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layers and layers of poison

If you prick us do we not bleed? 
If you tickle us do we not laugh? 
If you poison us do we not die? 
And if you wrong us shall we not revenge? 
~ William Shakespeare

While contemplating the scope of the disaster that is Fukushima, we find it inconceivable that all this pollution would be unleashed into the environment unless there are antidotes to protect selected populations from the genetic damage. This line of research led to Prussian Blue and Peter Kawaja. Peter Kawaja connects back to Leuren Moret. Leuren Moret and Alfred Lambremont Webre connect to weather modification and the alien agenda. Weather modification and the alien agenda connects to all sorts of black budget R&D, and to the psychopathic, murderous mindset of the people in power, which brings us right back to Fukushima.

Here you can read about some other anti-radiation drugs and their connections to people like George Soros and Jerome Hauer. After 9/11, Hollis-Eden "shifted the company's primary focus to developing a nuclear antidote."

Developing, not discovering. Developing.
Jerome Hauer, a leading figure in the events of September 11, became a director of Hollis-Eden Pharmaceuticals in 2004.
“Hollis-Eden Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a development-stage pharmaceutical company based in San Diego, California, working to become the world leader in the development of a new class of investigational drugs known as Immune Regulating Hormones (IRHs). The goal of IRH therapy is to direct, through controlling gene expression, the production of key cytokines and enzymes that re-regulate immune and metabolic functions”…
“Hollis-Eden’s political and scientific quest to get a potential BioShield drug approved and purchased by the federal government could serve as a road map for biotechs with similar ambitions. For Hollis-Eden, the road to Washington began at Ground Zero. Just days after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in September 2001, Hollis said he received a telephone call from Navy Adm. James Zimble, a top military health official.”
This information fortuitously led us to the amazing Jennifer Lake's blog.

Among all this excellent research she has another entire blog dedicated to polio, and the real history of polio.

The secret of polio is hiding in plain sight if one but looks. In 2000, the US Congress held hearings for the testimony of doctors on the causes of Gulf War Syndrome. It must have been a near repeat of an event 50 years earlier when Drs. Biskind and Scobey stood in front of the Senators and told them what was crippling American kids –nerve poisons! Speaking on behalf of the GWS researchers, Dr. Howard Urnovitz happened to relate his graduate experience in the lab inducing polio in animals with chemicals or radiation.  Radiation! Why has no one else told us that radiation causes polio? The obvious answer is that we might dig into the record and find out that almost everything we learned about disease is a lie and we totter now on the brink of losing the last domain which we thought was truly our own –our genes and chromosomes. If the establishment choice of  ‘treatment’ is an indication of how we are being targeted for control, Dr Urnovitz’s words are right on the money. “It’s not the germs –it’s the genome.”

From the written testimony of Dr. Howard Urnovitz to congress in August 1999:

To put it simply, are we embarking on a course that will vaccinate people against their own genes?...On the issue of informed consent: Had my mother and father known that the polio virus vaccines of the 1950s were heavily contaminated with more than 26 monkey viruses, including the cancer virus SV40, I can say with certainty that they would not have allowed their children and themselves to take those vaccines.  Both of my parents might not have developed cancers suspected of being vaccine-related, and might even be alive today.  Government, industry, and medicine should embrace the ethical principle of informed consent about possible adverse reactions associated with vaccines.

As Jennifer Lake explains about the polio vaccine: "...the official historical record began erasing polio as quickly as possible in the mid-1950s in order to give the appearance of creating a successful vaccine –successful, not in the ordinary sense, but in the triumphant and heroic sense of the Greatest Medical Achievement of All Time!"

BECAUSE, what caused polio? RADIATION. And that fact needed to be covered up, so a NARRATIVE was created about polio and the polio vaccine.
The imperative of covering up the radiation cause of polio, and “racing for a vaccine” after 1945, is obvious in retrospect. The military-medical establishment put its top guns on the task. The anomalous propaganda and distortion of polio takes on a meaningful light with the knowledge that Operation Polio was integral to maintaining and advancing nuclear weapons. The Salk vaccine was a massive radiation experiment. See the Atomic Weapons page for the timing of this event
Mind blowing. In addition, we learn the close relationship between polio and influenza:

Polio and influenza have always shared a close relationship, more than just the interest and effort of the same scientists. They are nearly identical viruses –influenza virus being a double-sized version– sharing the same fundamental qualities with little difference in the symptoms of infection. We should be asking our doctors if influenza is also a disease of poisoning by chemicals and radiation. The evidence demonstrates that it is.

Now we can see why there needs to be a flu psyop... ? If radiation -- POISON -- causes the disease known as polio, and that disease is substantially related to the disease known as influenza, and there's an "outbreak" of the influenza disease due to all the POISON in the environment.....? The disease cannot be tied back to the radiation. Thus a new scientific narrative is required, and a new vaccine. The flu psyop covers for the intentional (False Flag / "Act of God" / "Human Error") poisoning, and furthermore TREATS the poisoning with: MORE POISON! People, that is a win win win if we ever saw one.

Now we know that unspeakable amounts of radiation have been released into the atmosphere. Flu season in the US runs from fall through early spring. We will go out on a limb here and predict a really bad flu season, maybe even the horrible mutation they've been warning us would happen eventually? The West Coast will be hit very hard, but many important people will be spared. Just lucky we guess.

Absolutely phenomenal research by Jennifer Lake, and lots of it. Please check it out.


james said…
What a kick in the head this post is, AP! It makes a lot of sense; a lot of sense.

Wouldn't it be nice if their secret medicines, which are no doubt designed to interact with their DNA, caused them to become extinct themselves.

james said…
I am reminded of the Forest Troop of baboons aka the Garbage Dump Troop.

Pleas God, let it be!
Anonymous said…
I saw your comment at Kenny's this morning, are you on Facebook? If so I am here if you would care to be "friends."
A. Peasant said…
sent you mail....
Anonymous said…
Does anybody know of sequencings of the polio and influenza viruses available to the public? I'd like to check out that stuff.

The article is crass. So crass that even this seasoned conspiracy theorist is aghast at the implications .
A. Peasant said…
you need to identify yourself or go to spam.
A. Peasant said…
James, where do we get a truckload of tainted meat?
james said…
anywhere in the US where you can buy ground beef . . . .

unfortunately, the alpha males don't eat it in America. But maybe they will inject themselves and we can be hopeful given the record of allopathic(sp?) medicine to produce toxic remedies :D
A13 said…
Hi A.P.
I hope their secret medicines make them mutate...and backfire horribly on them.Revealing the "entities" they are.
great post and i did have a look at the link over to Jennifer lake, and what a very interesting read that was!
sounds plausable, very probable.
cheers A13
dublinmick said…
Jennifer has some great info. I have had her listed over on the side bar for ages.

I don't think you need to worry about them coming up with a cure for radiation. I am very very very skeptical of that. Of course you never know we have some scientists talking about new sun particle actually neutralizing radiation. It had better hurry.
A. Peasant said…
i bet they do have cures but they'll never *share* them. they wouldn't let all this go down if they couldn't protect themselves from the "tiny" particles. it's privileged information just like how they all seem to live long healthy lives with rare exception.
Dave said…

Reading your article, I remembered something I had read over at Dr Wong's website concerning drugs that can treat radiation:

"While looking for a way to treat the victims of a terrorist radiation attack one of the things that needs to be cared for is the death of bone marrow. When bone marrow dies off after the absorption of Strontium by the bone (it thinks the stuff is calcium) or from the high level of exposure platelet and red blood cell production plummets to zero. During a mass casualty event such as a nuke or dirty bomb attack, thousands would be needing treatment for “Acute Radiation Syndrome”. Until now the only treatment for the RBC and platelet loss has been transfusion after transfusion which would be impractical and undoable in a nuke attack situation.

Enter androstene! Some bright light drug researcher remembered that androstene regenerates bone marrow! Wonders, and the FDA said it was so bad! Studies were done where lab monkeys were exposed to deadly amounts of radiation enough to kill 32% of the monkeys in the study. When given andro the number dropped to only 12% dying. (Int. Immunopharmacology, Vol. 7, p 550). So there was a substance, easily had, right at hand that could prevent the deaths of tens of thousands in an isolated attack or millions in a nuke war. But true to the form of the legal drug cartels, the question was not how can we disseminate this information for the benefit of the country, but rather how can we make BIG money from this! The answer was that access to andro had to be limited, then the studies on what andro did for radiation exposure and poisoning could be released. After that the Fed’s were to be convinced to buy huge amounts of the new wonder ‘drug” to stock pile against the day they would be needed to treat the mass casualties of a nuke or dirty bomb attack."

Our gummint always lookin' out for our safety :)

A. Peasant said…
hi Dave, great comment. that's exactly what i would expect. why haven't we all heard of androstene? why indeed.

and holy crap look at this! this is from the site you mention, this must be the link:

"So andro became a class 2 drug like all the anabolics, narcotics and ritalin. The FDA and the media so lambasted athletes who used andro and the companies that supplied it that no doc anywhere would have the balls to write a script for it! Those who dared would immediately come under DEA scrutiny. Now the access to andro was severely limited and tightly controlled. This was the time to announce a NEW WONDER DRUG to cure radiation poisoning! Oh joy, oh salvation, oh the wonders of medical science!

The US government is awarding a huge contract to Hollis-Eden the drug firm making the andro drug whose market name is AED. The Fed’s will stockpile AED by the mega millions of doses against the day when it might be needed. This equals mega BIG bucks."

Hollis-Eden! that's the one Jerome Hauer is hooked in on. hot damn Dave, good catch.
Anonymous said…
Fascinating stuff, and rings true to me: they hide link between radiation and polio, then invent a vaccine success. Truly diabolical, their fingerprints all over something like that.

My best guess is the Japan event is the mass murder enabler, which would explain why they sited so many nuke stations in an unstable area. It may even be why they nuked Japan in the war, a hidden statement of their later intent to nuke us all.

One thing's for certain, if they are behind this, they have the cure for themselves.

I always thought like many others it would be a virus, but they always blind-side us. They enjoy doing that. Proves to themselves how superior they are, and how justified they are in thinking of us as cattle, and treating us accordingly. Probably helps them sleep at night to delude themselves so.

A. Peasant said…
hey suraci... i agree that's how they think. they take pride in their deceits. it's an art not a science to them. the major deceits will have multiple layers, and will span long periods of time. thus the more unbelievable to man on street, the more likely. many people will be unable to accept the possibilities, will suffer from a failure of imagination to appreciate such evil. of course the evil count on this very thing, and will send their minions out to work the herd attention space and keep people away from the truth using all the time-tested methods of propaganda.
sewa mobil said…
Nice article, thanks for the information.
Dave said…

Thanks. We can only wonder at what cures have been kept from mankind.
I see Europe is now going to be denied homeopathic/herbal remedies -
something the AMA took care of in the US long ago.
Now a world renowned scientist is telling us there's no afterlife- physicist
heal thy self :).
Like you I hope Noby writes again ( and things are well as can be with him )
To all good health.........."I get knocked down but I get up again.........."

Jen Lake said…
Thanks for the great endorsement. The polio story is long past due but, in my opinion, an accurate reflection of what's to come. As I plumb this subject deeper, I see the "transhuman shift" perfectly on the old polio track --that's the most astonishing part: the continuity of ideas to bring genetic engineering into reality. It's getting impossible to stay within the scope of a polio blog, originally a place to dump my notes and collect more where I could look at things in greater wholes. It's a real boost to have your interest! personal thanks to you, AP.
A. Peasant said…
"that's the most astonishing part: the continuity of ideas to bring genetic engineering into reality"...

without our consent. !

you did a really great job with this topic. your blog is excellent. excellent research and thinking. i am happy to be able to help in any way. i hope we sent some people over. please stay in touch and come by anytime. i touch on a lot of subjects but they all start to connect after a while.

very kind regards and respect, AP.
Jen Lake said…
I will be checking in, and in good company here. And I'll leave a link from the polio blog that shows something about where this research is going,
I can tell you that this story found me and I struggle to honor it.
A. Peasant said…
definitely, you fit right in. :D

i know what you mean about certain stories finding us. this polio story is in good hands with you. i had noticed looking around your blog that you were going toward a medical career and changed your mind. it's very good that you have the background to unpack something like this, and yet you had the presence of mind not to get sucked into the modern medicine paradigm. and then you had the courage to blog on top of that. now that's a trifecta haha, XO!