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when no one will ever believe you

The following document (scanned image here) reveals the workings of a sick mind. That mind belongs to Paul Shanley, one of the more notorious sexual predators who prowled about the Catholic Church destroying people's beloved children.

By George Rizer, pool (source)
The Rev. Paul Shanley at a bail hearing May 9 (2002)  and handing out candy to children in 1983.

First, the letter, titled: Report of Rev. Paul Shanley's talk to Dignity-Integrity 9/23/77, St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Rochester, NY. Dated 10/4/77.

Dear Jean,

In regard to Fr. Paul Shanley, the following are some of his statements per your request.

Homosexual acts are not sinful, sick, a crime, nor are they immoral.

What has been done to gays by the straight community calls out for vengeance from heaven. Gay persons aren't angry enough, they should become more angry at society.

He has been following Lewis crew, who is an advocate for gay teachers and gay curriculum in schools, and he (Fr. Shanley) agrees with Crew, that gay children should have gay teachers and gay curriculum.

Most first homosexual encounters are with straights. It is straights who seduce youngsters.

Further, "straight people cannot tell the truth about sex."

Straights spend time worrying about the bedsores of gays in regard to their sexual activity. (This brought a big laugh.)

He doesn't advocate as some clergy to that gays form gay unions (2 forming a pr.), because in his experience counseling those in gay unions, he finds that gay unions invariably fall apart. (He laughed) and said just as heterosexual unions are falling apart, but in gay unions no children are involved.

He stated celibacy is impossible, therefore, the only alternative is for gays to have sex with different persons whenever they want to.

He spoke of pedophilia (which is a non coerced sexual manipulation of sex organs including oral-genital sex between an adult and child). He stated that the adult is not the seducer -- the "kid" is the seducer and further the kid is not traumatized by the act per se, the kid is traumatized when the police and authorities "drag" the kid in for questioning.

He stated that he can think of no sexual act that causes psychic damage -- "not even incest or bestiality".

He stated that clergy do not work with gays because they are fearful of losing their reputation -- that they may be thought to be gay. He said this is an indictment of the clergy. He said it would be a good idea if people thought the clergy was gay because it would have a radicallizing (sic) effect. Fr. Shanley described himself as an ultra liberal.

To top off his speech he said, "Homosexuality is a gift from God and should be celebrated".

I have a clipping which states that Fr. Paul Shanley, of the Archdiocese of Boston represents "sexual minorities" on the Young Adult Ministry Board of USCC. Also a Fr. Patrick O'Neill OSA is the USCC's representative for young adult ministry.

Fr. Shanley said he was appointed to his position by a Cardinal Maderis (my spelling of the cardinal's name may be incorrect).

Fr. Shanley also stated that he had spoken to several clergy the afternoon of the evening meeting of Dignity/Integrity Sept. 23, 1977, St. Luke's Episcopal Church. 8.P.M. Fr. Shanley was wearing full Roman garb.

Sorry I didn't get this off to you sooner, but have been very busy. Hope it helps.


Shanley worked with young people. He made his reputation as a "street priest."

The Rev. Paul R. Shanley made his reputation as a Boston "street priest" in the 1960s and 70s -- a crusader for runaways and drifters, drug addicts, and teenagers struggling with questions about their sexual identity.
The church's response to the letter, money quote:

The position of the Archdiocese of Boston, is that, while Father Shanley enjoys the Faculties of the Archdiocese of Boston, he alone must be held responsible for any statements regarding homosexuality.
Oh sure. And we'll just slip and slide right over that pedophilia incest and bestiality stuff, and the part about children being seducers...

A short excerpt from Unholy Communion, by Maureen Orth:

Of all the accusers I have spoken to, Ford has suffered the most severe damage. His parents explain that one part of his brain blocked out his rape memories, but at times they would begin to surface and another part of the brain would react violently to push them back down. The day his aunt brought the Globe's article for his parents to read, Rodney Ford says, "I knew in my gut I had the missing piece of a puzzle.... I showed Greg the article ... and said, ‘Do you remember this person?’ It was a couple of pictures of Shanley. He looked at them and went, ‘No.’” Then Greg's mother got the photo album with pictures of Shanley giving Greg his first Communion. "He looked at the picture, put it down on the table, got up, and instantaneously collapsed to the floor crying," says Rodney Ford. "I literally had to pick him up, and we held each other and hugged for 20 minutes, crying."

Greg, like Paul Busa, was allegedly raped repeatedly by Shanley for six years. "The same M.O., the same pattern—torturing the kids physically as well as mentally," says Rodney Ford. "’If you ever say anything, I'll hurt your family, and no one will ever believe you.' At six years old that's a very impressionable thing on a kid's mind, never mind physically abusing him. He just ultimately destroyed my son's life."

When he was no more than seven or eight years old, Greg began to mutilate himself and light fires. By the time he was in the seventh grade, teachers were telling his parents that his writings were violent and bizarre. The Fords are a close-knit, loving family, but the counselors who saw Greg said he was exhibiting classic signs of sex abuse, which naturally put the parents under suspicion. Today they even admit to having wondered about each other at times. "It was after Shanley left in the early 90s that my son had a complete breakdown," says Rodney Ford. "He was in and out of 17 institutions and halfway houses." He tried to commit suicide twice. "Greg tried to jump through a seven-foot window," his father says. "He severed all the tendons in his hand." In the second suicide attempt, says Rodney Ford, "he came at me with two knives in the backyard. He wanted the police to respond and see that he was holding a knife at me and shoot him so he wouldn't have to go on." "You just didn't want to live anymore?," I ask Greg Ford. "For how long?" "A long time," he answers.

Recently I did a post about Guatemala, the violence there, the history, and linkages to the Catholic Church and US politicians, especially on the right, and sexual blackmail.

One of the organizations set up in Guatemala was Covenant House, founded by Father Bruce Ritter.
Background: Covenant House is a New York-based organization for teenage runaways founded by Franciscan Father Bruce Ritter in 1968.(3) Ritter began the organization to serve "streetwise" youths who could not obtain assistance from New York social service agencies. In 1977 Ritter and his cause caught the attention of business magnate and founder of AmeriCares, Robert Macauley. Macauley "adopted" Covenant House and recruited some of his influential friends, including former Treasury Secretary William Simon and J. Peter Grace to join the Covenant House board of directors.(3,35) Under the tutelage of Macauley and the board, Covenant House gathered influence and financial support from around the nation and expanded its operations.(3) It is now a multinational organization with 17 centers serving 25,000 youth in Canada, the United States, and Latin America.(3) Many of the Covenant House land acquisitions were financed by a $40 million loan from Charles Keating. Keating, a major figure in the savings and loan scandal and a devout Catholic, was chairman of Lincoln Savings and Loan.(12)

J. Peter Grace was once chairman of the Order of the Knights of Malta in the US.

One of the earliest members of the Western Goals Foundation and its principal espionage agent was Birch Society member, John Rees, whose Information Digest supplied information to the FBI, CIA, and the National Security Agency. Instrumental in obtaining Rees' entrance to Western Goals was J. Peter Grace, who was also chairman of the Order of the Knights of Malta in the United States. President of W.R. Grace and Co. from 1945 until three years before his death in 1995, J. Peter Grace is profiled in Who's Who in America which lists among his credentials: Bachelor of Arts from Yale University in 1936, Assistant Secretary at W. R. Grace (1936), President and CEO (1945), Newcomen Society, Council on Foreign Relations, Knights of Malta (American Chapter of the Board of Founders), Knights of Malta President, address: 1114 Avenue of the Americas.

Considering that the Newcomen Society and CFR to which J. Peter Grace belonged were branches of Cecil Rhodes's eugenics club, The Round Table, it is not out of character that Grace would be involved in Project Paperclip -- a post World War II CIA arrangement to remove classified information from dossiers so that former SS members and 900+ Nazi scientists could emigrate to the U. S. Hundreds of war criminals would find employment within government agencies and companies such as W.R. Grace chemical company. The Covert Action Information Bulletin documents the close relationship between Reinhard Gehlen, the CIA, the Knights of Malta and the Vatican (by now a Rothschild front), which had smuggled Nazi war criminals out of Europe through the infamous "rat lines".

Yesterday's post about the bestiality farm in Washington State links to an older post about organized crime. 

And that post leads to this story from last year:

Authorities have identified a teenager believed to be suffering from amnesia who was found on the streets of New York two weeks ago. Police say a CNN viewer in Maryland identified the young woman, who mysteriously turned up in Manhattan two weeks ago, claiming to have no memory of her family, her home or even her own name....The girl was found in Midtown Manhattan around 12:30 a.m. October 9 outside the Covenant House youth shelter, although the organization said that she was not a resident at the time and did not appear as if she intended to seek refuge at the facility....According to its Web site, "Covenant House New York is the nation's largest adolescent care agency serving homeless, runaway and at-risk youth." Nearly 7,000 youths reportedly seek shelter there per year.


It's not really possible to pack this all up in a little brown paper lunch sack for people, so that you can read for five or ten minutes and comprehend the scale of this problem. It's not like that. You could spend all day reading the links in full just on this post, which barely scratches the surface. We're just rock skipping here. Every single tentacle of this thing vectors into another hell on earth. All you can do is click on the links and read and try to understand how enormous this thing is. It just oozes from one place to the next.


Anonymous said…
You don't have to explain it to me. I have followed this for a long time. It is almost worldwide and the goal seems to be expose children to trauma and split personality as early as possible.

The "nobody will ever believe you, we will harm your family" is a recurring bit of many many cases, almost a party line. Much of it always seems to end in smut films, organ stealing and prostitution by demons that should not be in human bodies.

The natural order of nature does not include homosexuality in my view and I don't care how many excuses I hear about it. That is just my opinion. Tell me that Rishi who predicted the dark times was not right on the money.

They say there is a pretty heavy duty coven of them stretching from the Carolinas to Alabama. I have an old friend who was in Alabama and a fairly attractive girl came out of a store at night and asked for a ride. My friend thought why not (thinking it was his lucky night no doubt) She directed him down a road in a wooded area near an old house.

When they stopped she reached over and kissed. Now this friend of mine said her eyes turned fire red like the eyes of a cat, very spooky. He told her to get out and he took off.

Well it gets better. A few days later he picked up the paper and there had been a satanic murder in the same (abandoned ) house. Some man had his head caved in by an axe there. He was fairly unnerved by it.

There were some teenage vampires in central Florida who killed one of the team's members parents and drank their blood. The girl who watched her parents being killed was 15 and left with the gang for the New Orleans area. They are all over the place.
A. Peasant said…
wow, creepy. yes the point is the linking into children, putting people who have no business being anywhere near children literally in charge of vulnerable children. it's intentional, as you say, for causing trauma and splitting their personalities. and then the experts come around and re-traumatize the people by saying that there's no such thing as repressed memories. like this expert "developmental psychologist with a special interest in parent-infant relationships" from NJ who, in relation to the shanley case, writes that "Repressed memory recovery" is implausible in terms of modern knowledge.

i found quite a bit of apologists for this shanley creep, and they were beating on the same drum: false memory foundation stuff, of course which we know comes from the CIA to cover up the evidence of their crimes against humanity.
james said…
Excellent post, AP. You have given as good an overview of the scale of this monstrosity as is possible to do in this space. Full marks!

No one should have their children anywhere near the catholic church. The church hierarchy is made up of perps, those that cover for them, and wilfully ignorant others. ALL of them are a threat to children.
A. Peasant said…
oh thanks James. it is hard to summarize certain things, and this be one of them. so unfortunately.
the Silverfish said…
Sadly NONE of this is new, just check up on the multiple tens of thousands of Indian children raped ,killed and then buried in secret graves by the Catholic church in Canada, and the thing is it's not a secret and yet NOTHING is done to destroy this incarnate evil known as the Catholic Church.

I believe that it is time for the burning times to begin again, but this time with the roles reversed, with the Priests, Bishops , Cardinals and yes even the Goddamn Pope tied to stakes, heaped with fagots and then burnt to
cinders. It wouldn't solve all of the worlds problems but at least it would be a good start.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
A. Peasant said…
well, the CC is just *one* aspect of what is going on. a very important one to be sure, but not operating in a vacuum by any stretch.

none of this can happen without the complicity of people throughout the system: judges, police, politicians, social workers, religious, corporations, people just "doing their jobs" and keeping their paychecks coming for one more week / month / year.
james said…
Your summary works, AP, I think because it takes the very poignant case of Greg Ford and shows the very personal and devastating effects on a child, then and now. The perp is the priest, Shanley, and you exposed his putrid thinking. Then you show how the church's 'hands-off' response (at the least) facilitated this and through their attempts to distract people away from the major and outrageous issues and focus (as they still are) on homosexuality - the very very limited hangout. The CC is damned by their inaction in the face of this totally offensive behaviour. The only conclusion the reasonable reader can come to is that the hierarchy is involved in this putrid behaviour themselves.

So it's into the hierarchy and this spreads to the the office holders in our communities that facilitate the ongoing nature of it all, the police and courts and politicians. This is the only way it could continue to go on and it still is. Peter Grace was the linch pin tying together 'the System" at the highest reaches to the highest reaches of the Church through the Knights of Malta. No doubt he has been replaced successfully. You then link all this behaviour with that of organised pedophile crime and slavery rings leaving the reader with the overwhelming conclusion that this sick, sick system is all around us. So that if someone like me comes along and says "no child should be left within arms reach of ANY person involved with the CC", it doesn't look out of place because you've left the reader with no place else to go except there.

We've come full circle from Shanley openly talking about pedophilia, children as perps and bestiality and then here's these news articles about organised crime doing just that. So the church and the crime gangs are either fellow travellers, at the very least, or different faces of the same evil monstrosity as the Canadian Indian horror indicates.
Anonymous said…
When are we going to get some politicians who know how to handle the media.

"Satirist and radio host Viktor Shenderovich on Thursday accused Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's administration of trying to discredit him by posting online a video showing him cheating on his wife."
A. Peasant said…
thank you James. i didn't think the post worked but hey, i'm glad that it conveys the scale of the problem. that is the main thing -- that this evil is pretty much fungible. the people who abused holly grieg are the same sorts of people who think like shanley, and the people who cover up for it and make excuses -- they're essentially no different. and that's the point where the howling will start, because there are people who consider themselves apart from this like certain psychologists or other experts and doctors who will hang their argument on "science," like false memory syndrome, they are perhaps the most important component of the cover up, because they provide legitimacy to the inexcusable, for the benefit of the general public. and these monsters laugh behind their hands while they get away with murder.

because the general public is so gullible, Americans are so gullible, they will believe anyone who is a noted expert, failing to see that the system is essentially a crime syndicate at the top, and as such it grants expertise to those who carry the water of the crime syndicate.

my message to people is DO SOME RESEARCH.

look at this here:

this is noriel roubini, big fancy economist who was so critical of the corruption in the economy and predicted doom long before anyone else, at oleg deripaska's party, along with orlando bloom and jason statham, etc. etc. yeah i guess it doesn't bother him all *that* much, the way the economy has been handled huh? hey oleg deripaska throws a good party huh? cause he has lotsa money.

one big fucking happy family i tell you. there's not a millimeter of space between any of these people, no matter what they say or write in the media. they're going to ride this thing out as long as they can and have a good time and hey if there's some things happening to children along the way well just shush about it because who wants to ruin all this good fun?

dubs: good post here about pressuring people to speak up.

It is difficult to overcome the problem that cowards are too afraid to stand with others until a majority is reached which cannot be reached due to their cowardice.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
A. Peasant said…
hey dubs, the ones that come knocking on the door here are the jehovah's witnesses. i just tell them no thanks. they have that whole attitude going though, kind of gee that's too bad you won't be saved kinda thing.

according to this:

being a ho is just totally normal in moscow, according to her.

"As we all know, Moscow is a town of cheaters."

et cetera.
Anonymous said…
Interesting links: Catholic Church, Knights of Malta, Project Paperclip, Covenant House...

- Aangirfan
Anonymous said…
My last post evaporated. I am on with a different computer now. It took a few hours to light up, all the forwarding links have to be in place I guess.

But as I was saying it usually women who have more cojones than men when it comes to this. The idea of abusing children strikes at their very heart as you and Noor, aangirfan exemplify.

The Russian government has their work cut out alright. They spent about 80 years under the NWO and I don't think most of them want to go back to being dragged out of their beds at night, sent to slave labor and have parts of their skull cut out for Fluoride experiments.

This whole thing was supposed to be wrapping up about now. There was plenty of gold, oil, diamonds, timeber and other riches in Russia to keep the goy in the west in hamburgers, cigarettes and minimum wage but something went wrong.

I am amazed as anyone else that Russia had a siloviki that was actually watching out for the country. The idea is novel in this day and time. They told Yeltsin to go to the dacha and keep his fucking mouth shut and he would live. They probably even let him keep the vodka supply.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
A. Peasant said…
well good morning to you too sunshine :D.

i read duff and hph. the trouble with hph is that he also presents a choice: either believe in our doom or deny it all. he leaves no room for things not to turn out as he sees the linguistics. and yet the linguistics reports are full of caveats.

what do you make of that dubs?
A. Peasant said…
hi Aan, yes there's a lot to put together with those pieces. the John Birch Society is part of it too, where some of the heavies come together:

very difficult to summarize however. !!
A. Peasant said…
oops, btw i have teh wrong oligarch mentioned above -- i think that's roman abramovitch. recognized him from this story on the "remarkable recovery of the super-wealthy."
Anonymous said…
Peasant HPH is just a computer network with large amounts of date fed into it. It is certainly not an oracle nor infallible. The one thing I noted is the data seems to back up just what Duff is talking about, false flags and an attack on Iran.
A. Peasant said…
i know about hph. i bought one of their reports some time back. their predictive linguistics method is in fact presented as an oracle of sorts, though with many many caveats about being fallible, like this:

Please note that our interpretations are provided as entertainment only. We are to be held harmless for universe placing substance behind our words. Or not, as it so chooses.

future porn. so yeah, duly noted what duff notes re: the chatter. we know they want to start some shit.
Anonymous said…
I can't post once again on VT, and that is using 3 different computers now. They are becoming more accomplished all the time. Gordon Duff tells me it is not them. Who is it?
Anonymous said…
I am on my fourth computer hookup and finally got a post up on VT. Not sure this one will take but if not I have enjoyed posting here. One of these days I am going to tell them all to disconnect and save some money.
Anonymous said…
A. Peasant said…
dubs, i don't know what to tell you. i've long considered that they can do these things and get away with it. in fact a navy officer once jokingly told me they have back doors into pretty much everything. and i expect he was joking haha you know serious as a heart attack.