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there's that damn stream again

UPDATE: 3 weeks later, Project Veritas starts dropping videos of whistleblowers re: the COVID vaccines.

A story caught my eye a few days ago (8/29) while perusing the Tore Says+ channel on Telegram -- a video of a woman talking about a truck full of Moderna vaccines crashing in West Virginia. 

This happened in the middle of the night, specifically at 1:44am at the 144 mile marker.... 

In West Virginia, the whitest state in the country and coincidentally Ground Zero for the opiod epidemic.

Here's the press release about the accident from the Monongalia County Sheriff's facebook page.

Lots of weird details, and by the way 50 gallons of oil and anti-freeze had spilled out and was "leaking TO a nearby stream."

We took the trouble to find this area on google maps and map quest, and it's in the middle of nowhere. I-79 north, Monongalia County, near the Marion County line. No houses nearby, and also no stream. Just a stretch of highway in the West Virginia countryside.

These are pics of the supposed wreck:

source - kind of miraculous how you really can't confirm a damn thing from these pics.
Airspace is restricted so no pics from above either. Sorry kids.

Also, according to assorted people weighing in on trucks, 50 gallons is way too much oil and anti-freeze for a tractor-trailer.

So we are going back out on the limb here and say that there was no actual truck wreck, and this is a fake news story to provide information to certain parties. And that's why the whole thing just kind of went away after a few days instead of turning into a Giant Drama with 1.2 Million Preciou$ Vaccines Almost Lost!!!

Is it easy to fake a story like this?  We think so. Lots of things are faked. Close the road for a few hours in the middle of the night, reroute the traffic, send some hazmat guys in to make it look good, keep the locals with drones away. That's a wrap.

So what might the message be and who would it be for?



And maybe it has something to do with One Mr. 44?

What else do we see? We see clowns at work.

Tim Pool from Fredrick, MD, tried very hard to whip the story up into a conspiracy after he demanded information from authorities and was promptly blown off. "Something bad just went down near Morgantown WV" (tweeted three days later). Timcast is a "resource for individuals who are interested in news and information without the filtering and overtones." Tim is a source for other clowns?

Mikael Thalen from Seattle, WA calls Tim out for being conspiratorial and assures readers that this was an "innocuous wreck".

New details offered, supposedly from HHS but I cannot confirm it anywhere, and no link was given by clown #1 or clown #2:

“A truck carrying 1.2 million doses of Moderna vaccine destined for Ghana had an accident on the way to Dulles airportWe understand the driver was taken to hospital but has since been discharged,” the HHS spokesperson saidCOVAX and its partner agencies wish the driver a full and speedy recovery and are working closely with the US Government to ensure disruptions to shipments of life-saving vaccines are as minimal as possible.”

Ghana needs 1.2 million doses? According to the WHO, from 1/3/2020 to 8/21/2021 Ghana had 118,266 confirmed cases and 1,017 deaths. 1,271,393 doses have been administered.

About 32 million people live in Ghana, so looks like less than 4% want the vaccine so far. So force another 1.2 million vials on them? Seems a little over-kill, unless there's another reason it had to be Ghana. And that's very possible since it's West Africa. I guess we'll find out, or not.

Maybe it's me, but the tractor-trailer story doesn't add up in 3D. It adds up a lot better in 5D, in the symbolic [coded] language.


Meanwhile, let's go to the memory hole. Moderna's vaccine is made in New Hampshire by Swiss drugmaker Lonza. From there, looks like everything goes to Bloomington, IN to be filled, finished and distributed by Catalent and/or BAXTER.

Nowhere does it say which company is making this new & improved vaccine.
While H5N1 rarely infects people, experts fear it could mutate into a form that people could easily pass to one another, sparking a pandemic that could kill tens of millions and topple the global economy.
That's one way to finish us off.

Meanwhile, somebody appears to be hard at work mutating H5N1 into "a form that people could easily pass to one another, sparking a pandemic that could kill tens of millions and topple the global economy."

Coincidence? Hmm? This is exactly what the "experts fear."

Officials are trying to get to the bottom of how vaccine manufacturer Baxter International Inc. made "experimental virus material" based on a human flu strain but contaminated with the H5N1 avian flu virus and then distributed it to an Austrian company.

That company, Avir Green Hills Biotechnology, then disseminated the supposed H3N2 virus product to subcontractors in the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Germany. Authorities in the four European countries are looking into the incident, and their efforts are being closely watched by the World Health Organization and the European Centre for Disease Control.

And coincidence again? That's what happened, eleven years later. Remember Jane Burgermeister?

Dianne Marshall has a post about it if you want to refresh your memory. 

And who is COVAX and its partner agencies, wishing the driver a speedy recovery? And why does the HHS spokesperson speak for COVAX?

Let's go to NPR health blog, called GOATS AND SODA naturally, who asked in May 2021, "What is this COVAX Program that the US is pouring millions of vaccines into?" 

(NPR's Goats and Soda blog funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)
symbolism will be their downfall

Well, the US has to send millions of doses around the world, but it has to be done fairly. Joey Bribes doesn't want to use the life-saving vaccines as quid pro quos, so COVAX "ensures" that they are distributed according to the ScienceTM and the DataTM. This is a "turning point." Or at least that was the talking point back in April / May.

Of the just over 1.5 billion doses of vaccine administered so far, nearly 60% have been administered in 20 predominantly wealthy nations, according to statistics compiled by Our World in Data. [CLICK THROUGH FOR INTERACTIVE GRAPH - ED.]
And this global inequity in access to vaccines is exactly the situation COVAX was trying to avoid.
Which country's population was first in line to receive the 'life-saving' vaccines? Israel. 

Anyway, COVAX is a joint venture between the WHO, CEPI (Center for Epidemic Preparedness and Innovation), GAVI - the Vaccine Alliance, and UNICEF. Founded in April 2020. 100% deep state. The idea being that COVAX would buy huge quantities of the vaccines from the manufacturers (create demand), and dole them out globally and "fairly." Funded of course by your tax dollars, and Bill & Melinda Gates, and UNICEF and the World Bank. 

Getting back to the crash... according to the clowns (and we cannot confirm), the HHS spokesperson relayed that COVAX and its partner agencies wish the driver of the crashed tractor trailer a speedy recovery and are working together with the US Government to keep disruptions of shipments of the life-saving vaccines to a minimum. 

That's one more little coded message.

When it comes to well-wishers, the president of the United States has few rivals. Donald Trump has used his public platform to “wish [fill-in-the-blank] well” more than 30 times in recent years. Sometimes, he does so earnestly. More often, he does so sarcastically to dismiss his perceived foes.

The Washington Post and every other swamp creature knows exactly what it means to wish someone well, mmkay?


~~ in contrast, a crazy conspiracy from ~~

Steve Quayle: BEAST = Biometric Encryption And Satellite Tracking

October 15, 2009
Steve Quayle

"The Beast rises from its hidden depths of other world origins to first enslave and then devour its unsuspecting worshippers"

Although this is a great intro for a sci-fi movie, unfortunately its real. Based in Belgium the "BEAST" – Biometric Encryption and Satellite Tracking – is very well-funded and in total "ready" mode for the day when everyone left alive will be forced to take the Mark of the Beast as admission into the New World Order!

In the last 24 hours as I write this on 10/15/09, verification has come in from an Asian source that indicates "The bioweapon at the tip of the needle with the nanotech device is located there. It is part of the super-cray computer system located in central Europe".

'The Lucifer Strain'; as I am calling the genetically modified vaccines that are being forced on the public through a psychological operation that would make the greatest tyrants in history jealous has a more sinister side than most can embrace. Ten years ago I proposed that the ideal killing machine would be a genetically modified and altered vaccine that would be forced on the worlds population to 'HELP' them.

I stated for the record that the US military would be intentionally destroyed by its enemies and traitors within our own Government. I suggested that through enough obscuring of disclosure that a binary bio-weapon would be designed that would be initially injected into the soldier with the final injection being the 'finishing touch' through administering a secondary injection.

In the last 48 hours it was noted in the mainstream press, that the German Army is being given a different vaccine than the German people. Additional information received by us, stated that private military contractors – mercenaries – were being given a "safe vaccine" different than the one going to the people in the US and the general military. It is against the Geneva Convention to use people as guinea pigs, and many Nazi doctors were sentenced to death for just following orders! The most perilous times in history are upon us.

Don't just let these monsters poison you, destroy you, your children, your future and your lives. Do your homework. Read everything you can on vaccines and rise up in righteous indignation asking the right questions of all authorities.

File lawsuits, write Letters to the Editor, call in on radio and TV talk programs. Do something, do anything for if you fail to rise up legally and morally you will be permanently placed in a horizontal position – never to rise again!



WaffleStaffel said…
Synchronicity! I just noticed your new post, this morning I was learning a bit about the 2009 event and looking at Burgermeister's Wikispooks page

During the ethnic minority rule in Ethiopia, Tedros "Dr. Coverup" has a colorful history as a health minister in his home country. Allocating healthcare as a political weapon. Downplaying several cholera outbreaks. Presiding over the 'disappearance' of 2.5 million ethnic Amharas from the census.

I wish I could see through your eyes. To employ an overused subject of metaphor, it's like you can look at the green code scrolling down the screen and see the pretty blonde girl.
A. Peasant said…
Hey there Waffle. Tedros is utter filth. Have you seen that little video of him dancing while dressed as a teenage girl? Nauseating. I thought I included it in a post but maybe not.

The language symbolism I'm not that good at, but this particular story just jumped out at me for whatever reason. The blogger who sees everything is this guy:

About a decade ago i noticed the phenomenon while reading english language online news from foreign countries. these were local syndicates so stuff like this: I mentioned to someone who i believe to have been on a payroll somewhere, that i thought there were communications in the papers, and the incredulous bemused horror response let me know i was over the target.

What i've been seeing everywhere are the men pretending to be women and vice versa. Haven't figured out yet how to blog about it. Just to give you an example or two: Chuck Schumer's wife and Greta Thurnburg. both male IMO and obviously so. There are many others. The gender bending is part of the satanic agenda. The spiritual warfare is real, but writing about it is tricky because the perception of these things is not necessarily simple to convey. But anyway, that particular issue i think is much, much more widespread than people realize and will be shocking when revealed.
A. Peasant said…
oh ffs, the Tedros clip is on this very post. ;) still having coffee...
WaffleStaffel said…
Yes! I did see it. When I originally saw that Tedros video a couple years ago I thought it was probably a deepfake, but looking at the 270 degree view of his head at an upward camera angle and the dance lights hitting is face, I'm now certain it's real. Tedros spotted the person filming him and seemed utterly unfazed.
Here's a higher res version -

I believe the days of blackmail are winding down. For decades, aside from a few decent politicians who were sort of 'grandfathered' in, you just didn't get elected without a brownstone-operation-type blackmail video on file in Tel-Aviv. I think the times have changed recently, where they don't necessarily need the blackmail, because they're putting their own people in these positions (like Barry Soetero, who may as well have been grown in a vat in Langley). You remember that school girl who did that genealogy project showing that every single US president is related to one another? They're all descended from European royalty as well, which has been infiltrated by the tribe for over 1000 years. Everyone in Hollywood is related, most married couples are cousins bearding for one another, and they're related to royalty too. Miles Mathis does the genealogy. Every position of consequence is populated by the talentless offspring of the elite. No need for blackmail, just cleanup crews.

I agree about the gender bending part to the extent that they are rapidly normalizing every kind of deviance under the sun, if it involves occult symbolism, so much the better. The end goal being total destruction of not just the family unit, but of any kind of fulfilling relationship with another human being. They're turning everyone into dysfunctional psychic vampires. I'd never seen Schumer's wife before, but I'll concede she could easily be a man. I've always said that Kevin Kline has a side-hustle playing Melinda Gates. I know it's widely believed that a lot of people, like Michelle Obama, are trans, but I think most are just unfortunate looking. These relationships are usually just for appearances anyway, to cover for the fact that these people most certainly do not have normal adult heterosexual appetites, so it wouldn't matter to a guy like Chuck that his wife is terribly unappealing.

A former friend of mine is trans. We were best buds when we were younger. I was the gay one, he was a beer drinking girl chaser. He'd humiliated himself with a series of girls he was interested in, driving them away. He spent 10 years in vain trying to break into the music industry in LA, and he returned home to a small fortune left by his grandparents. Already a highly self-indulgent type, I guess it dawned on him that his misery and failure was really because he was a woman trapped in a man's body... He's spent a fortune on voice lessons, makeup lessons, wardrobe, etc.. It was a surreal experience, because on top of all that, he decided I was an oppressive bigot and unfit for friendship (though we'd barely spoken in all that time). Fortunately I've never actually seen him in person since 'transitioning' because I'm certain I could not keep a straight face, but his poor mother bears the brunt of his fury and his insistence on being accepted. I only point out that I'm gay to put this story in context, it's not the core of my "identity" and I can clearly see the agendas at play. I know I'm in a small minority, but FWIW there are even drag queens who are willing to draw a clear line for acceptable behavior-

Was the conversation with the person on the payroll on your old blog? I do believe I read it some time ago. Anyway, thanks for the links, I'm going to check decodingsymbols out.
A. Peasant said…
Waffle, thanks for the great detailed comment. I laughed at "you just didn't get elected without a brownstone-operation-type blackmail video on file in Tel-Aviv" -- so true. I don't know the schoolgirl project but am aware from Miles Mathis that they're all related. My own mother (from Europe) was very interested in the European royalty. Naturally it's very time consuming and expensive for working class people to verify these things, so it stays in the haze where anything can be denied as needed.

Re: unfortunate looking people.... I do think that's the natural assumption. Oh poor so-and-so is not very pretty / handsome / whatever. Of course this is certainly true in many cases. But I think many reasonable assumptions are used against us to flood the zone with other things and chalk it up to that reasonable assumption. It's all part of the not judging indoctrination. If you can't judge, best not to perceive anything at all. Perception is made subservient to judging, which is wrong, so therefore no one is allowed to perceive anything lest they form an unacceptable opinion and start judging and be kicked out of polite society... Voila! How on earth is a society trained this way to notice if men are pretending to be women and women are pretending to be men? It would be rude to notice.

Have you ever heard of Meghan Fox and Jennifer Aniston being men? Seems outrageous, but what if their stardom is directly connected to their ability to deceive in this most fundamental way?

At some point over the years it became more efficient for me, personally, to go with my gut instincts and trust them. it's impossible to prove a lot of things, but that doesn't mean they are false. Anyway this transition to intuition=based knowing makes blogging very difficult if one wants to meet certain standards of proof.

Regarding your former friend, it seems like a cop out. I mean it's always nice to mess up your life then inherit a small fortune with which to reinvent oneself in an exotic fashion. That's clown world.

I don't think the conversation I referenced was in the comments. It's hard to remember. I did have an email correspondence with this person and as I recall it was a private thread. Not to say it couldn't have been mentioned in the blog or comments, but I doubt it. It wasn't James or anyone regular here at the time, if you recall those days, where we discussed a lot openly. This was not that. Just saying I first had this awareness about communications in the media approximately ten years ago.
WaffleStaffel said…
I have not heard anything specifically about Fox or Aniston, but looking at Fox, I'd say it's possible. I tend to look at the adams apple, shoulder width, and jaw size (I have tried to discern the gender of a fair share of celebs). Not every trait be surgically altered. To me, Jennifer Aniston has always looked like Alfred E Neuman.

"many reasonable assumptions are used against us... If you can't judge, best not to perceive anything at all" That's well said. Like you say, it's rude to notice. Nowdays, just noticing things can get you in quite a pickle.

Hopefully people put some thought into the revelation that the authorities are using behavioral psychologists to manipulate their response to a fake pandemic. We're under the constant influence of operant conditioning by people who've poured billions of dollars and decades of research into game theory and behavioral psychology.

(I never until just now considered it an advantage to have an extremely outspoken and judgemental mother, ha ha. She's not nasty about it, she's just observant/critical and has no filter, so if someone looked trans or whatever, she just blurts it out. Literally, just now while typing, she pointed out that someone on the teevee was wearing a toupee.)

I understand how going by intuition you can't always make an airtight case. You can make a case on circumstantial evidence, and your gut can give you other leads to go on. It definitely helps to have someone in real life who you can bounce things off of without judgement, hopefully you have that, not many of us do. I read so many comments of people waking up to reality and finding everyone in their lives hostile to the truth. So many people talking about their own children ridiculing them for their concern. I can only consider it a good thing that our numbers are growing.
WaffleStaffel said…
... and to your original point, I agree. For whatever reason they do still communicate out in the open like this, and this makes much more sense in that context than its ostensible message, and it is odd that it didn't make national news. It could've been so useful for messaging the importance of the precious little vials.

Here's something interesting. It's Jim Stone, take it FWIW, it appears legit. They use codes when they redact things, and the code they used on the Pfizer document are for a "U.S. Classified Weapon"
A. Peasant said…
Fox you can see on the youtubes being interviewed on the red carpet years ago saying she's a tranny and insecure etc.
Got in trouble for TMI, blamed it on booze and described her own comments as "belligerent." Pretty sad.

Somewhere out there on the web is a pic of Aniston walking in a bikini, clearly a man, with a big scowl at the camera.

Probably there's a lot of science and manipulation, hormones, surgery, MK Ultra etc involved starting from birth and maybe even sooner for all we know. Like so many areas of "science," there's a big gap between what actually can be done and what most people think can be done.

As for noticing things out loud, your mum sounds GREAT! Give her a hug from me because I do the same things at home and, no, I don't really have people to bounce off. Sometimes my children listen politely but that's about it. Hostility is the primary response people have to the truth, very true. And it just goes right onto the messenger every time, so uh, I can confirm that yes. God knows I have tried. People really, really do NOT want to hear it.

But you know who can say the most truth are stand up comedians. I watched two recently, with two of my children, and they found it hilarious. I was mostly horrified. One guy was on about his dad being some kind of lunatic gangster tough guy who made him dress like a girl, hahahahaha, and the other guy was some tortured catholic boy who married and divorced a miserable jewess.

Re: the jab as weapon, that sounds and looks about right. I actually started looking into why they started calling it a JAB anyway. Seemed weird to me, that term got very sticky very quickly. There's a DOJ database called JABS, the Joint Automated Booking System. It's how they identify people in federal custody. So, you take that graphene oxide in all the shots and this is the ingredient that allows them to track people. That's why they want everyone to take the "jab" ie: get into their JABS database? Just my gut but I'm crazy...