to get rid of evidence and witnesses. TIME to disconnect cause and effect. TIME for people to die. TIME for statutes of limitation to end. TIME to get away with murder.

This graph shows the scholarly articles and studies conducted on amino acid metabolism errors, inborn, since 1945. 25,379 results. Do you think the scientists have learned some important things about these genetic disorders during that time? We suppose so, or else they wouldn't be very bright, now would they.

Amino acid metabolism errors, inborn

"Inborn errors of metabolism (IEMs) are a large class of genetic disorders that result from defects in enzymes involved in energy production and metabolism of nutrients. ...In the latter case, the biochemical defect leads to accumulation of metabolites …"

The social engineers keep track of many things. ALL your data belongs to them, especially all your health data. HIPAA has giant, enormous, sandworm-sized loopholes to allow your data to be shared. Everyone in the healthcare system belongs to a cohort. We are all lab rats in the experiments, and the SOCIAL ENGINEERS collect and analyze our data.


(5) Public Interest and Benefit Activities. The Privacy Rule permits use and disclosure of protected health information, without an individual’s authorization or permission, for 12 national priority purposes.28 These disclosures are permitted, although not required, by the Rule in recognition of the important uses made of health information outside of the health care context. Specific conditions or limitations apply to each public interest purpose, striking the balance between the individual privacy interest and the public interest need for this information.

Hilarious. The 12 reasons are: as required by law; public health activities; victims of abuse, neglect or domestic violence; health oversight activities; judicial and administrative proceedings; law enforcement purposes; decedents; cadaveric organ, eye or tissue donation; research; serious threat to health or safety; essential government functions; workers' compensation. 

WELL that covers just about anything and everything. You see how they "strike the balance" there?

Anyway, this health data is fed to the Social Engineers. One particular group of Social Engineers work at INSNA.org, the International Network for Social Network Analysis, where on the front page they explain that they "uncover the patterning of people's interactions... Many believe...that the success of failure of societies... depends on the patterning of their internal structure... Social network analysis has found important applications in....the spread of contagious diseases, mental health, social support, the diffusion of information and animal social organization..."


So the Top Banana at INSNA is Dr. Laura Koehly, and since May 2017 she has another very important job at the NIH. 


Laura Koehly, Ph.D., has been named chief of the Social and Behavioral Research Branch (SBRB) in the Intramural Research Program at the National Human Research Institute (NHGRI), part of the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Koehly is the second chief to lead SBRB since it was established in 2003 to potentially transform healthcare through the integration of genomic medicine into the clinic.

Apparently, like many other top talent people we've observed over the years, she can do multiple prestigious jobs simultaneously. And you can go here: https://www.genome.gov/11509318/2003-release-nhgri-launches-new-branch  to read the 2003 press release when the SBRB was launched, hot on the heels of the completed Human Genome Project, and Dr. Green recruited the lovely and talented Dr. Colleen McBride from Duke University, where Bob Stevens visited just before he became the first person to die of anthrax in 2001, but I digress! What actually flicked my whiskers was this: 

SBRB research includes a focus on disorders that have major public health impact such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and rare genetic conditions with a significant impact on affected families such as methylmalonic acidemia.

OK well we all know about ADHD but what is this rare genetic condition that merits mention in the press release? Seems odd, no? Out of all the rare genetic conditions that significantly impact families, why did *this one* get a mention in the press release announcing Dr. Koehly's new job? Let's go to the NIH's GARD: GENETIC AND RARE DISEASES INFORMATION CENTER.

https://rarediseases.info.nih.gov/diseases/7033/methylmalonic-acidemia -- links removed.

Methylmalonic acidemia refers to a group of inherited conditions in which the body can’t breakdown certain parts of proteins and fats. This leads to a build-up of toxic substances and bouts of serious illness called decompensation events or metabolic crises. Symptoms of a decompensation event include poor feeding, vomiting, trouble breathing, and lack of energy (lethargy). These can occur at different ages and can range from mild to severe. Methylmalonic acidemia is caused by changes in several different genes and is inherited in an autosomal recessive fashion

Ohhhhh, so it's an AMINO ACID METABOLISM ERROR, INBORN like that chart up top, which shows the giant stack of scientific literature on those particular genetic defects since 1945.

Basically, this rare condition is passed from two parents who carry a mutation but do not have symptoms of the disease so obviously they have NO IDEA their baby is at risk. The affected baby will be weak and sickly, and it may have seizures and other serious problems like brain damage. There is no KNOWN cure.

"Throughout her career, Koehly has developed expertise in interpersonal processes that underpin communal coping within families, particularly those affected by heritable conditions."

This disease is SO RARE, that almost every newborn in the United States is screened for it. [blink blink blink] That doesn't really make sense. Why test every newborn for this extremely rare and yet well studied disease? Aren't there literally thousands and thousands of other rare diseases that people suffer from and the drug companies pass on investing in because there's no money in treating rare diseases? But the authorities definitely want to know which newborns have one of the various methylmalonic acidemia diseases with different symptoms and profiles in the NIH GARD database?

Weird, huh? Where is the, um, COST BENEFIT analysis of this policy? UNLESS maybe it's not that rare? UNLESS maybe there's a BENEFIT somewhere that we're not twigging onto out here in the hinterlands, where we have to make these COST BENEFIT analyses every time we go to the gas station or the grocery store?

UNLESS Maybe the Social Engineers just really want to know how the experiment is going so they test all the newborns and vacuum that INVALUABLE data into the NIH and friends via HIPAA loopholes? To analyze? Seeing which genes are mutating and causing disease in the various cohorts? Following the families, seeing how they manage with the horrible stress of raising a sick child? Measuring the costs measuring the suffering? Planning when to sound the alarm over the dramatic increase in IEMs and something must be done let us quickly pour billions of your tax dollars into research and Where's TONY we need a fucking vaccine developed for this, STAT?!!??

Just kidding, because that scenario would be SO EVIL. 

Isolated methylmalonic acidemia is caused by changes in one of five genes: MMUT, MMAA, MMAB, MMADHC, or MCEE. Methylmalonic acidemia with homocystinuria is caused by mutations in the MMADHC, LMBRD1 and ABCD4 genes. Other forms of methylmalonic acidemia are caused by changes in different genes.[2][6]
Last updated: 1/27/2020

Well let's see, just for shits and giggles let's go here: http://www.informatics.jax.org/allele/MGI:5825155  and use the search bar to look up where some of these genes are located on the chromosomes.... curious if they hang around together or not.

MMUT, protein coding gene - Chromosome 17, 19.55 cM, cytoband C-D
MMAA, protein coding gene - Chromosome 8, 37.51 Chromosome 8, 37.51 cM
MMAB, protein coding gene - Chromosome 5, 55.99 cM, cytoband F
MMADHC, protein coding gene - Chromosome 2, 28.92 cM
MCEE, protein coding gene - Chromosome 7, 34.65 cM, cytoband C
LMBRD1, protein coding gene - Chromosome 1, 10.18 cM
ABCD4, protein coding gene - Chromosome 12, 39.30 cM

Guess not. It looks like these protein coding genes are all over the place. That must keep things interesting for the scientists.

Who will be the lucky winner?


January 2006: More than meets the eye to human chromosome 8 which sites this paper: https://www.nature.com/articles/nature04406 

A unique feature of the chromosome is a vast region of ∼15 megabases on distal 8p that appears to have a strikingly high mutation rate, which has accelerated in the hominids relative to other sequenced mammals. This fast-evolving region contains a number of genes related to innate immunity and the nervous system...


Among its other special attributes, chromosome 8 is the first human autosome to have the DNA near its centromere decoded, which marks a milestone that will pique the interest of chromosome aficionados. Centromeres — the compact zones that separate the two arms of a chromosome and ensure its proper inheritance and their neighboring regions have been largely refractory to analysis using current technologies. Now, with these first snapshots, researchers may begin to track the history of centromeres, a task that has been hindered by a lack of sequence information.

Now let's mention but skip over the PCR tests, which may or may not include a segment of chromosome 8 so that theoretically a positive result could always be arranged, and let's head over to the "jab" technology.

Here's a nice pdf from University of Washington IDEA Program: COVID-19 Treatment (https://covid.idea.medicine.uw.edu), explaining the mechanism of mRNA vaccines.


As I understand it:

RNA converts the genetic code information in DNA into PROTEINS (using the centromeres gap?)
Human cells pass genetic information from DNA to RNA to PROTEINS.

There are 3 types of RNA: messenger, transfer, ribosomal.
mRNA carries the genetic information from the nucleus to make proteins in the cytoplasm.
THEN, tRNA and rRNA do their thing with the message provided.

The "vaccine" is a genetically engineered piece of mRNA carefully protected by something like sturdy supporting brackets, and surrounded by a luxurious fat pillow, so the genetically engineered instructions can be delivered in pristine condition to human cells, where they instruct the cells to make millions of "spike proteins" for the immune system to deal with.

[This part was not in the presentation. It was in another place, over here.] If those "spike proteins" are really just the process of cells dying, you can see that the "vaccine" mRNA instructions actually cause massive cell damage and death for the immune system to deal with. But that would be So Evil, so it can't be true.

Anyway, it seems risky to mess around with PROTEIN CODING GENES. Seems like a bad idea. Maybe something could mutate, especially on chromosome 8. What if millions of people developed mutations that cause amino acid metabolism errors, and they had no idea until they got sick, or got pregnant and miscarried, or had a baby sick with one of the methylmalonic acidemia diseases, and no KNOWN cure?

Since every newborn is tested, the parents will get this heartbreaking news right away. And the Social Engineers will know, naturally, because they've been bean studying and counting all this time. So when the uptick happens, they will know the precise moment to engage the media apparatus and Sound The Alarm. But of course, by then it will be much too late.

And this, my friends, is how the Death Cult operates. This is how they murder millions of people and get away with it. Of course the details will be different, more nuanced, more diabolical and terrifying, but you can see the killer predator well enough in the junkyard rendition. And evidently, the killer predator can see you, too.



"Total disclosed deal values for rare disease therapeutics focused partnering activity year to date is up 17.5 percent compared to the same period in 2020."


the free association game

And he asked him, What is thy name? And he answered, saying, My name is legion: for we are many.
Mark 5:9

When you organize your life around something, that is worship.
Millions of people willingly organize their lives around [WORSHIP] an invisible virus. 
They want to control everyone and make all people organize their lives around [WORSHIP] the invisible virus, too. 
That means take the damn vaccine and put your fucking mask on.
How far will they go? However far we let them.

Most of these people are unwittingly participating in
because they are PROGRAMMED by people on TEEVEE


Why don't more people have faith and organize their lives around [WORSHIP] God?
Because he's invisible, silly.

WHO is behind this mass psychosis?

They influence our decisions without us knowing it. They numb our senses without us feeling it. They control our lives without us realizing it. They live.

These demons are legion.
And they are everywhere among us.

THEY can see YOU, but YOU are not supposed to see THEM.
Unless you DO start seeing them, with your son-glasses on.
THEY don't like that One Bit.
THEY only like the game when YOU don't know any of the rules.

They fill the halls of power everywhere because they recognize and promote each other. Safety in numbers. The last thing they want is for some principled human getting promoted too high and 
Ruining Everything.

It's all going to be "RUINED" anyway, despite their Best Efforts.


titles & positions
as mentioned, they FILL the halls of power

Doctor wants to be 'scary to the public' and inflate COVID numbers, 'If you don't get vaccinated, you know you're going to die.' 

“So I just want to say we have to be more blunt, we have to be more forceful, we have to see something coming out: ‘If you don’t get vaccinated, you know you’re going to die,'” Rudyk said, laughing. “I mean let’s just be really blunt with these people.”

So there are the obvious things, like the evil that comes out of their mouths.

But there's much more.

body language
frequently arrogant, but can be very adept mimicking harmlessness until it's too late for the mark
(think Kevin Spacey as Keyser Soze at the end of The Usual Suspects when he drops the limp and gets away)


The demons study you, punish you, and reward each other.

awards and prestige markers
BIG fans of fluffing each other's balls to convince you how great they are while they make bank at your expense

Dr. Mary Rudyk receives community service award October 2020

separated at birth...?

appearance (yes, physiognomy is real)
that's why you're not supposed to notice

Dr. Mary Rudyk, a "woman to watch" October 2020

nothing weird here at all
nice plant dress, Mary
plants need water
If you happen to have a nice, prestigious job, you'd probably have access to many people willing to kiss your ass and give you information.

Remember Obama's portrait?

plants need water
water is information

clothing, jewelry and other signaling behavior
they really enjoy this in-your-face sort of thing
symbolism will be their downfall

how about a lovely devil fish or maybe it's a parasite pin and witchy necklace for the head shot?
darling, of course

The creature was a mutant protecting its food supply

gender bending
on a scale beyond imagining?

it's called:
Elite Gender Inversion
or Occult Transgenderism

do your research
it's nothing new

Go ahead, just zoom in there and see what you see.

Susan B Anthony, front row and second from the left, with Elizabeth Cady Stanton, two seats over, with executive committee members from the International Council of Women. (Credit: Library of Congress/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images)

International Council of Women, Washington DC, 1888, Seneca Falls Historical Site

Seneca Falls: Historic Gateway to the Finger Lakes


Remember Hunter's weird Finger Lakes tattoo?
I'm sure it's just another pesky coincidence.

Back to the ladies......

Anthony and Stan(ton)

SOURCE: very interesting article on how to "never let a crisis go to waste" circa 1868

"But Anthony wasn’t there to fight for the ballot—she was there to demand the release of a convicted murderer from prison. As she took the stage, she told the audience about the case of Hester Vaughn, a woman tried and convicted of murdering her own baby. But Vaughn wasn’t a cold-blooded murderer, Anthony insisted, she was yet another victim of a system that denied women their basic human rights."

The baby's skull was crushed by a blunt instrument. Clots of blood were found on the head. The abdomen showed signs of a severe beating. But Hester was the victim, see? The sentencing judge said that infanticide had become so common, it was time to establish the principle that death awaited women who killed their own children.

And there came Susan B. Anthony to defend poor Hester.
Because, you know, killing babies... it happens.

Susan B. Anthony "I had rather... make history than write it."



Transgender Racer Charlie Martin Making History


Honey Mahoneny: From competing in 'RuPaul's drag race' to making history in politics



MJ Rodriguez on making transgender Emmys history: "Respect my womanhood"

I could do this all day, but you get the idea.
The point is it's all connected;  it's very old; and it's very organized.

And that is why it will all collapse when enough people SEE, and get off their knees.

Put them on.

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