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the booby prize

What to make of the pope resigning?

First some background and review.

In the post gorilla vs king kong, we noted that in August 2010, Alfred Lambremont Webre, a globalist, gave an interview to Press TV in which he linked the Catholic Church to Satanic Ritual Abuse.

"Suppose Cardinal Ratzinger, the current pope, was actually running a sexual abuse ring for “satanic worshipers” using Satanism and using sexual abuse. They were actually encouraging sexual abuse by priests on children around the world as part of a “Satanic Ritual.” That's what this looks like to me as a lawyer, as a war crimes lawyer." ~ Webre

We noted that Webre is deeply linked to the alien agenda. He advises the Exopolitics Institute, and is the congressional coordinator for the Disclosure Project. The alien agenda could come into play with the destruction of the church, the loss of faith for perhaps billions of people, and the spiritual vacuum that would be created under those circumstances.

But even if the alien agenda does not come into play, it would seem that the wide exposure of Satanic Ritual Abuse being linked to the Catholic Church, at the highest levels, would be enough to take down the Catholic Church.

The thing is, the Catholic Church is not the only institution involved with SRA. So if some people wish to send the church off like a SCAPEGOAT, to carry all the blame for the horrific suffering, and then close the case and call it a day... well, they would have to have a pretty amazing firewall. Because once that fire gets lit, there's no telling how it will spread. Organized crime has been likened to an octopus because the tentacles spread all over the world. Tentacles, or fuses. Intertwined. This has been organized crime's advantage, and we predict it will be organized crime's downfall.


Deeper background:

Going back to September 2010:

Currently, the biggest corruption scandals in the world *being reported at this time* are in the Catholic Church. We think there may be a couple of corruption scandals even bigger than the Catholic Church, or in fact related to the Catholic Church corruption scandals, but we don't know how those would come out given the controlled media. We notice, however, that there is not too much difficulty getting corruption stories about the Catholic Church out over the news lately. We noticed yesterday morning CNN's Kyra Phillips hammering home the point that the CC has dealt with one scandal after another. One. After. Another. As though the media has nothing to do with that state of affairs, as she hammered home the point.

... These are the sorts of claims -- Satanic Ritual Abuse -- that would forever ruin the Catholic Church's credibility, if they were widely exposed and believed. But it is also very risky to expose the church, because the accusations would have to be limited to the Catholic Church. And based on our research, we consider there is zero chance that the Catholic Church is the only powerful entity involved in Satanic Ritual Abuse.

...We know the One World Order plans have both a financial and religious component.

"What are the New World Order plans? They plan the destruction of all people who believe in the Bible, who worship Jesus Christ, and the complete disappearance of Christianity to achieve this plan. ...The New World Order will change nations' laws in order that Christian religious beliefs and symbols - like the cross for instance - will be come unlawful. Only Easter and Christmas for instance will be replaced by New Age festivities around the world. The New World Order plans also the abolishment of all currencies and the transfer to electronic cash through the super highway -- what we call also, the electronic highway." The Greatest Hoax, Serge Monast
We know that the financial system might collapse at any time, and we see the church on the ropes. If/when these events happen, something would have to replace the financial system, and something would have to replace the church.

In this post, we explored further the clash of civilizations angle (with Islam and the Catholic Church representing twin pillars, and two scapegoats), satanists in the church, the media's role in focusing on some flavors of corruption over others, etc. This is probably the most important post linking into what we are seeing unfold now. In The Genesis of Genocide (a post by James at Winter Patriot Community), we learn about the use of scapegoats.

One method to atone for these sins was the use of scapegoats. In each ceremony, two goats were used; one was sacrificed through being slaughtered to appease God's desire for death and the other 'set free' by being sent into the wilderness to carry their sins and guilt and blame away from the Jews and thus redeem themselves at the cost to two 'beasts'. One bears the punishment; the other bears the blame.
We think these concepts bear keeping in mind as we observe current events.

It seems the last near miss for the criminals in the church happened in 1978, with Pope John Paul I, who died suddenly after being pope for just 33 days. Except that time, we don't think the takedown was planned; and so, it ended.

SEE: The Murder of Pope John Paul I

The author of this piece reviews a book by David Yallop, In God's Name, in which he claims that Pope John Paul I was murdered, poisoned, in a masonic manner, by people belonging to P2. On page 2 is a discussion of the Lateran Treaty of 1929, and how that established the Vatican as a sovereign state, and a lot of money passed hands as Mussolini compensated the Vatican for territory, so the Vatican had a huge influx of cash to manage. This led to various gangsters being employed by the Vatican over the years, to manage the money, avoid taxes and so forth. The gangsters moved the Vatican's money around the globe. It was Pope John Paul I who wanted to clean house, and he confronted some of the gangsters. Suddenly, he died, and the crime scene was scrubbed clean. "Sensible" people say it is a "conspiracy theory" that Pope John Paul I was murdered, because the book is not sourced, and anyway, there's "no evidence," conveniently overlooking all the evidence.


Fast forward to today. Let's hop over to Michael Hoffman's blog for an explanation of how Albino Luciano (John Paul I) may have been elected pope in the first place. 

Sodano, Mahony and a rogues' gallery of molestation facilitators and usurers will choose the next pope of post-Renaissance Rome in the "conclave." According to a conversation this writer had in Rochester, New York with the Judaic-Irish double-agent Malachi Martin (a former peritus to Cardinal Augustin Bea and Paul VI), in the 1978 conclave to elect Pope John Paul I (who was likely assassinated), Cardinal Giovanni Benelli of Florence employed blackmail to exclude any votes for Cardinal Eduardo Piornio of Argentina, who was said to be the papal candidate favored by the Cryptocracy. Malachi Martin claimed that during the conclave, Benelli put dossiers on the desks of some of the cardinals who favored Pironio. Martin alleged that those dossiers contained files and photographs of the cardinals' girlfriends, boyfriends and masonic membership papers. If Martin’s allegation is true, this would explain how a thorn in the side of the Cryptocracy, Cardinal Albino Luciani, was elected on the fourth ballot, becoming Pope John Paul I, who reigned for only 33 days.
Ratzinger (L), Giovanni Benelli (C) - 1977

Hoffman goes on to discuss the sudden timing of Benedict's announcement.

Was Benedict about to make a radical move against his Zionist masters, or reveal a secret devastating to the Cryptocracy? Did the Cryptocracy then tempt him by "making him an offer he couldn't refuse" -- his silence in exchange for a guarantee of a life lived in peaceful seclusion, instead of a poisoning made to look like heart failure or some other seemingly natural geriatric fatality?
Well, that looks like it to us.

Meanwhile, Benedict has named a German aristocrat, Ernest von Freyberg, to head the Vatican Bank, as reported by the NYT. Von Freyberg belongs to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind here. We know that Italy is spectacularly corrupt, and that Silvio Berlusconi (who is buds with Vlad Putin), gave private tours of the Vatican to the world's richest Jews in December 2009 (the link still works, read it while you can.)

Read the gloating remarks.

On three days' stay in Rome, the largest Jewish philanthropists portal IzRus told a representative of the Keren Ha-Yesod, "in Russia Ronny Vinnikov.  He said that the commemorations have begun in a symbolic location - near the Arch of Titus, which depicts the victory of the Romans over the Jews and the imposition of the menorah from the Temple of Jerusalem (AD 70). Former Chief Rabbi of Israel Yisrael Meir Lau asked the guests: "Where are those Romans and where are we? the language of the Emperor Titus long been told of his empire was nothing left, and Jews have preserved their language, have created their own state, and revived their culture."
Then, Jewish philanthropists, accompanied by a government escort motorcyclists have visited the palaces of the president and prime minister of Italy, met with Speaker of Italian Parliament, the Mayor of Rome and the chief rabbi of the country. In one of the palaces of Italy's best opera singers sang "Hatikva".  At the Villa Madama, the official residence of the Prime Minister for receiving heads of state, the Jewish oligarchs met at a top level - with a solemn guard, saluting each guest as a leader of a foreign power. By the way, the ball to Jewish patrons of the palace came from Berlusconi and the Ambassador Russia to Italy Alexei Meshkov.

"The joy of Jewish organizations and beneficiaries, the ranks of the world of philanthropy is increasingly supplemented by people of the" Russian "origin - those who live in the CIS, Europe, USA, Canada and Israel. The arrival of these people to charity - this revolutionary moment," - said Ronnie Vinnikov. He expressed the hope that the leaders of world Jewry "open the door to benefactors of the CIS could go with the right foot to the leading position in the Jewish world." According to Vinnikov, vote-rich Russian Jews should be equally heard on all matters of collection and distribution of funds from donations.
Putin and Berlusconi

The tentacles of this corruption reach into Central Asia, Kyrgystan, the US Military, Manas Air Force Base, the US State Department, etc. It seemed to us at the time, and it still does, that Berlusconi is in tight with the Russian Jewish Mafia, which forms one of the forces at work against the other two, the church and the aristocracy. The aristocracy is represented by QEII. These are power centers jostling against each other, and they are intertwined. They cannot be neatly teased apart. As explained by Michael Hoffman, Benedict does the bidding of his Talmudic masters, but he also has a billion Catholics that he needs to remain credible to. So the charade goes on.

A couple of additional items to fill out the picture (thanks to James for the links).

1. The pope seeks immunity from prosecution and will remain inside the Vatican. The pope would be "defenseless" if he leaves the Vatican.

From The Examiner, a source linked squarely to Alfred Lambremont Webre.

2. The ICTTS identifies the Vatican and the Crown of England, (ie: Pope and QEII, ie: the opposition to the Jewish Money Power in the titanic power struggle,) as the prime targets in crimes against humanity.

Two of the main practitioners of this genocide of the innocent – the Vatican and the Crown of England – are effectively immune from prosecution under existing laws and customs. It is therefore incumbent upon all citizens to take action to safeguard their children in the face of the refusal of courts and governments to bring to justice those who threaten public safety and wellbeing.
On this basis, our Tribunal has been established to enforce common law and try and convict the institutions and their officers responsible for such historic and ongoing crimes against humanity. We therefore constitute a de jure Court under common law, with full power of arrest, conviction and enforcement.
We agree. BUT, let us keep in mind Cui Bono. The Jewish Money Power would surely be very pleased at this development, IF they can keep the damage limited to the church.

3. The ICTTS has sued the Vatican and claims this is why Benedict resigned. Click through for the whole thing:

The historically unprecedented resignation of Joseph Ratzinger as Pope this week was compelled by an upcoming action by a European government to issue an arrest warrant against Ratzinger and a public lien against Vatican property and assets by Easter.
The ITCCS Central Office in Brussels is compelled by Pope Benedict's sudden abdication to disclose the following details:
1. On Friday, February 1, 2013, on the basis of evidence supplied by our affiliated Common Law Court of Justice (, our Office concluded an agreement with representatives of a European nation and its courts to secure an arrest warrant against Joseph Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict, for crimes against humanity and ordering a criminal conspiracy.
Who is the unnamed European nation???

3. Queen Elizabeth will travel to Italy on March 6-7, but is now NOT expected to meet with Benedict. She has always met the pope on previous visits to Rome.

Has the suspected alliance between the church and the crown been broken?

Looks like somebunny will be left holding the bag here for lots of bad things, and it look like Benny. And as a consolation prize for taking the hit, he gets to stay safe in the Vatican. ?

What kind of justice is that for the people of the world?

A booby prize.

Let all the murderers be held accountable.

All of them. Especially those who finance war.

A short inspirational video from There Are No Sunglasses.

The second anniversary of Bahrain’s popular uprising was marked by renewed violence, resulting in the death of a 16-year old boy. In the video, filmed right after the teenager’s death, a desperate protester can be seen risking his life to stand up to the police. The victim’s name was Hussein al-Jaziri. According to opposition websites, the teenager was killed by fragmentary bullets. Overwhelmed by this death, which he had just witnessed, a protester walked up to police and screamed at them. The policemen tried to intimidate him, but seemed thrown off balance by the protester’s daring. “You criminals! You murderers! You hope to escape God’s wrath? God will avenge us! Go on, shoot me! Shoot me if you dare, I won’t leave!” the man in the video says.


kenny said…
Personally, after hearing Malachi Martin many times on the Art Bell show in the 90's, I did not find him credible although he did speak often of Satanism in the Vatican.

Here's a little more about him from Michael Hoffman's site.

I ran across this photo of Pericle Fazzini's sculpture "The Resurrection" allegedly depicting Jesus rising from a nuclear bomb crater and located at the Vatican's Paul VI Audience Hall since 1977. I wasn't familiar with it but I bet you are. Any thoughts?
A. Peasant said…
wow, what a creepy sculpture. i had to zoom in to see that it is not a lizard, with lizard claws.but that is exactly what it looks like to me. horrible. i think it says quite enough about the people sitting under it that they would allow such a thing to supposedly represent Jesus.

as for martin, thanks for the link. i will read it. i had read before that he was a jesuit agent and not trustworthy. he seems to be used for limited hangout purposes i guess. ?
james said…
Great post, APea. Thanks for the link-over.
We live in interesting times
Anonymous said…
Very informative article.
I have a hard time understanding the Vatican, it disgusts me to a point where I can hardly stand to study it.

Rotten to the core, the Frazzini sculpture captures the essence of that place. Some of the wide angle photos make it look even worse.

What does this second unprecedented Vatican move mean? I have no clue, and I wish I had more to add to this discussion.
Disinfo, bullshit, and revisionist history but still, it must mean something.

F Giant.
A. Peasant said…
Very interesting link FG.

I wrote

Well, I think we have the two scapegoats required to settle the fight for Jerusalem.

Inmmarch 2010.

The church and islam.

Of course, if the jews can get one of their sabbatean cardinals elected pope, the church can be taken down much easier.
Anonymous said…
Gosh, it's complicated!

- Aangirfan
Unknown said…
Nice one AP. Top form.
Unknown said…
That was so good I had to read it twice!

A. Peasant said…
Hahaha, you are funny :)
Thanks Carol.
Anonymous said…
You might be interested in this

Interview with Malachi Martin: The End of Religion (As We Know It)

A. Peasant said…
Thank you for the link. It is very interesting. Who are you please?
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
omg too wasted to be smart..

but please have fun with this

Anonymous said…
Sharp as ever AP...
Hope you and yours are well.

Anonymous said…
And I am going to go back and re-listen to that podcast with the DVM and get her e-mail, and I am up to Chapter 20 in "proof of heaven" and discover there is already a "Christian rebuttal" (the sick doctor was raised and practiced as an Episcopalian), so the religious wars will continue ad infinitum. I may buy a couple of extra copies of the "proof" -- been there, done that, so to speak -- one for my daughter who was at bedside.

My e-mail is right there at "magic"... summonthemagic [at] gmail [dot] com.

Did I oops and say it was sophiascholar [at] ...?

The thing about getting kicked out of the sim needs clarification; the sim never came to be because of decisions up-stream inside the TSWG section of DARPA in consultation with the USDA. I can remember sitting next to the #2 USDA vet inside the Crystal Palace behind three locked doors like it was yesterday. You can't get kicked out of what I helped create [the sim and its communication engine]. I carry it inside me, in my mind. And I have the old notes too... But I have been kicked out of many other places (jobs, relationships, etc.) because I mouth off and say things people don't want to here. It's doubly painful when the mouth has done the homework the ear won't go near. But I am a big believer in conversation. We all have much to learn from one another.

The "proof" book says we have to manifest "the love" you talked about, and he talks about. That's not an invitation for licentiousness, misbehavior or romance so much as it is about a discussion about how we can create something that has never existed before through the arts, communication, education, experiential process, etc. That's why I hope the early content of "magic" can act as an instructional manual, seedlings of things to come, and that's what our future conversation will be focused on. It's about doing. Straight out of Dooling's "A Way of Working". Laborare est orare. Work is prayer.
Anonymous said…
And I just ordered "Playing at the World"
[ ] and A. Peasant's own copy of "Proof of Heaven"
[ ] ....
A. Peasant said…
yes. i understand.

see this old post:

Only thing matters in the end is what your family your friends and neighbors think of you. They are your credit score.


Note that the Remnant is not engaged in any one pursuit; smart people are just doing what they think is right and good...

and from Thomas Merton,

The contemplative does not need to be systematic about anything, even about apparent madness. He is content with the wisdom of God, which is folly to men not because it is contrary to the wisdom of men, but because it entirely transcends it.

from this old post:

the agape love, ie: brotherly / sisterly love, is what is going to work in the end.
A. Peasant said…
speaking of which, hey Edo! how are you brother? things are fine over this way.... as fine as they can be for standing on the precipice of disaster...
Dublinmick said…
Wise words Sophia

"You can't get kicked out of what I helped create [the sim and its communication engine]. I carry it inside me, in my mind. And I have the old notes too... But I have been kicked out of many other places (jobs, relationships, etc.) because I mouth off and say things people don't want to here. It's doubly painful when the mouth has done the homework the ear won't go near. But I am a big believer in conversation. We all have much to learn from one another. "

And Peasant, yes it is what your family friends and neighbors think that counts and of course yourself. ... you know, to thine own self be true.

There is a certain percentage out there that will simply dislike anyone who attempts to tell them the their truth. So many have this shallow transparent view they have sold to themselves and any attempt to add on or subtract from it is generally met with a certain amount of hostility.

A. Peasant said…
agreed dubs. there are some people who are rather impermeable, and they resent being told anything that they don't want to hear. it does not really matter how much you love them or they love you. in fact that seems to make it worse.
Anonymous said…
Heyyyy AP - All good here. Changed my internet habits to such an extent I can now count the number of blogs I follow on one hand (yes you're in!)I've realised the futility in spreading the word. People WILL think you're nuts, friends WILL disown you. What is the point?!

That's not to say people don't come to me and say, "Hey Edo, you said about this years ago". There was a time I'd be smug as fuck about that... Not so these days. I smile and wish them well, knowing that 99/100 won't pursue it any further and the 1 that does will end up just as confused and scared as I was. It's a miserable hobby, this.

I love your research and writing AP, but wouldn't blame you at all if you went offline like Nobs did. Although, don't go doing it with the drama by which he did !!!

All the best, Edo
A. Peasant said…
hey Edo, thanks for the update. Gawd, it does seem that we are experiencing the same misery. everything you say here is true. and to take a stab at the question, what is the point? i don't know. i have thought about hanging it up but so far, i have decided to keep in even with the low output. i think i am just really stubborn, and i want to see their faces when it turns out that we are indeed, not crazy.

there might be something in the works, something else to write about, along the lines of wtf are we going to do, seriously, when the shit hits the fan. writing about solutions instead of problems. stay tuned. meantime, if you want to be in touch via email, leave me your email on any old post and i will ping you back. or you can get my email from nobs if you are in touch. i don't know where that scallywag is off to...

so no worries so far Edo. i'm still in. thank you for keeping me on your short list!! xo. apea
A. Peasant said…
oops, sorry guys. i just found a comment from swits and sophia in moderation... ! sorry those got held up.
Anonymous said…
Don't do what i did and delete the blog. If you start again it is from scratch. I am pretty convinced I could not scratch the surface of what the satanists are up to if I typed 24/7.

I do feel i have some pieces on mine however that will benefit those who read it, ya know, copper deficiency does not allow red blood cells and protein to form correctly, gmo will kill ya, modern religious doctrine will drive ya nuts etc.

Peasant you can't explain the matrix to people, they have to want to know what is true and what is not. You can't make them take the red pill if they are just plain lazy. How people can look at our world around us and not see we have a serious problem however baffles me. I will never understand this.

My guess is we are riding out a satanic planet and it is almost final exam time. I am sure there are billions better than this one and billions much worse. Stay the course and know you did your best. Hold your head up high. Funny money and mergers is not going to take these monkeys very far on the other side of the veil. I believe in divine justice.

Du b
Anonymous said…
Hey AP - I tried finding your email address amongst stuff sent by Penny ages ago but couldn't, so here's mine

Not heard from Mr N for ages. We used to email back and forth and share interviews of McGowan and others, but since he's got his van on the road, I've heard very little from him. I miss the old church...

Oh to be a free spirit.

Anonymous said…
"Only thing matters in the end is what your family your friends and neighbors think of you. They are your credit score."

Indeed, and I love them dearly. That is why it hurts so much to see them willfully staying within the comfort of the matrix. The pain and frustration of trying to help them wake up is one we (here) all understand to some degree.

That is why I end up casting my heartfelt laments and hopes into the abyss of the internet to be read by spooks, trolls and freaks..... and hopefully a few like minded individuals who share my values concerns hopes and fears.
This site is a breath of fresh air and always a pleasure to visit.

Years back someone made a comment about the matrix I never forgot.
Most of us focus on the blue pill/red pill moment and its meaning. That 'decision' in the movie is made on faith and speculation.
The scene from the movie that we should all ponder and learn from is when the traitor dude eats the fake steak and makes his deal for fake fame and fake comfort.
He saw reality (it was hard) and given the option, he chose fake comfort. That choice may say more about the modern human condition than the red pill blue pill choice.

Most of my friends family and social circle who are smart enough to know the score but chose to ignore it, have money. Those with stocks, retirement funds and homes with value are so vested in the process (I have some sympathy for them) that they are almost violent when seriously confronted with truth. It gets harder for them with each passing scandal to maintain their illusion of tasty steak. Am I helping them by hucking cold porridge at them with every visit? Subjective territory to be sure.

The whole thing is a trip. But as always it is nice to speak freely from the heart to like minded individuals (and whatever greasy reprehensible trolls are lurking about too! FU swine!) and to get some more food for thought.

F Giant.

kenny said…
In case you haven't heard, Neil Rogers, I think the Neil whose poem is over in your right hand column, has passed away.

A couple of mentions...
A. Peasant said…
I had not heard. Thanks Kenny. This is sad news. Do you know any details ie was he sick?
kenny said…
All I know is from the info here:
A. Peasant said…
kenny, i was just at your place and saw that. i am speechless. what a loss and so young. i trust Neil is enjoying a much better place this very minute and forever more.
Anonymous said…
Hullo AP,

Sad to hear about Neil. I always liked the chap. He wrote a few poems in at my place and I always felt chuffed that he thought me worth it. Mind you, he did get in a tizz at one point and stomped off and I wasn't quite sure why. But it was small potatoes and in no way diminished my regard for him.

Anyway I left a note at the one link above I was able to comment at. The other one had a comments arrangement that precludes me from saying anything - the same arrangement that Kenny and Penny have. Speaking of which, thanks Kenny for popping in and telling us about Neil. Sorry I haven't been round at your place but... I can't comment! And yourself Pen.

Anyway, I'll miss Neil. He was a sweet presence.

As for the church, (not mine, the Catholic one ahem) I said ages ago that I thought it was to be destroyed. The Jewish hatred for christianity is beyond anything. Hell, they put it in the talmud for chrissake. Oh that's right, my thing was called 'Att: Satanist Clergy'. The logic was that since the whole edifice is to be brought down (with nowhere to hide) why don't the false clergy unburden themselves of their guilt and hatefulness and just confess to all of it? All that satanist shit. They didn't listen of course. Perhaps if I'd typed it in caps? Never mind.

Otherwise senselessness reigns in the life of yours truly. It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world and I certainly am. But what are you going to do? Plough on I expect.

Wait. Perhaps that's what I need? A plough! Hmm... why don't I spend $15,000 doing that! This and other genius ideas.

Off I go now and best to all etc. etc.
A. Peasant said…
hey nobs, so good to see you around.

Anyway, I'll miss Neil. He was a sweet presence.

that's about as succinctly as i think it can be put. Neil was sweet.

i remember that piece you did about the CC clergy. hmm. i don't think the caps would have worked, but at least you got it out there.

i'm sorry to hear things are mad mad mad over your end of the planet. i hope you are looking after yourself all the same. and i agree with what you said at Aan's about those tools probably not needing to leave the country. why bother?
Anonymous said…
I'm glad you saw that. The analogy I tried to fit in there and failed was one of, um... what do you call those car thieves who steal a car, grind the numbers off, spray paint it, and then send it out as a whole other vehicle? Are they 'chop shops'? Is there a name for that process? There must be. Anyway, that. As far as the death cult is concerned cars, humans it's all the same thing - goods and chattel.
james said…
"what do you call those car thieves who steal a car, grind the numbers off, spray paint it, and then send it out as a whole other vehicle?"

One name for it is "re-birthing"!
Anonymous said…
That's the word! Curse the tip of my tongue. Thanks James you're a genius. And yeah, how's the spooky irony of it? If anything it makes more sense when applied to people than to cars, what with cars never having been 'born' to begin with. Interesting, Interesting.
Anonymous said…
What a special day this Monday was. Reaching the people who can think on an urgent basis, phase one, in which we were on Target.
james said…
You're welcome, Nobby. Yeah, this world is nothing if not ironic.
Hope you are doing well in spite of the madness.
Anonymous said…
Hey, APea (and James);

Totally off-topic, I'm afraid, but I wanted to mention (if you haven't been following it) that Russia has commenced an international action against Bill Browder for tax evasion, to the tune of about $133 million. This follows close on the heels of a libel lawsuit by Pavel Karpov, to be heard in London, against Browder.

Browder has called Karpov everything but a white man for a couple of years and gotten away with it, but Berezovsky's recent crushing loss in a London court against Abramovich demonstrated the verdict doesn't always shake out the way you thought it would. The onus in a British libel suit is not on the plaintiff to prove he was harmed by it, but on the defendant to prove his claims are true, and while the cash awards are usually quite small the legal bills can be massive.

But that's not the best part. All the English-speaking press is starting to back away from referring to Magnitsky - whose posthumous trial has just begun in Moscow, and who is linked to Browder in the tax-evasion lawsuit - as a lawyer. They are now referring to him as an "accountant" and an "auditor". James was right all along. Vindication is sweet.
A. Peasant said…
Hey Mark, nice to see you. Thanks for the update, i actually had not seen any of these developments. I just reread the posts i did on this, refreshing my memory on what a corrupt piece o'shit is browder. Oh i hope he gets taken down and drags down half the criminal cabal with him. I see in the comments to the second link you posted... The first one, anonymous OF COURSE, is that magnitsky is a lawyer not an accountant. No. No he was not a lawyer. He was the guy figuring out how to avoid the taxes and launder the money.

The russian gov had the case essentially complete and proven when magnitsky died. Cui bono, browder. May the truth come out in full.
james said…
Hi Mark,
I don't remember the details now but I'll take the kudos anyway :) Thanks
Penny said…

Berezvovsky has been found dead
If this doesn't connect to browder and the hermitage
I am a monkey's aunt
Started a post but want to move it over to suspicious deaths
Scads of stuff saved already
would you be interested in helping?
I know your busy and understand if you can't
but, can't think of a better partner on this one! :)

let me know?
Anonymous said…
I'm confused because your post of today, The Confusion Factor, is not showing up. Saw it listed at Kenny's place, but when I come here it says page no longer available.

Hope all is well,
A. Peasant said…
Hi Kitty,
Sorry about that. I did do a post but i took it down after an hour or so because i felt it was half baked, and would possibly add to confusion, which is not what i want to achieve. Unfortunately i have sick family members and assorted issues to deal with and my time is very compressed, leaving me very insufficient time to blog properly. So i thought it best to take the post down since no sooner did i put it up than i started finding things wrong with it. Sigh. I am around but mostly just reading and watching. Apea.