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Wheeler files - part two

Army Captain Jack Wheeler in Vietnam, 1969
source: Jack's memorial website

Jack had a very high security clearance and was consulting for Mitre Corporation at the time of his murder.  

Assorted media groups have taken turns ruminating on the Wheeler case. Netflix weighed in with an episode of Unsolved Mysteries for October 2020.

We learn from the article: 

1. Wheeler told his wife he would spend a few days after Christmas working on something important at Mitre in Washington.

2. Mitre, a defense contractor, specializes in AI, satellite systems, space security and cyber security among many other things. Mitre manages federally-funded R&D in support of government agencies.

3. Wheeler worked in cybersecurity at Mitre. According to journalist Steve Volk, “He was working on the issues that we're seeing now made manifest with, you know, Russia interfering with the election, Russia and China supposedly hacking into our power grid... That’s the stuff that Wheeler was working on at the time. The problem though is that there is nothing to connect those parts of his bio to his actual murder.”

4. Wheeler's house was ransacked and his briefcase never recovered. 

That's a remarkable statement. Circa 2009-2010 Wheeler was working on various matters that surfaced as allegations around 2020. Thank you, Steve.

We can imagine team deep state knitting narratives together and buttressing them with data manipulations, system hacks, and whatever spook actors and social engineering glue would be called for to hold it all together (turns out, a LOT). Seriously. What other "work" can be involved brain-storming and think-tanking events that haven't even happened for ten years? Was Wheeler getting more and more dismayed at this trajectory? Why not use those amazing resources to solve some of the actual horrible problems plaguing the world in 2010, like human trafficking rings for but one example? 

Not to worry, my little cabbage! A few years before the exercise goes live, they simply redefine whatever they want to thoroughly map out and execute as A Dangerous Threat to Our Democracy, and Survey Says:

The media takes over, and the the social engineering feedback loop hums into gear as these clowns ride the mechanical bull. 

some poor girl in a youtube

What could possibly go wrong?

Consider the events these past few years as purposefully world-altering, ie: by design, to usher in the Final Communist Dystopia. The design would have been planned far in advance, over many decades, with think tanks and other trusted partners. 

Is it a stretch to consider Mitre one of those elite partners? Certainly not. WHO ELSE would it be if not premiere defense contractors like Mitre? What and who do we think they're defending? Oh yes, OUR Democracy. 

Friends, a mere fifteen years ago, it was already huge stakes. Fifteen years is like fifteen minutes in Globalist Planning Time.

Wheeler had worked in this machine for decades: Vietnam, Reagan Assassination, 9/11, Iraq and Afghanistan wars, Minot-Barksdale Bent Spear, etc. I doubt there are more than a dozen people alive at any given moment with an equivalent depth of technical and practical understanding. 

Was he seeing the end game plan? He could probably extrapolate the decision tree out to just about where we are now in April 2024, ie: standing at the brink of all hell breaking loose. He would risk his life to try and warn us. That's my opinion. Someone stopped him, and that's a fact.

While digging through the weeds and the Wayback Machine, we found this old Incogman post about Wheeler's death.  A commenter left this 8/5/08 article describing links between Mitre, Warren Buffet, Henry Kissinger, AIG, 9/11, Nebraska, Offutt AF Base, a nuclear attack on the US, etc.

A expanded and highly recommended version of the Mitre article is here:

Here's a summary of the Mitre article:
  • Warren Buffet guarantees the US will suffer a nuclear attack, it's "virtually a certainty," because more and more people globally hate America concurrent with the increased access to nuclear weapons. Buffet made statements like this as early as 2002.
  • On 9/11 Buffet was at his Omaha, NE residence preparing to host his golf tournament at Offutt AFB [HQ of USSTRATCOM - ed.]. Invited were celebrities, professional athletes, and elite business leaders including Ann Tatlock.
  • Tatlock was CEO of Fiduciary Trust, an investment banking firm located in WTC2. FTC lost 87 employees on 9/11 when Flight 175 hit.
  • Five months before 9/11, Franklin Resources of San Mateo, CA bought FTC for $825M.
  • Buffet owns Mitre Corporation.
  • Mitre was one of very few entities with "super-user"capability to access FAA, NORAD and USAF systems. A super-user was needed to pull off the attacks.
  • Mitre, a major defense contractor, was headed by former DCI Dr. James Rodney Schlesinger, per Henry Kissinger's request. Schlesinger later served as Defense Secretary.
  • Maurice "Hank" Greenburg was a powerful political fixer and member of CFR and CSIS.
  • Greenburg was the oldest and largest paying client of Kissinger Associates, paying millions a year since 1982.
  • Maurice "Hank" Greenburg and Warren Buffet were "friendly" rivals.
  • Collaboration between Buffet, Maurice "Hank" Greenberg and his two sons, and AIG indicate that the 9/11 attacks were a "mega-ENRON" level accounting fraud of the insurance industry. Insurance premiums rose sharply and resulted in record revenues and profits.
  • Kissinger connections helped Greenburg make lucrative deals in Peking (Beijing) and Moscow [decades ago - ed.] AIG was the only foreign company with [Communist] Chinese government approval to insure Shanghai's 13 million Chinese residents.
  • AIG had federal tax laws relaxed to exempt them from taxes in specific offshore jurisdictions.
  • Article concludes with references to BCCI, John Kerry, and Bill Clinton. (see:
That is an awful lot of disturbing coincidences.

Digging a bit deeper,  we learn that subsidiaries of Berkshire Hathaway had involvements in 9/11: A NetJet plane tracking Flight 93, plus a hijacker trained at Flight Safety International, plus multiple hijackers using Sun Trust Bank...?

What are the odds? These claims were printed in newspapers waaaaay back in the day. How quaint is that? In order to find things like this on the internet today, you need an ancient source link to take you to the prehistoric Wayback Machine archives while crossing your fingers and holding your breath. That's just how the deep state likes it.
Courtesy: Wayback Machine
St. Petersburg Times, published 9/15/2001
Courtesy: Wayback Machine
CNN 7/10/2002

If you really want to experience the gloating over Warren Buffet's good fortune, check out this Motley Fool opinion published just six weeks after 9/11.

Post 9/11, WSJ rehabilitated Buffet from underdog to "stock genius." 

It is perhaps distasteful to frame an event that involved such massive loss of life as a business opportunity, but insurers -- and, specifically, reinsurers -- deal in the realm of catastrophe. With the massive exposure insurance companies have to the World Trade Center, owners in these public companies must look at this event as a reality of business.

...The "surprise" factor in this type of insurance [super-catastrophe coverage - Ed.] virtually guarantees that earnings are going to reflect events far outside the control of the company in a given quarter.

Berkshire...will take a $2.2B hit this quarter...but shareholders will not have to worry about future surprises from this event. In fact, they will benefit as a result.

The motley fool illuminates for us how super-catastrophes are a business opportunity for reinsurers, which the "owners in these public companies" understand. They can't be getting all squeamish about massive loss of life, see? There's a lot of money to be made. The "surprise" factor virtually guarantees a single quarter earnings hit; but after that, the sky's the limit. You understand?

That's what happened.

Theoretically, if a "super-catastrophe" is not a surprise though, because the business owner has been involved in the planning and execution through subsidiaries, then the events will not be very "far outside" the company's control. The entire hit is expected and taken in one quarter, knowing that everything will improve going forward. 

That's not what happened. 

It was simply Buffet's GENIUS to understand something like the impact of 9/11, in advance. OK? 

Again, friends, it had absolutely nothing to do with planning and execution. The troublesome details referenced above were long buried as part of the Information War. They are gone now. If the global villager can't find it easily, and the teevee never mentions it, then It Doesn't Exist except as a Conspiracy Theory. So it can't hurt you. Everybody calm down.


Obviously, we don't know what Jack Wheeler was working on at Mitre. We can only sift the clues and speculate. But after twenty years of online research, IMO spooks have been fucking with the internet and everyone on it the entire time -- picking their winners and losers, burying inconvenient content and gassing up their pets whether on the payroll or not.

The narrative formed 1-2 weeks after Wheeler's death included his concerns about cyber warfare.

Longtime friend and fellow West Point graduate Richard Radez said that in an e-mail the day after Christmas, Mr. Wheeler wrote he believed the nation wasn't sufficiently prepared for cyber warfare.

"This was something that had preoccupied him over the last couple of years," Mr. Radez said.

One should always consider the details floating around after an important surprise event. Anything oft repeated is on purpose. It could be narrative seeding, or messages to interested parties, or both. In any event, all major and many minor voices will be coordinated to advance the preferred narrative.

So it's not by accident that Radez floated the idea that Wheeler had been worried for some time about cyber warfare. It's just a detail, one of many. But the media knew to take the torch and relay it widely. After all, Wheeler being "preoccupied" with "cyber warfare" is sufficiently vague for general narrative seeding, while also obliquely linking the worrisome "preoccupation" to Mitre. This message would reach friend and foe alike, like blood in the water.

"Cyber warfare" is a euphemistic description for privacy intrusions that are likely far, far beyond our ability to imagine (but will try). Who knows what level of technology exists -- a hyper-dimensional spiritual and technological war that is largely invisible but manifesting as thoughts and events we experience through technology?

Here's a thought...

In our post Alien Fail, we concluded that the aliens are really psychopaths. Using secret technology and predictive programming, they elaborately devised the alien-themed facade over many decades. In reality, we face a spiritual and inter-dimensional problem dealing at a minimum with entities that appear to be human but lack important human qualities. (They of course know this since they constructed the deception to hide it.)

The Lancet recently published a paper about a rare condition, supposedly affecting 75 known people. Despite the condition being extremely rare, the paper's findings are receiving widespread coverage. The affected people see demons in the faces of others.

Why are we hearing about this now?

Will we soon have a new Victim Class of people? Demon people?

They're not demons you're just mentally ill and a bigot if you can see them?

More inclusivity needed?

But maybe people would notice the demons clustered in halls of power, universities, think tanks, celebrities, DEI LGBQT++++, influencers, musicians and all manner of STARS?

It might get a little hard for the demons to claim the mantle of victimhood after riding the bull all these years?

And what if the demons were also living in your towns? In your hospitals, court houses, police departments, schools, businesses?

What would happen if more and more people developed PMO and started seeing demons everywhere?

That would be a shit-show, huh?


Kissinger just died aged 100. Warren Buffet, born in 1930, is still alive. No turbo cancer, no nothing! He's touring the floor, writing letters to his shareholders --- everything's good. His right hand man Charlie died at 99.
How. Do. They. Do it.

Why do many wealthy and powerful people like Henry Kissinger and Warren Buffett live to ripe old age, while we work like slaves and bury each other? How many species of humans are here? More than one? Is there a secret?

What's going on with the sky, the sun, the moon? Some people think it looks different. Who controls technology and weather technology? Does weather modification keep conditions on terra comfortable for certain secret life forms, at the expense of other life forms, like human beings? Have a lot of bad things happened to a lot of human beings, while others seem to skate? 

The Skating Minister

What if something changed that caused one secret species to suffer a few setbacks compared to humans that have suffered countless setbacks? What if something made the veil between two dimensions grow thin and disappear, causing humans to develop PMO? Would the secret species try to get ahead of that problem before life got clearer for humans?

Would they fail and the tables turn?

Just speculating, friends.  

We've come this far. Praise God, remember Jack Wheeler, and hold the line.


Switters said…
Hey AP, have you ever looked into Operation Trust? I have a sinking feeling that the deep state is engaging in a similar operation on the American People. Would love to know your thoughts on the matter. Hope all is well, and look forward to your future articles!
A. Peasant said…
Hey Swits! I have not heard of Operation Trust. I'll take a look over the weekend. I hope you are doing great :) All is well here.
A. Peasant said…
Hey Swits, I had a look at Operation Trust. I agree something like this, but way more advanced, has certainly been in play for decades. There's no way to put it in a brown paper bag. I imagine the technology is far beyond most people's ability to grasp. This is why, in the end, it always has been and ever will be a spiritual matter. Either one believes in God, and His goodwill for mankind, and our deliverance from evil; or one does not. If a person really believes in God, then he or she knows God Wins, and therefore the details of the enemy's plan may be and probably are diabolical beyond imagining. However, despite our inability to compete with evil on their turf, we still win because God is with us. So our task is to focus on the higher turf, and compete there by His laws, where we are assured victory.

This is so much easier said than done. Nonetheless, it will work. It is working. The main thing is not to give up. Believe me, when people say we live in the most amazing times, I groan. Yes, sure, we do. But I think people who are awake for decades will be much more grizzled about all of it. Zero Hedge: "On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero." Meaning it's binary - you're alive or dead. It's the same with awakening. On a long enough timeline, everyone's faith becomes binary too: either one believes we are doomed, or we are saved. If a person think's we're doomed, one might as well give up. The other choice is to have faith and persevere.
A. Peasant said…
Hey there, anonymous, thank you for your greetings. I didn't publish your comment only because you've got my name in there ;)

... making me wonder who you are... ?