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what the fish experienced when he was hauled into the boat and why you should care

The pirate writes:
"I would describe it as a primer that functions as an all-purpose tool for sites-yet-to-be-determined, ie. disinfo qua disinfo, rather than a topic-specific thing listing established strawmen, weakpoints, buzz phrases etc. Which is a shame since it's the latter I'd really like to see.
"The last couple of frames featured seem to take the topic a step further and in doing so defy comprehension at a quick glance. Clearly more study needed but keep your eye out for the phrase 'magic techniques and experiment'. Um... okay, didn't expect that. It's almost enough to make to make you think Aleister Crowley still treads the halls of GCHQ. Or his students at least.
"Then again this is Glenn Greenwald fronting for the Snowden archives. Perhaps it's what they want us to know about? Either way one can't fail to be impressed by Greenwald. He didn't so much as bat an eyelid at the thought of GCHQ training its staff in the use of magic. Nerves of steel obviously. Or a thousand yard stare? Something like that.
"Still, interesting no?
Yes yes of course.

The link in question, where MISTER Snowden, and his handler, the lovely MISTER Greenwald, have recently divulged some dastardly presentation proving How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations, tells us things we pretty much already sussed out a long time ago. However for those who aren't "conspiracy theorists," it's rich stuff. Indeed. [We note that Tarpley ably explained, a year ago, why Snowden was a limited hangout.] Anyway, the issue leads somewhere else, even deeper into the conspiracy hole, where things get good. So let's see.

Russian Nesting Dolls Star Wars Version

Written by Mr. Greenwald, it begins thusly:
One of the many pressing stories that remains to be told from the Snowden archive is how western intelligence agencies are attempting (wink wink wink) to manipulate and control online discourse with extreme tactics of deception and reputation-destruction. It’s time to tell a chunk of that story, complete with the relevant documents.

It's TIME TO TELL a CHUNK of the story of the extreme tactics (of what we here out in the internet wilderness have known for years) (and not the whole thing now don't be getting greedy), complete with the relevant documents (HOT damn); reports the magnamimous Mr. Greenwald, from deep inside the bowels of the very wolf whose treacherous claws and teeth he will now describe for us.

OK. We are ready.

So, you can click through but it's a very bad story. It's a story of psychopathic asshole types who get trained by psychopathic psychiatric types, who basically all share the common denominator of zero ethics, and plot ways to destroy people's reputations, businesses, relationships -- WHATEVER -- to "game" outcomes in the herd attention space. In case you hadn't noticed this phenomenon yet.

Importantly, one slide explains the following:

Mirroring: People copy each other while in social interaction with them. - Body language, language cues, expressions, eye movements, emotions
Accommodation: Adjustment of speech, patterns, and language toward another person in communications. - People in conversation tend to converge, Depends on empathy and other personality traits, Possibility of over-accommodation and end up looking condescending
Mimicry: Adoption of specific social traits by the communicator from the other participant
What's so amusing is that, as a human, we can't help notice that human beings are the SUBJECT of the lesson here. The curious humans do these weird things, see? They copy each other, match each other's language. They converge emotionally, and they don't even try or have to think about this. It just happens naturally. SO Weird. The TASK AT HAND here is to somehow try to MIMIC these strange humans, without making an error in emotional connectivity. Be Careful! Only highly trained psychopaths can successfully infiltrate the deeply empathic human interaction space without making a mistake and coming off as a condescending blowhard. This training may take years of practice, and perhaps dozens of internet identities, before a sub-human troll might hope to successfully infiltrate some of the more intelligent human gathering spots. Still, the national security state has huge budgets and this is exceedingly important work, so they plug along bravely providing good employment opportunities for countless social engineers and their internet flunkies; and THAT'S what Greenwald's leaked document is all about. 

Why is it time now to tell this chunk of the story? We don't know. It's just TIME, presumably because the operation has been ongoing in various stages and as the world metadata, in particular the hapless American zombie varietal, filters through the Israeli data collection centers, buckets of subject matter awareness such as knowledge about the total surveillance state are filled until ready to dump, and then it's time to start all over again with the next stage of awareness. In this case, the next stage of awareness covers the extreme tactics of manipulation and reputation-destruction.

good clean American fun: skull bucket dump at the water park

As a matter of fact, if you listen to the latest show at Red Ice Creations, Henrik interviews Jon Rappoport on this very topic. The first hour is free and worth a listen. Rappoport makes the point that the entire Snowden operation, by nature of the extensive coverage received from corporate media, makes the JOB of the national security state much EASIER by encouraging people to Censor Themselves. It's the least you can do, human.

We did take the liberty of annotating one of the slides. In this slide you can see the amazing thoroughness of the social engineers. They study the humans in great detail, the way the humans think and communicate, and behave. Look at all this analysis, all for the sake of successfully deceiving and mind-fucking the stupid humans. Humans, this is A Lot Of Work! If only you would realize how HARD they have to try to MIMIC your natural human behavior, you might notice all the times that they fuck up by letting their natural psychopathic qualities burst through. It takes great effort to keep that in check while pretending to care about the never-ending stream of human feelings and sensibilities. 

Did you really need Glenn Greenwald to leak the slides to know that the social engineers have been studying human behavior, legitimizing violence, targeting people, swarming the internet with vile trolls and making every effort to control the narratives? We hope not. It wasn't for nothing that the national security state budget ballooned dramatically over the past decade. It's a big payroll, and there are lots of people at the trough. How are you going to defend yourself against this? You can't really, but you can dramatically reduce their reach by 1) not watching teevee; 2) reducing or eliminating use of the social media (these two things combined = The Vortex of Stupidity); and if you blog 3) diligently moderating your comment section.

What is actually much more interesting than these mouth-breathers and their social engineering professors are the secret technologies NOT discussed in this controlled-leak CHUNK of the story. Rappoport touches on this in the Red Ice interview. He mentions Russell Tice. You may recall Tice because years ago he was the guy who said:
In my case, there’s no way the programs I want to talk to Congress about should be public ever, unless maybe in 200 years they want to declassify them. You should never learn about it; no one at the Times should ever learn about these things. (Source January 2006)
Of course we still don't know what he means only eight years later, but it sounds very bad. Like you might want to hide under your bed for the rest of your life bad. We figure it is technology related. As in black ops technology. And sure enough, Russell Tice recently had something to say about Snowden's leaks.
ECI = Exceptionally Controlled Information. I do not believe Mr. Snowden had any access to these ECI controlled networks).   VRK = Very Restricted Knowledge. I do not believe Mr. Snowden had any access to these VRK controlled networks.
These programs typically have, at the least, a requirement of 100 year or until death, ’till the person first being “read in” [i.e. sworn to secrecy as part of access to the higher classification program] can talk about them.  [As an interesting sidenote, the Washington Times reported in 2006 that – when Tice offered to testify to Congress about this illegal spying – he was informed by the NSA that the Senate and House intelligence committees were not cleared to hear such information.]
It’s very compartmentalized and – even with stuff that they had – you might have something at NSA, that there’s literally 40 people at NSA that know that it’s going on in the entire agency.
In the past we have made connections and assumptions about this secret black ops technology world, and the size of the gap between what we understand as the given state of technology, and the probable true hidden state of technology. We don't know the size of the gap but we deduce it is huge beyond imagining. We have written about it a few times:

See: use your imagination to fill in the gap
See: disaster memory hole
See: one point for being close
See: miss chimera virus
See: filling the gap
See: white horse or spaceship
See: more regrettables
See: alien fail
See: something is missing
See: getting away with murder
See: Acts of God? depends on who you worship
The thing is, we must once again go near to the "alien" theme, because with all this horrible war business and poison business attacking the humans on the planet, we must be inexorably drawing closer to the day when the alien psyop will unfurl from the sky like some creepy vision from Revelations.

We deduce (see links above) that some of the hidden technology would strike us as "alien" technology. In contrast, what Snowden/Greenwald have leaked, bad as the documents are, simply reveal that we have a lot of ethically devoid people who make it their business to study human behavior and HARM humans, from the comfort of the government payrolls. As they say, no shit, Sherlock. Thanks for the tip you're a real pal.

Poor Pal! (See the post alien fail for context.)


Thought experiment.

Suppose you were a fish. A nice big ocean fish, like a striped bass. Thirty plus pounds, maybe much more, of simple fish, living happily in the ocean, swimming far and wide in deep water and sometimes going to the shallows, to hide among the rocks. Life is good.

One fateful day, something goes terribly wrong. While snacking on sea worms and little fish, you bite something hard and sharp. It pierces your mouth -- agony. Bleeding, you struggle, but against your will, you are dragged by this sharp thing, by an unknown but powerful force coming through a thin cord attached to the sharp thing. WTF? The more you struggle, the deeper it gouges your mouth. You become exhausted, but still pulled up and up, against your will, toward the surface. Finally you are pulled out of the ocean and into the blazing light, landing in a strange ship. The light is so bright., and suddenly you can't breathe. A monstrous creature grabs you and roughly wrestles the sharp metal thing from your mouth. Relief, but, the monster handles you, it seems to be weighing and measuring you. It holds you up triumphantly, making strange noises with the other monsters. You are powerless.

Either one of two things will happen. You will die and surely the monster will cut up your body and eat you; or the monster will throw you back into the ocean for some inexplicable reason. Stunned, you will slowly recover from the agony and confusion of the struggle, the bright light, the ship, the suffocation, and the monsters. Maybe you will forget, but you will have a scar, and somewhere deep in your brain you will not forget.

It's not an alien abduction. It's just fishing. Sport. There's no mystery up here. It's cold beers and good times for the humans, and hellish confusion for the fish.



More Perspective.



So, what if some of the black technology, the things Russell Tice hints darkly about, may involve us being treated like so many fish. Used for sport, entertainment, a food supply. Technology that is so evil, so inhumane, that our great great great grandchildren could learn what happened to us after we are long gone and buried, with the same detachment we might look at pictures of the Civil War.

The sad fate of those poor people back then.
Nameless, confined to two dimensions, and without color.

We are not nameless, none of us at any time. The reality of this man's life and death was technicolor and multi-dimensional. The passage of time doesn't actually make us nameless, colorless and two-dimensional unless we let it.

Our lives are technicolor and multi-dimensional. On that much, can we agree?


Not sure where to go from here. We've been reading a lot of different things, and listening to various podcasts about the secret technology. Red Ice Creations has the motherlode of secret technology experts. Some of them seem legit and others seem inexplicably naive, like the guy who is an artist with amazing access into secret hangers with UFO-type-US military aircraft, who claims he just figured out he could use google earth a couple of years ago. I think it was this guy. Sure, whatever. There is a lot over there at Red Ice. Henrik is a great host, and there's a big conference coming up in about a week about the secret space technology. NO DOUBT the spooks will be there posing as researchers, but also, no doubt people like you and me can listen to how they finesse this.

In the other corner, we have concepts like the Corrupt Demiurge. IE: The aliens are not really aliens they are multi-dimensional beings who have been here for thousands of (our) years.

If you can imagine a Venn diagram, with a circle for religious theory, and a circle for space technology, and these two circles intersect -- that intersection is the thing we are concerned with -- the alien psyop. And if you can imagine being a fish hauled up into a boat, you can begin to grasp what we might be faced with as multi-dimensional creatures who don't necessarily have access to the dimension next door unless we're pulled over there against our will by psychopathic beings using technology for sport.

And that's the thing we suspect is the real story that you should not expect to hear from Team Snowden Greenwald, lovely and connected as they are.

Just a guess.

Love and courage to all the humans out there.


Unknown said…
Thanks for another deeply perceptive and thought provoking piece
aferrismoon said…
Snowden, apart from the mountains in North Wales, reminds me of the crew-member dying in the plane in Catch 22. In the film the scene is repeated, as Yossarian attempts to help him.

A. Peasant said…
Hi Peter,
My pleasure. Thank you for reading!

A. Peasant said…
Ferris, interesting. The crew member is named snowden in the book. A horrible death, relived over and over.
Penny said…
OH goodie!
I will be back!
neal said…
Live, do not get caught. Old ones talk only around that to each other. There are really big ones that hang out.

And they say dragons be there. They are little kids.

And the scars to prove it, does not matter.

Some hunt, some pay for catch and release, some jump over, and do not profit from fixing what is called neutral.

There was a universal metaphor for thus, but that had gone underground. I guess some have to really be there, and pay for it. Maybe just One, that is a hell of a thing.
nobody said…
Hullo AP,

I have a dream that vaguely resembles a Roald Dahl story I read. And yes, yes, I know all about Dahl as wicked pedophocracy sodomite, but that aside, in his book Someone Like You there's a terrific short story called Mr. Feasey involving a slightly-too-clever greyhound trainer.

In the story, our trainer chap finds two dogs each the spit image of the other. One dog of course is crap and the other is a proper bolter. We then follow the ins and outs of establishing the former as a loser and then substituting the latter for the final race wherein he is now given spectacular odds.

The point of the story is that in spite of various skin-of-his-teeth plot contrivances our protagonist pulls it off. He gets the great odds and his dog wins. But Dahl of course detests a happy ending and ends with complete subversion.

When the winner and his accomplice go to collect their winnings all of the on-course bookies close their books and declare that they have no recollection of having taken any such bets. His glee at his own cleverness blinded him to the obviousness of what he was doing. The country dog folk weren't as stupid as he imagined them to be.

Anyway, in the face of such unified denial our clever trickster is completely stumped and has to beat an ignominious retreat with the sound of the bookies' laughter ringing in his ears.

Do you see what I'm getting at? Imagine the death cult arriving at their key moment whereby their decades-in-the-making cunning plan comes to fruition with us all expected to fall over in gob-smacked wonder, and yet no such thing happens. Instead their genius plot is met with laughter, boos, and cries of 'get fucked!'

Imagine that - a world no longer credulous. Wouldn't that be marvellous?

Sure enough, I understand it's not a very likely prospect and that the death cult is a wee bit smarter than our small time greyhound trainer but that doesn't alter the fact that they're hubristic jumped-up arseholes who deserve nowt but laughter and derision.

But whatever! The rest of the world may do as they wish, in the meantime I shall be giving them two fingers (as we do in this part of the world) and calling bullshit to all who'll listen.

Otherwise lovely to have you scribbling away again AP. More please.

Whoosh etc. etc.
bholanath said…
AP, continually amazed at how you keep fearlessly going where so many others fear to tread.
Great progression from Snowdon to Tice through the fish story to what Don Juan calls "the topic of topics" - demiurge/predator/yaldabaoth - and what appears to be a "sport" (like almost everything has become these days).

Just for the hell of it I googled "get paid to comment". Iceberg tip instantly appeared. Yes, it's all SO weird.
Love and courage, indeed.
A. Peasant said…
Neal, it took me a few times to understand your comment.

I think the account was paid in full and the whole thing is being run by some usurious banker who fraudulently creates soul debts out of thin air.
A. Peasant said…
Yes i also hope they will end up wearing the clown pants in the spotlight. Not sure how exactly but if it could be arranged...

Hey how abouts you write something for us?

A. Peasant said…
It is a difficult topic that my mind has been wrassling with for a long time, and especially in the past few months. I remember when you wrote up the wetiko idea. There is a lot of wisdom discussing this evil presence and it takes many formats iin language, aliens being part of it.

Its the elephant in the room...
Penny said…
What the heck is with the Wetiko?
It keeps cropping up over and over

The first time I heard of Wetiko it was during that killing on the Greyhound bus here in Canada

The Chinese guy killed the white kid and there was cannibalism
He claimed he was possessed by Wetiko

Some years later we have the killing here of the chinese guy, by the white kid

Both killings are beyond suspicious/reek of mind control and worse. Much worse


And then there is the zombie meme?

I will be back with more- just gotta do some thinking

btw- Snowd en snowed in snow job
I have issues with that whole show
A. Peasant said…
Hi Pen,
Wetiko is another way of describing the problem of psychopathy, kind of like a virus. I first read about it at bho's blog and if you do a search there it will come up i am sure. The problem of evil is a theme that has been described in many ways and some of them are very descriptive and helpful in understanding the problem, and therefore in understanding the solutions as well.

These systems of describing the problem also overlap, so i find it useful to compare notes.

I dont think snowden is very important in the whole scheme. Its a limited hangout and a big distraction which does help people to self censor, as noted in the red ice show with Rappoport.
bholanath said…
As AP says, these descriptive systems overlap. What I know of Wetiko (aka Windigo) is that it is a Native American term for a possessing and cannibalizing spirit, or a psychospiritual 'disease' [psychopathy] which apparently wasn't considered 'curable'. Those 'infected' were banished. First written about in the 60s by Jack Forbes in "Columbus and Other Cannibals", now taken up by Paul Levy in his "Dispelling Wetiko - breaking the curse of evil".
Also overlaps with archons/demiurge/yaldabaoth/imposter/predator/false-creator and various other terms for the overarching corrupting presence within human beings.
A. Peasant said…
Thank you bho . Good summary. I would also add lobaczewski, political ponerology and the histeroidal cycle as another way to describe the same phenomenon.
WaffleStaffel said…
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Penny said…
Hey AP

Agree wrt Snowden.
Limited hang out- and yes 'self-censorship' all in a very insidious fashion
I also believe his residence in Russia was intentional as in
he was placed there-
(wrote about this at the blog)
All those that were lionizing him never found it odd that he went to all countries that were on the NATO hit list?

IMO he didn't tell us much of anything we mostly didn't know already

Penny said…
bholanath said...

thanks bholanath :)
Penny said…
Are you heading towards the theme of transhumanism?
Almost, in some ways, it seems you are. The technology reference suggested that to me. However I realize my own thoughts have influenced that

I despise the very concept.

I believe that through all the years of human manipulation, skinner,operant conditioning, tell-a-vision, hooking people on addictive behaviour via repetition making new neural pathways that then beg to be reinforced etc
There were or are some humans who simply will not comply. Those non-compliant humans have the potential to affect the very compliant humans.

Transhumanism will, the powers that shouldn't be hope, finally crush the non compliant humans.

Here is hoping it is a fail and the human spirit soars!
A. Peasant said…
Hi Pen,
Not my goal to end up there, though i completely agree it is part of THEIR goal and it is abhorrent.

What i am finding is more about theft, the sin that comes in so many flavors. Theft of our history, of our health, our privacy, and even of our souls. What is shaping up is that something, a big subterfuge, took place circa AD 100-300, to start with.

Also, apparently, this theft makes it seem like the beginning of history, when actually human history goes much further back, so thats basically another big heist.

We as humans, in addition to the nonstop assaults we endure in real time, have been robbed of our true heritage, so that our quiver was emptied before we got sent to the battlefield. We are fighting with sticks and stones here.

Who does this and why. And how. What is the essence of this parasite. Etc.
Penny said…
"have been robbed of our true heritage...."

Agree with you 100 percent plus, plus, plus on that!

And our history goes back further then we realize it, agreed.

Have you heard the latest at Gnostic Media?

You may like it?
Penny said…
and one last thing, then I will stop yammering...

I got to make the most of the time to stop by when I have it
sorry :(

Sent this link over to Jan @GM

"We are on mind"

Run by a banker-- reeks of mkultra
but makes me think of transhumanism

"One Mind is made up by a group of individuals who believe change is possible"

but there are only two individuals mentioned, which suggests to me this is some sort of front group for say DARPA or something really disgustingly anti-human

A. Peasant said…
Looks like the hegelian solution to the problem they set up with mental health. Nice triangle in a circle logo.


I will check out the podcast. Been listening to lots over at red ice lately. Thought provoking topics.
neal said…
Linear mechanics and quantum stuff marries, when lucky.
Of course, the time function sort of dissapears, just a price that is paid. Not transhumanism, just trying to fix stuff.

Primates tend to have bad dreams, that is self emergence without foundation. Wrong myth.

The Empire never ended. Causality loops are a hell of a thing. Of course, the Empire has been defeated, but nothing is really dead until the War is married to what really is being played out, not very linear.

Sometimes, it would be better if you all are still in the same place and time. That would be easier to stay out of.
Switters said…
A voracious reader, I've always loved a good story, so if I hear of an interesting show,
I'll grab the season off the Usenet, DLNA it to my teevee and run through it in a week or two. (No flipping channels, no commercials, etc. Just the show, then it's off.)

It could be because I'm aware of the theory of "predictive programming", or maybe it's just obvious, but I'm starting to notice patterns and trends.

The Walking Dead
Under the Dome
Falling Skies

There's probably more, - - but I really try and limit my teevee watching. These shows are all about "end times". Post apocolyptic-type scenarios. No computers. No electric. Limited lootable food. No governence.

It seems to be the du jour television scenario lately. Anyone else notice this?

Then we get media copy like this -

And IMF President cryptic messages like this -

Then of course the bloodbath going on in Palestine.

Just seems like we're teetering on the edge of something big.

Sorry to be a lil OT.
Love the skull bucket pic lol
And the previous article link list

A. Peasant said…
Hi guys.

Swits, i dont watch teevee but yes the predictive programming is strong in the direction of a mad max kind of world. The reality teevee shows also contribute wiith the survivor theme. Zombies. All this is to "normalize" the ideas.

Very interesting video of lagarde. I have felt that we were so close to some big event many times. One of these times i guess it will happen. Hopefully people are not too eager to play out their roles according to the predictive programming.