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junkyard rendition

This is not an actual Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur. It is an artits's rendition made out of scrap metal.
An actual T-Rex dinosaur would be infinitely more scary, but this John Lopez rendition is scary enough.
See more at

In the same way, this blog post does not describe what is actually happening. It is A. Peasant's rendition cobbled together from junk on the internet. What is actually happening is probably infinitely more scary than this rendition.


The death cult and psychopaths in general use the stress and relief cycle on their victims because it naturally utilizes TIME. Tavistock knows this perfectly. Stress & Relief over TIME makes people malleable.

They have had all the time in the world.

TIME to study and prepare. TIME for humans to ruminate and suffer. TIME for memory to fade and recede. TIME to rewrite history. TIME for poison to work. TIME to get rid of evidence and witnesses. TIME to disconnect cause and effect. TIME for people to die. TIME for statutes of limitation to end. TIME to get away with murder.

This graph shows the scholarly articles and studies conducted on amino acid metabolism errors, inborn, since 1945. 25,379 results. Do you think the scientists have learned some important things about these genetic disorders during that time? We suppose so, or else they wouldn't be very bright, now would they.

Amino acid metabolism errors, inborn

"Inborn errors of metabolism (IEMs) are a large class of genetic disorders that result from defects in enzymes involved in energy production and metabolism of nutrients. ...In the latter case, the biochemical defect leads to accumulation of metabolites …"

The social engineers keep track of many things. ALL your data belongs to them, especially all your health data. HIPAA has giant, enormous, sandworm-sized loopholes to allow your data to be shared. Everyone in the healthcare system belongs to a cohort. We are all lab rats in the experiments, and the SOCIAL ENGINEERS collect and analyze our data.

(5) Public Interest and Benefit Activities. The Privacy Rule permits use and disclosure of protected health information, without an individual’s authorization or permission, for 12 national priority purposes.28 These disclosures are permitted, although not required, by the Rule in recognition of the important uses made of health information outside of the health care context. Specific conditions or limitations apply to each public interest purpose, striking the balance between the individual privacy interest and the public interest need for this information.

Hilarious. The 12 reasons are: as required by law; public health activities; victims of abuse, neglect or domestic violence; health oversight activities; judicial and administrative proceedings; law enforcement purposes; decedents; cadaveric organ, eye or tissue donation; research; serious threat to health or safety; essential government functions; workers' compensation. 

WELL that covers just about anything and everything. You see how they "strike the balance" there?

Anyway, this health data is fed to the Social Engineers. One particular group of Social Engineers work at, the International Network for Social Network Analysis, where on the front page they explain that they "uncover the patterning of people's interactions... Many believe...that the success of failure of societies... depends on the patterning of their internal structure... Social network analysis has found important applications in....the spread of contagious diseases, mental health, social support, the diffusion of information and animal social organization..."

So the Top Banana at INSNA is Dr. Laura Koehly, and since May 2017 she has another very important job at the NIH.

Laura Koehly, Ph.D., has been named chief of the Social and Behavioral Research Branch (SBRB) in the Intramural Research Program at the National Human Research Institute (NHGRI), part of the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Koehly is the second chief to lead SBRB since it was established in 2003 to potentially transform healthcare through the integration of genomic medicine into the clinic.

Apparently, like many other top talent people we've observed over the years, she can do multiple prestigious jobs simultaneously. And you can go here:  to read the 2003 press release when the SBRB was launched, hot on the heels of the completed Human Genome Project, and Dr. Green recruited the lovely and talented Dr. Colleen McBride from Duke University, where Bob Stevens visited just before he became the first person to die of anthrax in 2001, but I digress! What actually flicked my whiskers was this: 

SBRB research includes a focus on disorders that have major public health impact such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and rare genetic conditions with a significant impact on affected families such as methylmalonic acidemia.

OK well we all know about ADHD but what is this rare genetic condition that merits mention in the press release? Seems odd, no? Out of all the rare genetic conditions that significantly impact families, why did *this one* get a mention in the press release announcing Dr. Koehly's new job? Let's go to the NIH's GARD: GENETIC AND RARE DISEASES INFORMATION CENTER. -- links removed.

Methylmalonic acidemia refers to a group of inherited conditions in which the body can’t breakdown certain parts of proteins and fats. This leads to a build-up of toxic substances and bouts of serious illness called decompensation events or metabolic crises. Symptoms of a decompensation event include poor feeding, vomiting, trouble breathing, and lack of energy (lethargy). These can occur at different ages and can range from mild to severe. Methylmalonic acidemia is caused by changes in several different genes and is inherited in an autosomal recessive fashion

Ohhhhh, so it's an AMINO ACID METABOLISM ERROR, INBORN like that chart up top, which shows the giant stack of scientific literature on those particular genetic defects since 1945.

Basically, this rare condition is passed from two parents who carry a mutation but do not have symptoms of the disease so obviously they have NO IDEA their baby is at risk. The affected baby will be weak and sickly, and it may have seizures and other serious problems like brain damage. There is no KNOWN cure.

"Throughout her career, Koehly has developed expertise in interpersonal processes that underpin communal coping within families, particularly those affected by heritable conditions."

This disease is SO RARE, that almost every newborn in the United States is screened for it. [blink blink blink] That doesn't really make sense. Why test every newborn for this extremely rare and yet well studied disease? Aren't there literally thousands and thousands of other rare diseases that people suffer from and the drug companies pass on investing in because there's no money in treating rare diseases? But the authorities definitely want to know which newborns have one of the various methylmalonic acidemia diseases with different symptoms and profiles in the NIH GARD database?

Weird, huh? Where is the, um, COST BENEFIT analysis of this policy? UNLESS maybe it's not that rare? UNLESS maybe there's a BENEFIT somewhere that we're not twigging onto out here in the hinterlands, where we have to make these COST BENEFIT analyses every time we go to the gas station or the grocery store?

UNLESS Maybe the Social Engineers just really want to know how the experiment is going so they test all the newborns and vacuum that INVALUABLE data into the NIH and friends via HIPAA loopholes? To analyze? Seeing which genes are mutating and causing disease in the various cohorts? Following the families, seeing how they manage with the horrible stress of raising a sick child? Measuring the costs measuring the suffering? Planning when to sound the alarm over the dramatic increase in IEMs and something must be done let us quickly pour billions of your tax dollars into research and Where's TONY we need a fucking vaccine developed for this, STAT?!!??

Just kidding, because that scenario would be SO EVIL. 

Isolated methylmalonic acidemia is caused by changes in one of five genes: MMUT, MMAA, MMAB, MMADHC, or MCEE. Methylmalonic acidemia with homocystinuria is caused by mutations in the MMADHC, LMBRD1 and ABCD4 genes. Other forms of methylmalonic acidemia are caused by changes in different genes.[2][6]
Last updated: 1/27/2020

Well let's see, just for shits and giggles let's go here:  and use the search bar to look up where some of these genes are located on the chromosomes.... curious if they hang around together or not.

MMUT, protein coding gene - Chromosome 17, 19.55 cM, cytoband C-D
MMAA, protein coding gene - Chromosome 8, 37.51 Chromosome 8, 37.51 cM
MMAB, protein coding gene - Chromosome 5, 55.99 cM, cytoband F
MMADHC, protein coding gene - Chromosome 2, 28.92 cM
MCEE, protein coding gene - Chromosome 7, 34.65 cM, cytoband C
LMBRD1, protein coding gene - Chromosome 1, 10.18 cM
ABCD4, protein coding gene - Chromosome 12, 39.30 cM

Guess not. It looks like these protein coding genes are all over the place. That must keep things interesting for the scientists.

Who will be the lucky winner?

January 2006: More than meets the eye to human chromosome 8 which sites this paper: 

A unique feature of the chromosome is a vast region of ∼15 megabases on distal 8p that appears to have a strikingly high mutation rate, which has accelerated in the hominids relative to other sequenced mammals. This fast-evolving region contains a number of genes related to innate immunity and the nervous system...

Among its other special attributes, chromosome 8 is the first human autosome to have the DNA near its centromere decoded, which marks a milestone that will pique the interest of chromosome aficionados. Centromeres — the compact zones that separate the two arms of a chromosome and ensure its proper inheritance and their neighboring regions have been largely refractory to analysis using current technologies. Now, with these first snapshots, researchers may begin to track the history of centromeres, a task that has been hindered by a lack of sequence information.

Now let's mention but skip over the PCR tests, which may or may not include a segment of chromosome 8 so that theoretically a positive result could always be arranged, and let's head over to the "jab" technology.

Here's a nice pdf from University of Washington IDEA Program: COVID-19 Treatment (, explaining the mechanism of mRNA vaccines.

As I understand it:

RNA converts the genetic code information in DNA into PROTEINS (using the centromeres gap?)
Human cells pass genetic information from DNA to RNA to PROTEINS.

There are 3 types of RNA: messenger, transfer, ribosomal.
mRNA carries the genetic information from the nucleus to make proteins in the cytoplasm.
THEN, tRNA and rRNA do their thing with the message provided.

The "vaccine" is a genetically engineered piece of mRNA carefully protected by something like sturdy supporting brackets, and surrounded by a luxurious fat pillow, so the genetically engineered instructions can be delivered in pristine condition to human cells, where they instruct the cells to make millions of "spike proteins" for the immune system to deal with.

[This part was not in the presentation. It was in another place, over here.] If those "spike proteins" are really just the process of cells dying, you can see that the "vaccine" mRNA instructions actually cause massive cell damage and death for the immune system to deal with. But that would be So Evil, so it can't be true.

Anyway, it seems risky to mess around with PROTEIN CODING GENES. Seems like a bad idea. Maybe something could mutate, especially on chromosome 8. What if millions of people developed mutations that cause amino acid metabolism errors, and they had no idea until they got sick, or got pregnant and miscarried, or had a baby sick with one of the methylmalonic acidemia diseases, and no KNOWN cure?

Since every newborn is tested, the parents will get this heartbreaking news right away. And the Social Engineers will know, naturally, because they've been bean studying and counting all this time. So when the uptick happens, they will know the precise moment to engage the media apparatus and Sound The Alarm. But of course, by then it will be much too late.

And this, my friends, is how the Death Cult operates. This is how they murder millions of people and get away with it. Of course the details will be different, more nuanced, more diabolical and terrifying, but you can see the killer predator well enough in the junkyard rendition. And evidently, the killer predator can see you, too.


"Total disclosed deal values for rare disease therapeutics focused partnering activity year to date is up 17.5 percent compared to the same period in 2020."


Peter said…
So many foods genetically manipulated AP. When I was a child during the summer fresh corn was a treat. Sadly, the sweet taste of freshly picked corn disappeared within a day. Today, fresh corn on the cob is readily available and that sweet taste lasts for well over 5 days. Good right? Hmmm. Same with fresh tomatoes, available all year now no problems with transporting as in the past. (Just 2 examples) So many more. DEath cult got it's hooks in us big time. No escape. My Dr. told me I could die if I did not get vaxed. I looked her right in the eye and said, "I'll take my chances" Gotten to the point where I am fearless. "They" can off me anytime, this I know. Back in 2012 I remember a chat we had about my cancer. You said it would eat my face. lol I disregarded your knowledge. Turns out you were correct. I read your cobbled junk AP and i enjoy your wisdom and knowledge. Keep doin' it girl. Not mnany others with brass balls like yours. Respect!
A. Peasant said…
Hi Peter! Blessings to you. I read your comment in the middle of the night and lay awake the next two hours lol. Where to begin... food. It's true. I have tomatoes on my counter perfectly ripe now for two weeks, and i keep looking at them waiting for something to happen it's like a mexican standoff. THis past summer we several times bought veggies at a local farm and they were strangely more delicious than my other good cooking. Like all the other poisoning methods -- no doubt it's invisible to us and done on the cellular level. Good on you for telling your doctor no. Yes they can off any of us but they don't, or they haven't yet, and that could mean something too. To be honest as weird as my blog is or has become, it's nowhere close to things i intuit inwardly as i pick through the detritus of this world. Intuition unleashed. I wish i remembered the chat you mention, and i am sorry to have said such a terrible thing and horrified it happened. I pray for your healing and admire your cavalier and gallant bearing. And thank you for appreciating my junk ;) The comments here are an absolute gold mine. There's so much wisdom buried under these posts, and it's also like a masquerade ball with some of the people who came in here and left hints trying to get my attention. Most of the hints i'm sure went right over my head. Anyway, there's a ton of goodies like the gay mafia stuff, China and the South China Sea, those two topics in particular would be great to find again. I'm sure at booger headquarters that's no trouble at all but to use the platform the features are extremely limited. Even stats. In the past you could see IPs and country and when the spooks were hovering around, but now just summary level data -- a line graph # visitors per day. Drill down to a donut. Gee thanks booger. Someday i TRUST all this will be turned on its head and The first will be last and the last will be first, and we will have all the time in the world to document their crimes. But meantime, as A13 says, hold until relieved.
bholanath said…
Fabulous and scary as hell. Gonna have to slog through a few more times.
"They have had all the time in the world."- that's what I keep telling people, too hard for most to grasp...
Peter said…
Your comment about cancer eating my face needs clarification. It was many years ago so it is unclear the exact circumstances. The surgeon saw me in August, told me surgery would happen in October. She went on vacatiuon in September.No worries about cancer growth. During that Septemeber the tumour exploded in growth. When October surgery date came, she saw how fast in had grown and freaked. She had to improvise a differenet strategy. I am unsure when you mentioned cancer eating my face , before or after surgery. It just seemed prophetic. No one else envisooned such a rapid increase in size. Consequenmtly, I always remembered your prophetic observation. Your intuitions are the gold mine AP. That is why you have followers who return time after time.
Peter said…
Oh! and the gay mafia too. looool
Third rail! Danger Will Robinson, Danger!
OMG AP we did discuss that many a year ago.
I think maybe we knew each other in another life time.
Tears of a clown AP
A. Peasant said…
Hi Bho - time is the big thing that seems to be all stretchy and doing weird things lately. possibly it's more elastic that we have previously conceived?

Peter - i'm really glad you clarified ;). i don't recall this at all so to be clear, it was a personal disaster (small d) that could have become a large D disaster, but did not... ? I hope that's what you're saying, praise God.
Peter said…
Yes AP, it turned out to be no biggie. I should not have mentioned it. Sorry. Blog spot has been disintegrated which is sad. At one time there were many good souls communicating. That threatened the PTB. Consequently they disassembled a wonderful device. Criminal really.
A. Peasant said…
Peter I'm glad you mentioned it and clarified, no worries no apology needed, and really Thank God you're fine! You know i remember pretty well your observations on the gay mafia and at the time i was definitely O_o on that but naturally you were right as rain. And as the years went on it became very clear. everything has been crystallizing to spiritual warfare, which i believed for many years but the manner these demons manifest has become unveiled in much more detail. and the trans agenda is definitely central, the gay agenda being a gateway like marijuana is a gateway drug to heroin. IMO there are many, many people in hollywood and the assorted halls of power who are lying about their identity in the most fundamental ways, and it is outrageous, and on the scale taking place and the level of deception on the general public... Absolutely Outrageous. little baphomets.
A. Peasant said…

but what i find more interesting are the kind of mid-level deep state managers who are not in the spotlight. i almost always look for pictures of people when i research because physiognomy is real, and the ease or difficulty of finding pics is also informative.
Peter said…
fIONA hILL POOR GIRL FROM COAL MINES MAKES IT BIG TIME. hAH! Strangely, I also look for pics.
Today, David Lynch talked about the death of Dean Stockwell. Stockwell's pics reveal him to be a child star (even one of him with FRank Sinatra.) Child stars like Vito Paulekas' son Godot and the child star of A Mid Summer's Night Dream 1935 (visually stunning for the time period) Kenneth Anger as the little prince tell a story of pedophillia in the extreme at the extreme top. Jeff Epstein was a johnny come lately piker. All three, Godot Paulekas, Stockwell and Anger were sooo soo young. We peasants i guess, just do not understand their world at the top. We are just disposable serfs to the Neo Feudal lords.
A. Peasant said…
"...tell a story of pedophillia in the extreme at the extreme top. Jeff Epstein was a johnny come lately piker. All three, Godot Paulekas, Stockwell and Anger were sooo soo young. We peasants i guess, just do not understand their world at the top. We are just disposable serfs to the Neo Feudal lords."

yes, and this truth will bring them down because it will come out, and then all the peasants will learn that we are considered the disposable serfs of twisted and evil pedophiles and murderers who torture and murder babies, children and adults, do horrific experiments on them, and so forth in service of demonic forces. it's coming. i have great faith.

i noticed the young Dean pictured here:

looks very much like Jim Morrison's iconic pic here:

though jim has the sanpaku eyes at his advanced age of twenty something. the expression is very familiar, seen on many young stars and models. serious with some blend of horror / disgust / misery / survival mode / predator or prey in the eyes. maybe it is a tell.

also see these "faces to watch in 2017" by jeffrey's good friend Rachel Chandler and her modeling agency. sickening.
Peter said…
Amazing pics AP especially the one with Dean and Errol. Sheesh. In your face to the insiders.
We on the same page AP, as always. :)
A. Peasant said…
And I am very grateful for that ;)
A13 said…
Hi Pez,
I'm still holding, but alas, there is no relief in sight.
As you can probably see, hear and read.. things down Under are very messy.
Indeed they are.
My country is so foreign to me now, that I think I've traveled in time and space to an unknown place that looks familiar but is full of possessed.. Perfectly possessed beings.
Mass Formation has occurred, like we have not seen before since the days of old Germany..80+ years ago.
they eyes, the vibe, the tortured souls. Writhing with hatred and tongues clicking like madmen toward the holders.. the holders of the truth, of resistance, of resilience of inner strength and wearing the armor or God.
I wear the breastplate of St Patrick.
Everyday I put it on.
But, that's besides the point.
The death cult are on a killing spree. with their multitude of fine and polished ways, on an island, tuck in the summer for a million years. It's been a long game.
Event horizon has flashed past in the rear view mirror, and here we are.
NO Jab NO income.
NO JAB NO social life
NO Jab NO Church or pubs or shopping or holidays or leaving the state, the suburb, the house.
I'll post some info up here, but not now.
It's insane.. We are being locked out! Their words, not mine.
The vipers with the shining psychopathic eyes, barking orders like a mad methed up Goebbels.
They are scared.. they are being paid and forced t do this to the people. one can sense this utter desperation within them, you don't need to be an expert in body language.
WHO is ordering this?
NON State actors?
Or something otherworldly.. cold and dark.. forever stuck in it's icy black cube.. the AI that lives in the frozen clod lake domain desperately flapping it's wings to escape?
CERN...the enabling device? Who knows?
I'm rambling now..
It's my child's birthday today..
I'm alone, at home, and trying to remotely view a better and God given future for all those precious, innocent souls out there that have no clue they are the new version of disposable, distorted fodder for the inverted insane cult that is running this shit show.
So, I'll just keep doing what i have been.
Holding Until relieved.
Over n Out
A. Peasant said…
A, thank you for the update. i've been thinking of you. are the sane able to coordinate in any way to help each other? i'm thinking of Political Ponerology and as he described the last stages the ranks of evil are composed almost completely of the mediocre or lower intelligence, and this becomes a fatal flaw that they can't overcome.

i can sense their desperation here though where i live they have lost a lot of momentum. it's almost like every few days there's a surge or wave of them out there being shitty, but it's not sustained every day. large pockets of people have moved on.

i'm praying for you. let's connect on discord later.
Switters said…
Oh boy! I've got some reading to look forward to! Glad you're back AP! 🤗
A. Peasant said…
Hullo there Swits! Good to see you too ;)