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let us discern together

UPDATE: Absolutely shameless fearmongering.

In response to the 19-year-old Somali "terrorist" Mohamed Osman Mohamud, who would have gotten absolutely nowhere in his terror endeavors if not for the diligent help of the FBI setting him up as a patsy...

So far, "we keep getting lucky," says retired Air Force colonel Randall Larsen, the chief executive officer of the WMD Terrorism Research Center. However, he says, sooner or later, that luck will run out: "We just can't get them all."...
John Pike, director of, a military information site, says Mohamud's arrest seems to be the result of "1% his inspiration and 99% FBI perspiration." He says the FBI's effort to disrupt and deter attacks seems to be working. However, he cautions that there will be another attack.
"Most of those they are catching, their main crime is stupidity," he says. "But we can't depend on the stupidity of the enemy forever." (USA Today:
The enemy's stupidity. You betcha.


An analyst writing from Tel Aviv, Victor Kostev, writes for the Asia Times: Teetering Asian Dominoes Test Obama. 

Shorter: Conveniently, depending on how Obama fucks it up, this Korean crisis might just allow Israel to get away with attacking Iran.

"Domestically, with the Republicans strengthened by the November congressional elections, we must watch for an increase of attacks on Obama's record of supporting allies. Internationally, both allies and enemies will most likely exploit this and increase the pressure on the American administration. ....Should a credible argument be made that he has abandoned an ally in the form of South Korea, Obama would find it difficult to either avoid responding harshly to Iran or stop Israel from attacking."
The author cites the latest Wikileaks dump.

  1. "Moreover, as it turns out from the American diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks on Sunday, Kim Jong-il had some real reasons to feel irked and threatened."
  2. "There are signs that Israel is preparing to use the distant crisis to demand that the Obama administration do more about Iran - or at least acquiesce to an Israeli military strike. "[It is] necessary today, more than in the past, to stop and to topple this crazy regime, and to stop their proliferation and provocations," Avigdor Lieberman, Israel's right-wing foreign minister, said in reference to the incident. This comes on top of WikiLeaks revelations that Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak already put the matter to the Americans in grim terms. [3]"
  3. "Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia would likely add their weight to that of the Jewish state, as they were revealed to have done by the WikiLeaks and other reports. This still outlines only the start of the potential ripple effect. The situation of several other American allies is already so bad that they hardly even need a Korean paradigm to despair. Lebanon's Prime Minister Saad Hariri, for example, just went hat-in-hand to Tehran [4] and started a diatribe against Israel, [5] in an apparent sign that he is ready to toe the Iranian line if that is what it will take to ensure his survival." 
WikiLeaks: Making War Easier!


Separately, WikiLeaks also shines a spotlight on Paraguay.

US embassy cables: Washington worries that Paraguay harbors Iranian agents and Islamic terrorists.

1) Terrorist Threats and Activities (TERR-2) - Information on the presence, intentions, plans and activities of terrorist groups, facilitators, and support networks - including, but not limited to, Hizballah, Hamas, al-Gama'at al-Islamiya, al-Qa'ida, jihadist media organizations, Iranian state agents or surrogates - in Paraguay, in particular in the Tri-Border Area (TBA).

We were shocked, as you can well imagine. We have written many posts about Paraguay, so we knew this day was coming, and it would be hard to pick just one post, but the point B list of April 2010 still gets a lot of views.

To refresh our memories on Paraguay: the Bangkok of Latin America, and not for nothing, in which we learn about the Tri-Border Area, the Jesuits, Chabad, organized crime, government corruption, and human trafficking, not necessarily in that order. The average American doesn't hear about Paraguay, though it's an organized crime paradise. Why is that? Paraguay not ready to come out of the crock pot yet? Maybe soon.

Back in 2002, think tanks discussed the Islamic threats bubbling in South America.

After September 11th, the U.S.-led “war on terror” moved swiftly into Afghanistan. Once the heavy combat had diminished, speculation turned to what the next target would be. The Philippines, the former Soviet republic of Georgia, Yemen, Somalia, and Indonesia were all discussed as possibilities. Except for a few disparate stories, the tri-border region of South America received little attention as a locus of terrorist activity despite a recent history of Islamist terrorist activity. But this region, which already has a history of mass casualty Islamic terrorism, is also an area of concern. (
Oh, the Philippines (Abu Sayyaf), check. Georgia, check. Yemen, check. Somalia, check. Indonesia, check.

Last but not least...the Tri-Border Area....

Board of directors for that think tank include Ted Turner, Sam Nunn, Pete Dominici, Richard Lugar, etc. See think tanks: where experts go to reverse engineer plans for world domination.
At think tanks, experts figure out how to get from point A to point B. First they decide on point B, and then they reverse engineer how to arrive there from point A. When insiders do this, they call it "brainstorming" or "war games" or "simulations." When outsiders do this, they call it "terrorism."
This explains how a list put forth in 2002 seems so very incredibly prescient in 2010. You see, that list was not a prediction, that was a plan. That list of countries was point B: places where terrorists (will definitely) cause trouble, (just as soon as we get our people around to it).

The Tri-Border Area is on the point B list. That's why we might pay attention to this area of South America -- a very strong contender for an upcoming hot spot. Probably guaranteed.
So the thread that ties everything together is Iran. Korea crisis --> twisted into a possible justification to attack Iran. Hezbollah --> supported by Iran. Tri-border area --> Hezbollah and Iran are there.

Basically, everything is arranged so that it can be made to fit Israel's agenda. No matter what.


As a result, despite all the focus on events in Asia, we still expect something to happen closer to home. 

Watch out for these South American leaders. The social engineers have been practicing for many years in Latin America.

UNASUR pledges to isolate governments from coups, fight drug trafficking
UNASUR summit in Guyana approves democratic protocol
In attendance at the summit were Presidents Bharrat Jagdeo of Guyana, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Luis Inacio Lula Da Silva of Brazil, Fernando Lugo Mendez of Paraguay, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner of Argentina, Rafael Correa of Ecuador, Desi Bouterse of Suriname and Juan Manuel Santos of Columbia. Bolivia, Chile, Peru and Uruguay were represented by their Foreign Ministers.

Some of these leaders are likely to be working with the terrorists on the payroll.

You can read an extensive review of the book here.

What becomes increasingly clear to the reader of “Dancing with Dynamite” is that there are many striking parallels between the US and its southern neighbors: in South America, particularly Argentina, Ecuador, Paraguay and Brazil, sharp conflicts are commonplace between left social movements and “progressive” governments that often only differ nominally from their right-wing predecessors. 

Many leaders tend to be big disappointments. Many indigenous people have lost their rights, their land, their livelihoods, to leaders who betrayed them to extraction industries.

It seems that certain indigenous societies share a similar fate over time. It seems that social engineers have long understood that in order to conduct effective social engineering, the first thing to compromise are the people who live close to the land, work hard, and have strong family units.

See: the social engineers
See: and one day the owner came home and was gravely disappointed
See: practical applications
See: above reproach
See: more indigenous people in the crosshairs


The US military has a plan for South America. We found an excellent article called Coup University: SOUTHCOM and FIU team up on counterinsurgency.

As it has done with great success throughout the past century, the U.S. military continues to find ways to use the academy and anthropological concepts to whitewash its imperialist actions in the service of U.S. corporate profits
SOUTHCOM and FIU teamed up on a "Strategic Culture" Initiative to host workshops and issue reports on the "strategic culture" of various Latin America countries.

...The use of the term "culture" in "strategic culture" studies is key, as it is the central organizing concept of anthropology. By reframing corporate-military strategy as "culture", FIU-SOUTHCOM intentionally draws upon the legitimacy and integrity of anthropology and other social sciences to depoliticize and bolster its case for military occupation of the Americas.

Once a country is branded as having a "culture of violence," which is a PROBLEM, security in the form of military intervention becomes a logical SOLUTION.

"More importantly, it treats humans — their lives, their culture, their behavior — as means to an end." (Camelot Revisited: The DOD's New Plan for Academia, 4/17/08)

The author, Adrienne Pine, who is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at American University, also brings up the Army's Human Terrain System, run by BAE Systems, the world's largest weapons supplier. We explored HTS links to BP and more recently, Victor Bout.

See: this disaster was brought to you by
See: he is supplying plausible deniability

We can't say for certain what our point is here, but there is a great big social engineering experiment going on all around us. Let us discern and not conflate.

It is going to come to some sort of climax and victory dance. And we hope the people of the world will be victorious.

To Love Another is a Heavy Cross, by Boris Pasternak

To love another is a heavy cross;
you are beautiful, without guile,
to discern your secret
solves the riddle of life together.
Spring hears the sounds of dreams
and the rustling of truth and its message.
Your family gave you firm foundations.
Your essence is as unselfish as the wind.
It’s easy to wake and start to see,
and shake off the rubbish from one’s heart,
and, then, live, clearly, without confusion,
All of this… it’s not so hard.


aferrismoon said…
Perhaps the police raids on the drug gangs has been part of an interlocking plan , also the Mexican version, and Paraguayans.

organised crime is often used hand-in-hand with political coups, as with JFK.

With them and ...king bunnycrushers , well, there's that wedding dress, help!
chuckyman said…
Step by step the perceived inevitable march to global domination has continued. Now that the end zone approaches the pace quickens and the tiny baby steps are replaced by confidant strides. In their confidence and arrogance they wave to the formerly silent but approving initiates.

As they stretch their stride for one final leap to success – the unexpected happens and they slip on the over-watered grass. They drop the ball. The overweight and huffing opposition land on them like a ton of bricks.

This may be a silly simplification A.P but I have faith that the cold-blooded and inhuman schemes will undo their masters in their overreach. If a topic like the anger at the TSA can suddenly rear up then all is not lost. The pain and suffering will not end overnight but their creators will suffer for their hubris.

‘Those whom the gods destroy they first make mad’ – we surely see evidence of that daily.
A. Peasant said…
aah, Chuck you wax poetic today! i think they will slip too, and heaven help the little bunnies. may they leap across the well-watered grass just in time to avoid getting crushed by those bodacious tah-tahs, eh Ferris?
chuckyman said…
Forgive me A.P. I do not mean to detract in any way from your excellent and serious post. I merely hope to remind folks that the hypnotic, numbing and seeming endless blows from TPTB are merely conditioning.

They want to bypass our limbic reflexes and activate the R-complex – the reptilian parts of our brains. We, the thinking section of the herd, must avoid the desire to flee, fight or freeze.

I may sound like a hypocrite as so many of my own posts are visceral ravings but I do struggle each day to see the compassion and humanity in each situation. Maybe we all should remember the desire to help the bunnies from time to time (grin).
A. Peasant said…
haha, no worries! i feel strongly that we have to approach this with a certain sense of humor.
Penny said…
Hey AP first the Somali born Christmas tree attacker?
Can this shit get anymore obvious?
Of course it is a somali, a country on the attack list, and strategic oil choke point. All the more reason to attack them.
And then OMG a christmas tree!!
Reinforcement of the dastardly Islamic religion trying to squash christianitydom.
Obvious, obvious, obvious.
Or put another way...
how can one miss the obvious propaganda value of this psy-op?

as to the north korean incident via telaviv

"Moreover, as it turns out from the American diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks:

wikileaks again?

"There are signs that Israel is preparing to use the distant crisis to demand that the Obama administration do more about Iran - or at least acquiesce to an Israeli military strike. "

and wasn't it convenient that wikileaks, "leaked" such beneficial information, beneficial to Israel, that is.

as for that wedding dress, unfortunate, very unfortunate.
A. Peasant said…
haha, Pen, no this shit cannot get any more obvious, but it probably will. tanks for the chuckles ;D
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the detailed info - particularly on South America.

- Aangirfan
malcontent said…
I do enjoy how this blog party keeps such a wide focus. Glennzilla dives into a good snippet of this latest WikiDrama today and provides a bit of righteous smiting of media sloth:

The way in which so many political commentators so routinely and casually call for the eradication of human beings without a shred of due process is nothing short of demented.


just morally deranged barbarians.

I also found this comment on the article to be nice widening of the curtains there
Penny said…
that is a brilliant comment!
It ranks right in tandem with the one I found

""If WikiLeaks didn't exist, Israel would have had to invent it"

with link to the talker, of course from Israel so that ZB quote is perfect.

I am probably going to add it to my latest it fits so brilliantly

thanks malcontent, ap hope you don't mind terribly?
malcontent said…
Pile on with Noam Chomsky while you are at it ladies...
A. Peasant said…
of course, the pleasure is all mine Pen. help yourself. the Greenwald piece is really good.

of course the people screaming like girls at a justin bieber concert over all this horrible wikileaks stuff are the leading lights of the jewish-owned media.

crying and shooting. they never seem to tire of that game.
Anonymous said…
And of course if you object to being fried at airports they have labeled people as security dissidents from what I understand. Absolutely amazing as they turn the screws toward total lockdown. People are beginning to notice however.

Enjoy the philosophical bent Chuckie.
Anonymous said…
Another reason it is growing colder. The Gulf is dying. Dr. Tom Termotto of Florida State University (my alma mater) lays it out very concisely.

We have a situation that is threatening the planet.
nobody said…
Hey AP, You're tops mate! This was a cracker, absolutely spot on. Haven't read the new one but it's on the desktop and I'll devour it when I get home.

Anyway mate, as they say in Italy,

A. Peasant said…
oh thanks nobs. it's always good to see you pop back in.